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Friday 2 November 1934
Photo -  001  -   75th Dinner Canterbury Chamber of Commerce -  
From left -  Mr H.S.E.Turner (vice - president of assoc. chambers);   Mr J.K.Archer (Deputy-Mayor);  Mr A.M.Seaman (president Assoc. Chambers); 
                    Mr F.W. Hobbs (president);  Mr A.H.Allen (president -elect of the Assoc. Chambers);  Mr A.F.Wright (immediate past president); 
                    Mr H.H.Sterling (chairman Railways Board);   

Dunedin -  002
DAVID - William Hopkins,  aged 64  found dead   ---  his wife had died suddenly this morning.

Photo -  003
MEARES - Mr H.O.D.  photo of his garden, Park Lane,  Fendalton.

Photo -  004
STEWART - Hon. W. Downie,  M.P.   today address annual conference Assoc. Chambers of Commerce ---
WALLACE -  Mr E.A.  of Wellington,  re-elected president of NZ Institute of secretaries.

Photo -  005
UPTON -  Mr P.H.  general manager of South British Insurance Company  has retired after 42 years.
MORTON -  Mr James,  his successor at present is an inspector in the company.

Saturday 3 November 1934
Photo -  006
WHITE - Miss,  of Hoon Hay,  with some children from Mt Magdala Home standing in the new swimming pool at the new orphanage.

Photo  -  007
ALLEN -  Mr A.H.  of Dunedin,  elected president of associated Chambers of Commerce ---
SPENCER -  Mr Albert,  president of Auckland Employers' Assoc.   who died  yesterday at Wellington.

Photo -  009
RICHMOND -  Mr N.M.  B.A.  of Auckland,  contributes an article today.
ALLEN  - Mr G.R.  a member of literary staff of "The Press"   retired after 51 years of service.

Monday 5 November 1934
Photo -  011
WALTERS -  Mr N.  being handed Thomson Diving Cup   by  
FARMER  -  Mr B.  at Addington Swimming Club.

Wednesday 7 November 1934

Photo -  112
BARTON -  Mr G.J.  being handed trotting cup  by Sir Heaton RHODES,  winner of 1934 NZ Cup Handicap.

Photo -  013
Memorial portrait of Professor R.J.Scott  for Canterbury College  -  
from left -  Mr T.Ross Burt;   Mr C.T. Aschman (chairman Canterbury College Council);  Mr F.T.M.Kissel (chairman of committee);  Professor P.H.Powell;

Thursday 8 November 1934
Photo -  014
Spectators watching a race at Riccarton -  
from left -  Misses Judith Barker;  Jill Barker;  Jean Newton;  Nance Blunden;  Celia Reese;  Shona Williams;  Brigit Gresson

Photo -  015
COMER -  Mr G.L. appointed secretary-treasurer of the Ellesmere Land Drainage Board  in succession to Mr J.McKenzie.
DICKIE - Professor John,  principal Knox Theological College  who is Moderator elect ------

Photo -  016
DONOVAN - B.  and
FLEMING - J.E. going out to bat during annual past v. present cricket Old Boys Christ College.

Photo -  017
MONCRIEFF - Miss Nessie, is on furlough after 4 yrs work in China  with
WARREN -  Mrs F.M.  president of  Y.M.C.A.

Fatality -  New Plymouth - 018
TAYLOR -  Francis,  a 4 yr old boy,  was drowned in a dam ---   father Mr H.M.Taylor,   --------

Friday 9 November 1934
Race Fatality  -  019
EASTWOOD -  Arthur Henry,  well-known jockey ----   age 30, leaves a wife and 2 young children ---- born in Addington, 
                                parents Mr and Mrs E. Eastwood  and his brother C.E. Eastwood,   --------   lots more ------

Photo -  020
EASTWOOD - A.H.  well known Riccarton jockey death occurred yesterday -----
BINGHAM - Mr S. Clifton,  of Christchurch,  elected 1st president of Canterbury branch of Royal Society of St George.

Photo -  021
ERICKSON - Pauline,  a competitor in the Nydfa Challenge Cup  for boy and girl riders under 15.

Photo   -  022
IVEY -  Mr T.H.  photographed in the arena during judging of harness horses at Addington Show Grounds.

Photo -  023
ROUND - Miss Dorothy  and
PERRY -  F.J.  world tennis champions  who are visiting Christchurch -------

Photo -  024
WILLIAMS -  Mrs J.H.  wife of president  -------- at trotting at Addington ----

Saturday 10 November 1934
Photo -  025  -  Fernside School  70th ann.
from left -  Mr T.E.Sloan (headmaster from 1888 - 1894);   Mrs L. Mackley;  Mrs S.Hewitt;  Mr T.E.Keetley;
1st year pupils -  Mrs W.A.Banks;  Mr Matthew Dalziel;  Mrs James Wright;   
Mrs J.Dixon (a former mistress)

Photo  -  026
FULTON - Mr Gordon (president of Canterbury Agricultural and Pastoral Assoc.)  with
Lord & lady Bledisloe  at the Show.

Funeral Notices  -  027
SLOMAN -  Eliza Jane,  will leave her res.  this day  at 2pm  for the Sydenham Cemetery.
DALLAS -  Joseph,  will leave ---   this day --  for the Sydenham Cemetery.
SMITH - George,  will leave ---   for the Barbadoes st, Cemetery.
LYE - Amelia,  will leave ---  this day   for the Bromley Cemetery.
COLE - William Percival Charles (Bill)  will leave parents res. Linwood on Sunday   --- for Bromley Cemetery.
WARD -  Charles William, will leave his res. -- Sumner,    this day -- for the Bromley Cemetery.
SHIVAS -  Jas.  will leave his res. -- Spreydon --   for the Sydenham Cemetery.

Photo -  029
MILES - Professor F.F.Miles,  M.A. (Oxon)  former NZ Rhodes Scholar,  been appointed to chair of Mathematics Victoria College.
STINNEAR -  Mr John,  of Christchurch,  celebrate his 84th birthday  today.

Photo -  030
PERRY - F.J.  (England)  and
BARNETT - H.A. and
HUGHES -  G.P.  (England)  and
DYMOND - H.  playing   doubles at Wilding Park.

Wednesday  14  November 1934

Senior Free Places  -  032  Lyttelton District High School
Lesbert Beaumont,   Margaret Duckworth;  Gwendoline Duff;   Clarence Fowles;  Violet Gardner;  Alfred Large;  Ross Louttit
            Victor MacNaughton;  Leslie Merrifield;  Leslie Sales;   Kenneth Wilson;

Photo  -  034
McGREGOR -  M.C.  and
WALKER -  H.C.      NZ airmen,  broke the England to Darwin record  for a single-engine machine

Photo -  035
OTLEY -  Mr H.J.  of Christchurch  elected president of NZ Timber merchants Federation. (different photo to 037)
MENZEL - R.  of Czechoslovakia   on arrival at Sydney  for Australian tennis champs.

Photo -  036  -  Christchurch Rotary Club luncheon
from left -  Mr J.Mawson Stewart (president);   Mr S.W.Jameson, (secretary);  Mr Ilott;   Mr L.G.K. Steven;

Thursday 15 November 1934
Photo -  037
ANDERSON -  Sir Alan,  chairman of managers at Orient Line  -- visiting here.
OTLEY -  Mr C.E.  of Christchurch  elected president of NZ Timber merchants Federation (different photo to 035)
BENNETT -  Rt. Rev. F. Bishop of Aotearoa, arrive Christchurch this morning.

Photo -  038
HEWETT -  J.D.    and
KAY  -  C.E.  co-pilot  and
STEWART - F.  wireless operator,      Tasman flight by NZ airmen.   

Photo  -  039 -  Lyttelton St John Ambulance Nurses success
from left -  Mrs C.Elllis;  Mrs R.E.Smith;  Mrs J.S.Laing;  Mrs F.Boyd;

Friday 16 November 1934
Photo -  040
MILLER -  Mr G.E.  deputy-Superintendent of State Advances  office  -----
BEVIR -  Captain O.  in command of HMS Leith  -----
COLLINS -  Mr R.J.G.  of Christchurch been awarded a gold medal for his collection of stamps at centenary exhibition.

Photo  -  042  -  Fendalton School fete and sports
from left -  Christina Renwick;  J.Guthrie;  Geraldine Guthrie;  G. Winterbourn;  Doreen McPhail;  Kathleen Turner;  Phyllis Percy;  Beverley Binsted;

Photo -  043
PARNHAM -  Mr R.R.   and
DERBIDGE - Mr A.J.  elected reps of Canterbury and Westland district  on the  NZ Pharmacy Board.

Tuesday 20 November 1934
Photo -  044
BROWNE -  V.C.  winning 350cc scratch event  ----  Pioneer Motor Club  -- St Andrews Hill.

Photo -  045 & 058  -   North Canterbury Methodist Synod.
from left -  Rev. Clarence Eaton (president);  Rev. Henry Ryan ( secretary);  Rev. E.Drake;  Rev. A.Ashcroft;  Rev. W.Grigg;  Rev. F.T.Read;

Photo -  046
NORTH -  Sister M.K.  and
TORRENS -  Captain T.S.  of the Church Army  leaving for the Chathams  today .

Photo -  048  -  Golf match at Shirley
from left  - E. Page (Wellington);  L.A.Dougall (Christchurch);  W.T.D.Harman (Christchurch);  R.Wynn Kirby (Wellington);  
W.Cowper;  E.Page;  J.C.Peacock (Wellington);  W.H.Cowper  and  M.W. Simes (Christchurch)

Photo -  050
WARD -  Mr J.G.D.  of Christchurch  will leave for England   to continue studying maritime law.
BAILEY - Sir Abe,  planned a motor-car race of 8139 miles across Africa  ----  Johannesburg Jubilee  in 1936.

Wednesday 21 November 1934
Photo -  051
CAMM -  Mr R.H.J.  manager of Christchurch branch Commercial bank of Australia Ltd.  ------

Re-union of Cheviot  Old settlers -  052
STEVENSON -  Mr T.  presided at meeting -----    sympathy expressed to relatives of late Mrs C.C.Cottrell ---

Photo -  053
Little River A & P Show.
from left - Mrs L.M.Coop (wife of president);   Mr F.G.Stanbury (committee member);  Mr D.Gillanders (judge of light horses)

Photo -  055
McLEOD -  Mr George,  Christchurch manager of Union bank of Australasia  is  retiring next February.

Thursday 22 November 1934

Photo -  056
ASHCROFT - Rev. A.  (Oxford)  and
HARRIS -  Rev. John (Woolston)  and
HOPPER - Rev. A.  (Papanui)  retirement of  ministers announced at Synod.

Photo -  057
HANKEY -  Sir Maurice  and Lady,  with granddaughter Susan BENN, arrived yesterday on Wanganella ---

Photo -  059
Civic reception to Eminent scholar
from left -  Rev. J.A. Thomson;  Mrs Moffatt;   Mr J.A. Entrican (Deputy-Mayor)  Dr Moffatt.

Photo -  060
WYATT -  R.E.S.  appointed captain of Marylebone Cricket Club,  will sail for India on 15 Dec.
BINLEY -  Flight Lieutenant A.K.H.   was killed in an air accident near Bombay  youngest son of Mrs A. Binley, of Blenheim.

Tuesday 27 November 1934
Photo -  061
BELSHAW - Professor H.   Professor of Economics, Auckland University College -----

Photo -  062
BOWATER -  Captain N.E.   surveyor of ships for Marine dept.  died at Dunedin yesterday  (well known at Lyttelton)

Photo -  063
HAYWARD -  Rev. William  and Mrs --  are visiting Christchurch  working in India for last 14 years. ---

Photo -  064
3 generations  of Kimberley School  Diamond Jubilee  
STOTT  -  Mr W.,   Mr A.   Master D.  

Thursday 29 November 1934
Photo -  065
McGREGOR -  M.C.    and
WALKER -  H.C.  in the Miles Hawk machine flown by them in centenary air race  -----

Photo -  CLIFFORD - KIVER  Wedding -  066
from left -  Mrs C.R Kiver  and Mr C.W.Clifford  of Market Drayton, Shropshire, England  and -
Mrs C.W.Clifford  and Mr C.R.Kiver.

Photo -  067
COLLINS -  Mr J.W.  NZ Trade Commissioner in Canada and USA  ------

Photo -  068
FISHER - Mr H.H.  prize winning garden,  Nayland st,  Sumner -----

Photo -  069
SCOTT -  Rosemary,  an airman's  daughter,  tuning into Australia  during centenary air race  -------

Friday 30 November 1934
Photo  -  070
JONES -  Mr A.H.B.  formerly Christchurch,  been appointed assistant inspector of Bank NSW  in succession to Mr F.W.Morris.
WAITE -  Flying Officer C.  of NZ Territorial Air Force  was killed on Wednesday in an aeroplane  acc. at Te Aroha.

Photo -  071 -  Cheviot Old settlers re-union.  Members of committee in 1908   of the Cheviot A & P. Show.
from left - Messrs D.McGillivray;   R. Sloss (past president);   J. Fleming (past president);   D. Archibald (president); 
                        A.McQueen (vice-president);   J.Oliver (past president);    L. Laugerson;   S.Smith;   B.Martin
middle row - Messrs T.Gee (honorary secretary);   W.O'Brien;  G. Limbrick;  E. Jackman;  T. Meikle;   H.Taylor
                                S. Pettengell;  G. Heard;   J.Hogan;
back row -  Messrs C.Barnes;   R. Monk;   P. Dalton;   F.Kelly;   D.Johnstone;   A.Harrison;   T. Wilkinson;   E.Smith;

Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ
30 July 2012
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