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Saturday 20 July 1935
Photo -  001
BARNS -  Mr H.S.  acting-manager for Dalgety and Co.  appointed manager of East African branches
RUSSELL -  Mr George William,  Irish poet, painter  has died  ---
BARNETT -  Mr M.J.  Superintendent of Reserves for Christchurch City Council  appointed chairman Canterbury Hort. Society

Photo -  002  -  Rakaia ploughing match
OAKLEY - Mr L.O. (president)  and
HOLMES - Mr A.  (secretary)  and
MURRAY-SMITH - Mr H.A.  (treasurer) 
COOK -  Mr H. E.  with winning 6 horse team in action

Photo -  003
PAINTER -  Malcolm,  captain school senior XV  presenting a diary to
HART - Mr G.F.   gathering of staff and pupils  at Elmwood School

Photo -  004
DUNLOP -  Mr John,  Dairy Board member for Southern Ward -----

Monday 22 July 1935
Photo -   005   - Canterbury  A. Basketball team
from left -  Misses  J. Hunter;  F.Southern;  E.Clements;  R.Cursons;  O.Wheatley;  G. Winter;  V.Flood;  M. Fancy; 
                    J. Armstrong;  B. Gluestein;  S. Wigmore;    absent E. Roseveare.

Photo -  006  -  NZ cross country  team for Australia
from left -  W.A.C.Pullar;  N.F.Cooper;  Mr C.R.White, (Manager);  G.H.Watson;  W.A. Stewart (emergencies); 
front row -  J.Riddington;  J.W.Savidan;  A.L.Stevens;  A.R.Geddes;

Photo -  007
HAMPTON -  Mr R.  retiring from general secretary of NZ  Railway Officers Institute.

Photo -  008
ROBINSON -  Mr W.F.  lecturer at Canterbury College Engineering School  will retire shortly.

Photo -  009  - Town v Country rugby match
POLSON -  J. (Town) being tackled by a Country back  ---

Photo -  010
SAVIDAN -  Mr J.W.  (Auckland)  winning NZ cross-country champ. at Wellington  --- 6th win.

Saturday 10 August 1935
Photo - 001
EVERETT - Mr Herbert,  selected as National candidate to contest Nelson seat ---

Tuesday 13 August 1935

Photo -  006
JARMAN - Mr H.E.  acting-general manager for Christchurch Tramway Board  and
SMITH - Mr Leslie,  appointed  to accountant  replacing Mr Jarman.

Photo -  007
de la PERRELLE -  Mr P.A. is not contesting the Awarua seat ---

Thursday 15 August 1935
Photo -  009
HOGGARD -  Commissioner Robert, formerly in charge of Salvation Army in NZ   has died in England

Photo -  011
HOLDER - E.     Buller captain,   into finals of All Black trials ----

Photo -  012
ORMAN -  G.  (Buller)   an outstanding front row forward in South island --

Saturday 17 August 1935
Photo -  014  -  Chch Boys' High cross country race
DYSON - R.H.  (492)  1st.
FORD - K.C.  (496)  2nd
STEEL -  G.H.  (488)  3rd.

Photo -   013
SISSON -   Mr F.W.  presided at Canterbury provincial conference NZ Fruit Growers Federation.
MAINLAND - Mr H.  re-elected president of Wellington Employers' Assoc. for 13th time.

Photo -  016
VERSCHAFFELT -  Mr P.D.   leaving the "Port Fairy"  on arrival at Lyttelton  -----

Beverley Evans
Christchurch NZ
18 August 2012
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