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Tuesday 14 August 1934
Photo  -  004
BYRD -  Rear-Admiral R.E. been rescued at his advance camp on Ross ice Barrier.
SCLANDERS - Mr A.R.  of Wellington, appointed director on NZ Board of Norwich Union Life Insurance Society.
HOME - Brigadier-General A.F.  English Army officer is passenger on Akaroa on holiday to NZ.

Tribute -  005
COLLINS -  Dr W.E. CMG,  MLC,  of Wellington, died,   was an outstanding figure in the medical profession for last 50 years  tribute was made by Lord Bledisloe 
                            speaking at the Rannerdale Home  for Returned Soldiers. ------ more

Saturday 18 August 1934
Photo - 006
FOWLDS -  Sir George, of Auckland  a former Minister for education  has died.
LIST -  Mr T.C.  of New Plymouth,  acting-District Governor of Rotary  --- death occurred at Wellington yesterday.

Photo -  007  -  Canterbury members  of Fruit Growers Federation.
From left -  Messrs H.Hassall;  C.E.Pope;  F.W.Sisson, (Canterbury director);  T.C.Brash (New Zealand President);  A.Osborne (general manager for NZ); 
                        C.C.Wilkinson (Canterbury manager);   C.F.Marsden;  J.W.McLeod;

Photo -  008
LAWN -  Mr G.  of Canterbury College,  contributes an article today

Photo -  009
ODELL -  Mr R.S. of Wellington,  has article on Arthur's Pass place names. in paper today.

Tuesday 21 August 1934
Photo -  010
COLEE -  Mr W.C.  headmaster of Normal School been elected on Canterbury University College Council.
COLLINS -  Mr L.J.  of Waimate, been appointed president of Canterbury and Marlborough branch of NZ Institute of County Clerks.

Photo - 011
MONCK -  Mr C.  of Redcliffs,  been elected a life member of Christchurch Sailing and Power-boat Club.
SELL -  Rev. H.G.  vicar of Oxford, appointed to take charge of Shirley Anglican Church succeeding Rev. J.R.Hervey.

Wednesday 22 August 1934
Fatalities  -  012
WELLS -  Mrs Lily,  died Napier ---   today
von KEISENBERG - Graham,   aged 9 son of Mr A.O. von Keisenberg,   died  result of an accident  in Wellington  today
KNAPP -  William Alfred,  died  at Napier, ------  aged 67
PEIHOPA - Pute,  at Pipiwai, Whangarei,  aged 12  died   -- a tree had fallen ----

Obituary - 013
BUCKANAN - Mrs Lillian, of Templeton,  born Ross, West Coast,  53 years ago, survived by husband, 3 daughters and 4 sons. -----  more ----

Wedding  - 014
CALDER - WHYTE - at Christchurch,  Gwendoline Lucy, dau. of Mr and Mrs  C, Whyte,   to  Alexander, son Mr and Mrs J. Calder, Halkett,   ---   lots more ----

Obituary - 015
CLEEVE -  Mrs Frances Jane,  died at her home -- View Hill,  Oxford,  aged 83,   dau. of Mr and Mrs Samuel Orgen FISHER,  born 20 March 1851 at Weston,
                     near Bath, Somerset,   age 17 came to NZ  in the ship "Light Brigade"  arriving 26 August 1868  ---  lived with her brother at Southbrook, 
                    on 12 January 1870 married Thomas Cleeve at Rangiora --  hus. died January 1924 ---  leaves 6 sons,  and 4 daughters, ---  all named ----
                     funeral at Oxford Cemetery ----- lots more ----

Inquest -  Napier - 016
FOX - Dudley William,  aged 17  died 27 April --  injuries received in a collision ---  

Funeral write -up - 018
FOX - Mrs Mary Jane,  wife of Senior - Sergeant John Fox,  to Bromley Cemetery  --- more ---

Gift Parties -  019
PARSONAGE - Miss Flossie, to soon be married  ---- more --
HAYES -  Elsie Blazey,   whose marriage will take place this month. -- more ---

For Sale - 
HARPER -  Charlotte,  estate,  house and contents to be sold,  26 Dampier st, Woolston, 

Obituary -  020
MACKLE- Mr Henry,  of Timaru

Photo -  021
MORPETH - Mr K.C.  of Wellington,  ---   Dental Assoc.
McINTYRE - Hon. W.H.  re-elected chairman of Nelson Education Board.

Photo  wedding  - 022
TAYLOR - ROBINSON - Miss Gladys May Taylor  to Mr G.R.Robinson  ---  took place yesterday

21st Birthday Party - 023
WAYLAND -  Alice,  members of the Girls' Basketball Club held a social   ------  lots of names ----

Greymouth -  023a
WOOLLEY -  James,  aged 45  a fireman on the Kaimiro  was found dead today.

Thursday 23 August 1934

Funeral write -up - 024
CRAWFORD - Mr J.M.B.    --- for the Bromley Cemetery,   ---   leading staff at school for Deaf at Sumner for 39 years, and director for 8 years ----- lots more ----

21st birthday Party  - 025
MACKIE - Mabel,  a surprise party visited the home of Mr and Mrs A. Mackie, ---- lots of names

Photo - 026 - Centenary Air Race
McGREGOR - Squadron leader M.C.  pilot instructor  and
WALKER - Mr H.C.  club captain  will represent Manawatu Aero Club  in Melbourne air race.

21st birthday party - 027
QUAID - Monica,   at Marshland Hall ---    some names ---

Wedding write-up - 028
ROBINSON - TAYLOR -  at Rangiora,  Gladys May  dau. of Mr and Mrs Charles Taylor  to  George Ramshaw, son of Mr and Mrs W.F.Robinson  -----  lots more  -----

Death -  029
SLATER -  Mrs Agnes,  died at her home --- Wellington,  in her 100th year.  born Forfarshire, Scotland,  1 January 1835,  married Joseph Slater 20 August 1858 
                        sailed to NZ 5 years later with husband and 3 young children   in the "City of Dunedin"  -----

Photo -  030 -   Sunlight league meeting in Christchurch
Mrs J.Cracroft-Wilson,  Mrs A.Grigg,  Mrs J.Grigg,  Miss E.J.Watt,  Miss M.Roberts,  Mr L.F. de Berry (chairman)  Dr D.E. Currie,  Mr A. Leslie.

Obituary -  031
SWINBURN -  Mr Benjamin B. of Nelson,   born Australia 53 years ago  --- came to NZ in 1900 ---  leaves a widow and 1 son ---  lots more ----

Photo  &  Obituary -   032 & 032a
WEBB -  Mr John Richard, Lyttelton,  a former mayor and Councillor ---   born in Kent arrived Lyttelton with his parents Mr & Mrs Samuel Webb, when aged 15,
                   in the ship "Regina"  in 1859---  one of 11 children ---   in 1870  married Miss Anna WHITBY,  sister of late Captain Whitby,  she died 31 years ago
                    ---  survived by 4 sons and 1 daughter,  another daughter died in 1928  a brother Mr W.W.Webb died  2mths ago ---  aged 93   ------

Obituary -  033
-  Rev. Edwin,  in his 88th year at Wharekura,  res. of his daughter Mr & Mrs H.L.Barker -- Ashburton, ---  born Dipton, Staffordshire, England,
                           ---   took charge of Patea church in 1884 --- arrived Ashburton in 1902 ---   retired at Napier ----   married Miss Elizabeth WILLIAMS  of Staffordshire,
                             who died 34 years ago ---  leaves a family of 4   --- all named.

Photo -  034
WILLCOX - Mr E.W.  secretary to Christchurch Branch Returned Soldiers Assoc.  displays a new Union Jack  --  presented by Mr W. Ballantyne.

Inquest -  034a
WOOLLEY -  James,  aged 45, fireman, of Greymouth,  was drowned in the Grey River,  ------

Saturday 25 August 1934
photo -  035
DONALD -  Mr H.P. of Canterbury Agricultural College,  contributes an article today.
BARROWCLOUGH -  Mr C.B.  been elected president of Dunedin Chamber of Commerce,  succeeds Mr W.B.Brent.
SIMPSON - Mr A.E.  of Christchurch,  been elected district vice-president of NZ Radio Institute.
McINTOSH -  Mr A.D.  of Wellington,  appointed secretary of NZ branch of Institute of Pacific relations.

Pioneer's 91st  Birthday  - 036
DOWNIE -  Mr Charles,  of Murchison,  celebrated his 91st birthday   ------

Photo -  037
KILBY  - F.D.  will lead the All Black team today in final test for Bledisloe Cup.
MOLLISON - Mrs J.A.  1st woman to fly from England to Australia, joined staff of an airways company as a cross-Channel pilot

Photo -  038
ROSS -  Dr A.W.  will captain the Australian team in today's match against NZ.
DONALDSON -  Mr D.V.  of Christchurch  re-elected chairman of executive council of NZ Dental Assoc.

Funeral Write- Up  -  039
WEBB -  Mr J. R.   at Lyttelton,    -----  lots of names of those attended.

Monday 27 August 1934
Photo -  040
BASTINGS -  Mr Lyndon,  of Dannevirke,  engaged in seismological investigations --  Wellington.

Wednesday 29 August 1934
Photo -  041
McMASTER -  Rev. L.  minister of St Peter's Pres. Church, Woolston,  for last 8yrs  will leave for Onehunga, Auckland
BLAKISTON -  Mr W.F.   has died,  -------- branch manager in Wellington  for  --- Union Oil Company

Fatality  -  042
MULLER -  Basil Henry,  age 36  of Moore st,  Ashburton,  ---- killed at Chertsey   ----  married with 4 children

Photo  -  043  -   A Canterbury Pioneer.
WHITE -  Mr Henry, has died,  aged 98,  photographed with his youngest grandchild,  he arrived Lyttelton  with his parents in 1851.

Thursday 30 August 1934
Photo  -  044
GREIG -  Rev. A.  oldest Pres. minister in NZ  celebrated his 96th birthday  recently
MAY -  Mr Clement,  well known Wellington elocutionist  will leave NZ on a visit to Hollywood.
PREEN -  Mr J.W.  presided at 1st annual meeting of Dominion Federation of School Committees Assoc.  at Timaru.
SHIELD -  Mr E.O.  of Wellington,  awarded 1st  Bishop Hadfield  theosophical scholarship, leave for England tomorrow.

Funeral  Write - Up  - 045
WHITE -  Mr Henry,  died age 98   took place at Papanui Churchyard  -- arrived Lyttelton by ship Bangalore in 1851    ---- 
                         farmed at fathers farm Lincoln  for 25 years     -----  lots of names  of family ----

Beverley Evans
Christchurch NZ
20 July 2012

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