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Wednesday 3 January 1934
Photo  -  001       Girls tennis Championships
DICKEY - Dorothy
SENIOR -  Joan,  both of Canterbury  and
BURNS  -  Jessie  and
DOUTHETT -  Joyce  of Wellington

Photo  -  002      Shirley Bowling Champs.
WEST -  Mr  F.
JOHNS  - Mr J.B.
RAMSAY -  Mr W.D.  (skip)

Photo  -  003    NZ Tennis Champs,  Wilding Park
SPROULE -  Mr C.  (New South Wales)
DINGLE -  Miss D.  (New South Wales)   
FERKINS -  Mr R. McL  (Wellington)

Thursday 4 January 1934
Photo  -  004   Wellington Plunket Shield Cricket Team
Back row -  C. Parsloe;   J. Ell;    S. Ward;    R.J.Hatch;   D. Freeman;   M.O'Brien;
In Front  -  J.H.Phillips, (Manager)    J.R.Lamason;   K.C.James, (Captain)  E.D.Blundell;  W.Dustin;  E.W.Tindill; R. Morgan;

Photo -  005   Opening Batsmen
DUNSTER -  L.R.     Old Collegians  
SCOTT -  J.B.    against Geelong Grammar School

Wedding Photo  -   006
LeCREN - AGASSIZ -  Mr K. F. Le Cren  and Miss I.V.Agassiz,  married   at Holy Trinity,  Avonside.

Photo  -  007
LEE  -  Mr E.J.  arrived in Christchurch yesterday  motoring around the world,  done 300,000 miles in 101 different countries

Photo  -  008    Boys Tennis Champs,  Wilding Park
MORRISON -  N.A.  (Wellington)
GUNN -  J.W.  (Auckland)  

Photo  -  009   NZ Lawn Tennis Champs
STURT -  Mr N.G.  (Auckland)
BICKERTON -  Miss L.   (New South Wales)

Friday 5 January 1934
Photo  -  011    Lawn Tennis Assoc.
From left  -  Messrs H.M.Boddington,  P. White-Parsons,  G.Core (immediate past president) W.N.Seay;  H.R.Duncan (president)
                 J.H.Kirk, (president of Canterbury lawn Tennis Assoc).  P.R.Harman;  R.Browning, (secretary of Canterbury Lawn Tennis Assoc)

Photo  -  012
MALTHUS  -  Dr C.  successor to professor T.G.R.Blunt  as Professor of Modern Languages, Canterbury College.

A surveyor  90 yrs old   -  013  & 014
McINTYRE -  George,  of Cuffs rd,  Sandilands,     much to do with present system of land transfer in NZ   born Orilla, Ontario, Canada,  9 April 1844   ------- 
                            came to Canterbury in 1866  joined staff of Mr S. Hewlings ------   lots more   -----

Photo  -  015
ROSS -  Mr A.G.F.  of Christchurch,  defending title at South island croquet champs.

Photo  -  016      doubles  Tennis players,  Wilding Park
BARNETT -  Mr H.A.  and
ANGAS -  Mr C.  (Canterbury)   and
DONOHOE  Mr C,  and
SPROULE -  C.  (New South Wales)

Saturday 6 January 1934

Photo  -  017
DARLING -  Captain H. Taprell,  well known by his pen name "Taffrail"  arrive Lyttelton this morning  
MANSON -  Mr H.S. of Dunedin,  appointed travelling secretary to NZ pres. Young Men's Bible Class Union.
HOLCROFT -  Mr M.H.  contributes an article  on Leader page today.

Photo  -  019
MENCKEN - Mr H.L.  American author ------
CORICH -  Mr I.J.  Christchurch Boys' High School,  Lawn tennis champ
HOOPER -  Mr R.H.  editor of Journal of Agriculture  retired after 40 years.

Tuesday 16 January 1934
Photo  -  020    2 oldest players at Elderly Bowlers' Day at Timaru.
MORGAN -  Mr R. (age 91)
LEVENS -  Mr G. (94 yrs) 

Photo  -  021   
PLAIN -  Senator W. Plain,    leader of the Scottish farmers' delegation, from Victoria  and Mrs Plain

Wednesday 17 January 1934
Photo  -  022   -   TRIPLETS  -
BAILLIE  -   3 boys,  born on Monday to Mr and Mrs R.J.Baillie  of White's Bridge  

Inquest  Hawera  -  023
DOWDLE -  John James,  age 49,   drowned in public baths on 30 December  ----  more  -----

Photo  -  024
KINGSFORD - SMITH  -  Lady,  before leaving Mangere Aerodrome  for New Plymouth  ---

Thursday 18 January 1934

Photo  -  025
NORTON -  Mr J.T.  of Lyttelton,   will entertain surviving passengers, on Waitangi arrived 13 January 1883.
WHITTA -  Mr H.B.  of Christchurch  one of 4 selectors appointed for NZ cricket team -----

Photo  -  026
SHAW -  Hon. Alexander,(chairman and managing director of P. and O. Steam Navigation Co.)  Lady Margaret  and dau. Jean  to arrive in Wellington
                    by Monowai 5 Feb.   Lady Shaw is eld. dau of 1st Earl of Inchcape, who died in 1932.

Thursday 25 January 1934

Photo  -  027
BATTLETT -  Commodore C.A.  a former marine superintendent of White Star Line  and Mrs Bartlett  --- at Lyttelton.

Photo -  028
CARVER -  Dr N.C.  member of executive of central Council for Care of Cripples London ------
WATSON -  Pastor C.H.  World President of Seventh Day Adventist attending South Island Conference.
HIRST - Mr Edward,  of Sydney,  managing director of British General Electric Co.Ltd.   visiting Christchurch.

Photo  -  029   Swimming Carnival, Tepid Baths,  Christchurch.
CLIFF -  C.  (East Christchurch)   winner
O'DRISCOLL -  J.   (Otago)
JARVIS -  S.  (Otago)

Photo  -  030   Croquet Tournament
CRAWFORD -  Mrs G.A.  of Wanganui  (tournament manager)
PULLAR -  Mrs D.  assistant manager

Friday 26 January 1934

Photo  -  031     Roman Catholic Teachers Conference,  Christchurch.
WHYTE -  Bishop   (Dunedin)
BRODIE -  Bishop  (Christchurch)
LISTON -  Bishop  (Auckland)

Photo  -  032
CLINKARD -  Mr G.W.  chairman of Wheat Purchase  Board
McNEUR -  Rev. G.H.    former Moderator of Pres. General Assembly ----

Photo  -  033
KINGSFORD - SMITH  -  Sir Charles  and Lady,    at Wigram on arrival of the Southern Cross from Ranfurly.

Photo  -  034
MARSHALL -  Lieutenant-General  Sir William,  visiting South Island ---

Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ
1 July 2012
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