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Friday 4 May 1934
Obituary - 001
BEAN -  Mr P.E.  died on Wednesday at Christchurch,    was chief clerk in Railway dept. at Lyttelton  ---    member of Te Whaka Tennis Club ---- 
                            was vestryman at St Saviour's Church, West Lyttelton -----

Photo  -  002
DUNCAN -  Dr J. Campbell, of Rotorua   Bledisloe Landscape medal winner,  for an oil painting titled "The Mamaku Valley"

Photo  -  003
MORENO -  Rev. Dom  an authority on church music,  visiting NZ
VAUGHAN -  Mr Terrance,  of Christchurch, awarded an exhibition at Royal Academy of Music, London.

Saturday 5 May 1934
Photo -  004
BLACK - Miss F. Christchurch artist won poster competition for Anzac Eve festival, held at Sydney -----

Photos -  005
HITCHCOCK - Mr E.  general manager of the Municipal Electricity Dept.
MAWSON - Mr J.B. an inspector of secondary schools been appointed headmaster of St Andrews ----
BROWN - Professor J.Macmillan Brown, of the University of New Zealand celebrates his 80th birthday today.

Photo  -  006  -    11 people in photo
MUNN -  Mr Ralph, director of Carnegie Library, Pittsburg,   (2nd from right)  and
BARR -  Mr J.  chief librarian of Auckland Public Library,  in Christchurch with delegates of suburban libraries.

Monday 7 May 1934
Photo -  007
WARD -  Mr W.F.L.  of Wellington,  appointed Deputy-Governor of Reserve Bank of NZ

Photo - 008
WIGRAM -  Sir Henry,  has died,   ------ played an important part in aviation

Tuesday 8 May 1934
Photo -  009
APPLETON -  Mr W.  of Wellington, speaking to Chch Business mens Club and Canterbury Advertising Club.

Photo - 010
BECKINGSALE - Miss, a NZ missionary in East Bengal for 40 years ,  will arrive in Christchurch this morning.
BOWLING - Captain T.  wharf superintendent for the Union Steamship Co. at Lyttelton, transferred to Wellington.

Photo  -  012   -   
Official photo of undergraduates at Canterbury College, opening of capping week.  150 students will have degrees and diplomas  conferred upon them. 
                            must be all 150 in photo

Photo - 013
GRAY - Mr W.A.  packing out yesterday from Price's Valley for provisions, his family are still isolated from the floods

Photo - 014
HORWELL - Miss Jean,  won South Canterbury women's golf on Highfield Links, Timaru.

Photo - 016
WIGRAM -  Sir Henry's funeral cortege,  leaving Park Tce,  

Wednesday 9 May 1934
Photo -  017
BRISCOE - Captain R.G.  member of British House of Commons a director of Briscoe and Co.Ltd, is visiting New Zealand.

Photo  -  018
JULIUS - Sir George, son of Archbishop Julius appointed chairman of Employment Trust by NSW Government
BADDELEY -  Rt. Rev. W.H.  Bishop of Melanesia, arrived Christchurch last evening.

Thursday 10 May 1934
Photo  -  019
WEST-WATSON  -  Mrs   and
WARREN -  Rev A.K.  and
BADDELEY  -  Rt Rev. W.H.  at a meeting of Mothers' Union  at Merivale.

Photo  -  020
FLINT -  Mr W.H.E.  chairman of directors of NZ Refrigerating Co.  left last night for visit to England

Photo  -  021
FLOWER -  Mr A.E.  will confer degrees on  and
HARROP  -  Dr A.J.  will give principal address at Canterbury College capping ceremony.

Photo -  022
HUBBARD -  Rev. John  called to St Andrew's Pres. Church. Palmeston North, native of Waimate, South Canterbury.

Photo - 023
LYON - Mr R.K.  secretary to Wellington Savage Club,  has died  ------

Friday 11 May 1934
Photos  -  024
FITZGERALD - Dr Elspeth,  of Oamaru, and
SPENC(S)ER - Dr Montgomery, of Wellington, speakers at Christchurch Sunlight League
DISMORE - Mr S.A.  secretary of Imperial Airways, arrived Wellington by the Wanganella.

Photo  -  025    
Graduates of Canterbury College who received their degrees ----  about 150 in photo

Photo  -  026   -   NZ golfers
KAY -  Miss O.  and
GAINSFORD -  Miss B.  competing in British Womens' championship  at Royal Porthcawl, Wales.

Saturday 12 May 1934
Photos -  027
JONES - Captain O.P. known as "Captain Kettle"  completed a million miles of flying, a pilot with Imperial Airways ltd.
FRANKEL - Dr  O.H. of Christchurch.  contributes an article in this paper.
BUCHANAN - Mr John, of Christchurch, elected president of Canterbury Master Painters Ass.
KEYS - Mr G.M. of Christchurch, been elected president of NZ Technical School Teachers' ass.

Photo  -  028
NORTH -  Rev. L.A.  chairman of committee   and
FERON -  Rev. J.F.  will deliver address at opening of Youth for Christ campaign.

Monday 28 May 1934
Photo -  029
ANDERSON -  Mr John,  death,  chairman of directors of Andersons Ltd,  and 1903 - 1920 a director of Christchurch Press.

Photo  -  030
RANDS -  Mr C.  of Springbank,  elected president of Northern Agricultural Assoc.  Rangiora.
BURNS -  Mr H.N. of Wellington,  appointed secretary and treasurer of NZ Lawn Tennis Assoc.
SIMPSON -  Mr W.  resigned from choirmaster at Rugby St. Methodist Church  after 32 years.
OLIVER -  Mr W.B. M.Sc.  director of Dominion Museum,  awarded the degree of Doctor of Science -----

Photo  -  031  -  7  photos in one
Christchurch West District High School Jubilee,  speakers were
MASTERS - Hon.R. (Minister for Education)
BORTHWICK -  Mr J.B.  (opening day pupil)
de BERRY -  Mr L.F.  (headmaster)
MENZIES -  Mr Peter (former teacher who called the roll)

Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ
9 July 2012
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