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Saturday 1 June 1935
Photo -  001
ANDREWS -  Mr G.H.  of Timaru,  elected president of South Canterbury Chamber of Commerce.
HENSLEY - Mr L.J. barrister & solicitor,  admitted to partnership    ------

Photo -  002 -  retiring headmaster  Normal School  after 40 years in education
COLEE -  Mr W.C.  & Mrs,  and
HAYMAN -  Mr B. (first assistant)  and
THOMPSON - Mr C.S.  (chairman of Canterbury Education Board)  

Photo -  003
DAVIS -  Mr F.R.E.  Mayor of Akaroa,  runners of 50 mile race will carry message to Mayor of Christchurch.

Funeral write-up  -  004
INKSTER -  Mr A.E.  at Bromley Cemetery  ---   no relatives in Christchurch --- was in North Otago Regiment, was captain --- long list of names ----

Photo -  005
O'LEARY  -  Mr H.F.  sworn as Kings Counsel yesterday  -----

Monday 3 June 1935
Photo -  006  -    50 mile race Takahe to Akaroa -
HARRISON - G.S. (Baptist)  handing his baton to
DUNN -  R.  at Allandale ----

Photo -  007
BENHAM - Dr W.B.  professor of Biology  University Otago   given Hector Award ---
SMALLWOOD -  Mr T.N.  manager of Auckland Savings Bank  -------

Photo -  008
WATSON - G.H.  handing message from Mayor of Christchurch  to
DAVIS -  Mr F.R.E.    Mayor of Akaroa ,  120 runners took part

Obituary -  009
WILDMAN -  Mr E.M.  of Wellington, --- accident on Thursday son of Captain W.A.Wildman, sen.  of Nelson. ---

Tuesday 4 June 1935
Photo -  010
RUTHERFORD -  Mr Norman,  of Mendip Hills,  -- leave Christchurch  to visit Japan and China.

Photo - 011  -  King's Birthday Honours
HURST  - Colonel H.C.   C.B.E.   and
BUCKLEY -  Flight Lieutenant M.W.  M.B.E.    both of Christchurch  

Photo - 012
ROBIN -  Major-General W.  former general officer commanding the NZ Forces   whose death  has occurred.

Photo -  013
SHARR -  L.  (Thistle goalkeeper)  sending the ball away   during match against Western A.  

Photo -  014
SUTHERLAND -  A.  (Thistle)    and
ROBERTS - G.  (Western A.)     the 2 captains  with
GUPTA - Dr P.   referee,   (an offical of the Indian hockey team)  

Wednesday 5 June 1935
Photo  -  016
O'CONNOR -  Mr W.  formerly of Greytown,   new headmaster of  Normal School,  Christchurch.

Photo -  017
HANSEN -  Dr D.E.  principal Christchurch Technical College  with prefects and
SINGH - Mr Harbail  a member of the Indian hockey team and professor of English and physical training  -----

Photo -  018  -  Monica Thacker Shield  -  Life saving  
LYONS -  Mr M.E. presenting shield  to Technical College A. team   won by the College for the last 5 years.

Write-up -  019  - Monica Thacker Shield winning team
Edna THOMAS;  Venetia REGISTER;   Gwen NICOLLE;  Geraldine REID

Thursday 6 June 1935

Photo -  020
HUDSON - Mr L.W.   winners of  bowlers v. golfers tournament  and
MATSON - T.D.   presented with trophy  by
PIPER -  Mr J.S.

Photo -  022
PATERSON - Dr A.  has died,  eminent dental surgeon of Christchurch.
HOWARD - Mr E.J.  MP.  re-elected chairman of Lyttelton Harbour Board ---

Photo - 023
SKINNER - Mr Bernard W.W.  member of Byrd Antarctic expedition   at Wigram Aerodrome ------

Friday 7  June 1935
Photo -  024
JOHNSON  -  quads  at 3mths old,   of Mr and Mrs G. Johnson  of Dunedin -- all named ---

Photo -  025
MERRITT -  W.E. NZ and Canterbury rep.  at cricket -----
LESLIE -  Mr James,  re-elected chairman of Paparua County Council  ------

Saturday 8 June 1935
Photo  -  027
KELLY - Mr J.S.  member 0f literary staff, of the Press since 1898  has retired.

Photo -  028
McCORMICK -  Mr D.T.  headmaster of Hastings central School,  has been appointed to Linwood Ave. School, Christchurch.
PEACOCK -  Mr J.C.  of Wellington,  has been elected a member of the council of the NZ Golf Assoc.

Photo -  029  -   All Black rugby trial,  Lancaster Park.
G. Orman;  T. Metcalfe;  C. Lovell;  R. King;  G. Giddings;  F. Vorrath;   

Photo - 031
WARREN - Mr G.C.  re-elected president of North Canterbury executive of NZ Farmers' Union.

Monday 10 June 1935
Photo -  032
McCOMBS -  Mrs E. R. funeral procession to Waimari Cemetery,  1st woman member to enter NZ Parliament.

Photo -  033South Island All Black rugby Trial
from left - Messrs W. Pearson (Otago);   E. McKenzie, (Wairarapa); A.A.Adams, (West Coast);  V.R. Meredith (Auckland);

Photo -  034 - South Island players  for the selection to tour Great Britain
From left - G.Giddings (South Canterbury);    N. Mitchell (Southland);    G. F. Hart, (Canterbury);  F. Green, (Otago);  J. Best,  (Marlborough);  
                F. Verrath (Otago);  O. Hattersley (Canterbury);  H.Simom (Otago);  G. Oram (Buller);  R. King (West Coast);  E. Holder (Buller); 
                L.George, (Southland);   L.Niven, (Otago);   T. Morrison, (South Canterbury);  C.J.Oliver (Canterbury);  H. Deavoll (Canterbury; 
                G.Gilbert, (West Coast);  G. Adkins (South Canterbury);

Monday 17 June 1935
Photo -  035
BALLANCE -  Mrs Ellen,  died last week at Wanganui,  widow of former Premier, Hon. John Ballance,  aged 89.

Photo -  036 farewell dinner to Rector   at St Bede's College -
from left -  Father L. Smith;  Father Gordon Daly;  Father Burger;  Mr L.P. Barrett (President);  Father Maurice Dowling;  (acting-rector);   Mr P. Cronin (president Timaru branch).  

Photo -  037
MARTIN-SMITH - Mr P. of Wellington,  appointed NZ University rugby selector  ------
CHARLES - Mr L.A.  of Ashburton,   whose play "Pedro the Merciful"  has been accepted for publication in London.

Photo -  038All Black trial at Wellington
COLLINS -  W.R. (Hawke's Bay);  and
KIRBY - F.D.  (Wellington); and
BROWN - H. (Auckland)

Photo -  039
SKINNER - Mr Bernard,  after his parachute jump at Wigram.

Wednesday 19 June 1935
Photo -   040 South Island Dog trials
MacDONALD - Mr R.J.  (Dannevirke)    judge  and
HOLDEN - Mr G. (Dannevirke) assistant to the judge and
JOHNSON - Mr R.M.D.  (president of Malvern Collie Club)  and
INNES -  Mr R.J.D.  (secretary Malvern Collie club)
CUTHBERTSON -  Mr W.  (Takapau, Hawke's Bay)  secretary, North island  Collie dog trial Assoc.

Photo -  041 & 041a Hockey test team to play against India
from left - E.S.Watts (vice-captain);  H.V.Rhind;  

Photo -  042
McKELLAR -  Mr C.G.  elected president of Canterbury branch Royal Empire Society.  
TAHIWI - Mr K.G.  won the annual Plunket medal contest for orators at Victoria University College.
GRIFFIN -  Mr J.L. of Wellington,   resigned his seat on council of NZ Society of Accountants.

Photo -  043
WALKER - Mr W.S.  of Bristol Aeroplane Co.   and
BEEDLE -  Mr H.S.  of Vickers Aviation Ltd,  at Wigram   yesterday with Vickers Vildebeest aeroplanes

Article -  044
WOOD -  Mr Norman V.  for 5 years inspector in Christchurch  for provident Life Assurance Co.  is departing for England  --- lots more ----

Beverley Evans
Christchurch NZ
18 August 2012
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