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sailed 20 May 1870  

Lyttelton Times  23 August 1870

Families & Children  -  045  & 046 & 047
Farm labourers -  Robert Bilton & wife and 2 children,   Yorkshire:     Thomas Farrant & wife, Middlesex:  Henry Jenkins & wife, Gloucestershire:  Alexander Povey & wife,  Berkshire: 
                              Henry Freeman, wife and 7 children, Sussex:  Edward Prior, wife and 3 children, Norfolk:
Ploughmen -   James Gifkins and wife:   James Spence, wife and 2 children, Oxfordshire:
Grooms  -  George Sopp and wife, Middlesex:   William Smith, wife and 3 children, Northamptonshire:
Engineers -   John Boyle and wife, Forfarshire:  Henry Raisbeck, wife and 2 children, Yorkshire:  Thomas McFedries and wife, Ayreshire:
Iron Founder - Edward Hy Cooper, wife and child, Middlesex:
Millwrights -  Joseph Biltcliffe, and wife, Middlesex:  Hector Bond and wife, John Burns and wife, Lanarkshire: William Ben. Wickham, wife and 2 children, Hants:
Pattern-makers - Robert Seager, wife and 5 children, Devonshire:  William Henry Roberts, wife and child, Cornwall:
Wheelwright -   William Read and wife, Leicestershire:
Bootmaker - William Lane, wife and 5 children Devonshire:
Saddler -    Shrewsbury Kingsford, wife and 4 children,  Kent:
Coach builder -   Josiah Harband, wife and 4 children, Warwickshire:
Coach joiner -   Alfred Alfrey, wife and 4 children,  Warwickshire:
Schoolmaster -   John Brunett, wife and 5 children,  Middlesex:

Single Men -  
Farm Labourers - Thomas Stockbridge, Kent:  Frederick Jud, Mark Soanes, Ambrose Standen, Oxfordshire: Charles brown, Somersetshire:  George Lloyd, Kent: 
                            Alexander Cormack, Caithnessshire:
Ploughmen - George Forster, William H. Buttle, Yorkshire:  Robert Gauatt, Somersetshire:  Neal Tolan, Donegal:  William Ramsey, Fermanagh: 
                        Nathaniel McCline, Donegal:  John Gluckin, Tyrone:
Gardener - John Joyce, Cork:
Labourers - Henry John Seager, Lancashire:  William Freeman, George Freeman, Herts:  John Wm Stanford, Norfolk: Joseph Morling, Yorkshire:  Henry Mudford, Somersetshire:
Shepherds - John Thatcher, Middlesex:  William Stockbridge, Kent:  Joseph Gray, Somersetshire:
Millwrights - William Osborn, Devonshire:  John Milne, Forfarshire:
Moulder - John Haliburton.
Wheelwright - John Ponsford, Devonshire:
-                      Frederick Freeman, Herts:  Alfred Prior, Norfolk:

Single Women -
General Servants - Emily Freeman, Herts:  Mary Ann Foster, Olive Jeury, Middlesex:  Kate Cosgrove, Lancashire:  Henrietta Burleigh, Fanny M.Barlow, Herefordshire:
                                Martha J. King, Surrey:  Eliza Allen, Kent:  Harriett E. Mottlee, Surrey: Helena King, Kent:  Jane A. Woolams, Hannah M. Taylor, Middlesex: 
                                Helen Stephens, Oxfordshire: Clara Andrews, Devonshire:  Kate A. Wingyett, Amelia H.Loader, Middlesex:  Eliza Knowles, Mary A. Tremlin, Kent: 
                                Elizabeth Smith, Staffordshire:  Elspeth Moir, Elizabeth Young, Aberdeenshire:  Margaret McBride, Down:   Margaret McNutt, Donegal:  Eliza A. Larkin,
                                Margaret Harvey, Antrim:  Jane Thompson, Donegal:  Bridget Jones, Clare:  Eupha Stephenson,  Ann Wiseman,  Elizabeth Breeze, Durham:
Cooks  - Sarah Moore, Somersetshire:  Amelia Cassin, Yorkshire:  Mary Kelly, Queen's:
Housemaids  - Emma Foard, Middlesex:  Ellen Crowe, Staffordshire:  Susan Moore, Antrim:
Dairymaids  - Mary Baker, Waterford:  Emma Seager, Devonshire:
Nurses  - Caroline Williams, Elizabeth Mason, Middlesex:  Hannah Breeze, Durham:
Dressmaker - Mary Spillitt, Kent:
Matron  -  Agnes Smith, Staffordshire:  

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Christchurch NZ
17 May 2012
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