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Thursday 2 November 1933
Photo -  002
BRYDEN -  Dr W.   on staff of Technical College, returned  from Edinburgh after attending the Institute of Animal Genetics
DORLING -  Captain H. Taprell,  D.S.O.  R.N.   (Taffrail) will visit NZ in cadets training ship Cornwall
HERBERT -  Dr  W.E. of Wellington,  death has occurred,  past president of Wellington Rotary Club.

Friday 3 November 1933
Photo  -  003
CRUMP -  Mr Paul,  of Riccarton, for 58 yrs a farmer at Springston,  will be 85  today.
CORDERY -  Dr L.H.  formerly Christchurch Hosp. staff  returned after spending 3 years in London Hosps.

Story -  - 004  & 004a
CRUMP -  Mr Paul, born Gloucestershire, England,  came to NZ in ship Mystery, to Lyttelton  with parents and 4 sisters in Jan. 1862.  ----  
                   was age 13 at time, ---  was one of 7 children -- married in 1876 to Miss LEE who came here as a baby in 1859,
                      had a family of 13 -----  lots more ------

Saturday 4 November 1933
Photo -  005
OSTLER -  Mr Justice,  been elected 1st president of NZ Antarctic Society.

Photo -  006
BUCHANAN -  Miss Joan,   equal with Mr Leonard SUTTON  for John Connal scholarship at Canterbury College.

Photo -  007
SUTTON -  Mr Leonard,  placed equal with Miss Joan Buchanan  for the John Connal scholarship  at Canterbury College.

Photo -  008
CHAPMAN - Mr Denis,  president of Northern Agricultural Pastoral Assoc. with the Prime Minister
FORBES -  Hon. G.W.   leading the grand parade at the Rangiora Show Grounds.

Funeral Notices  -  009
REILLY -  Peter,  this day at 8-45am ----- for the  Barbadoes Cathedral  then to Sydenham Cemetery.
EDMONDS -   Charles,   leave his res. -----   Saturday 11am  for the Bromley Cemetery.
TURNER -  Jessie,  ----- merivale,  on Sunday at 3pm  for the Bromley Cemetery.
KELLY -  Mrs Margaret Jane,  ----  this day  for the Sydenham  Cemetery.
CARTER - William Henry,  ---  leave his res. Shirley,  4th Nov.  for the Bromley Cemetery.
MATHIAS -  Archdale,   will leave ---  Fendalton  this day   for the Riccarton Churchyard.

Thursday 9 November 1933
Photo  -  010
GARD'NER  -  Colonel  M.M.  who will preside at artillery re-union in King Edward Barracks.
RICHARDS -  Rt Rev. Isaac,  D.D.  Bishop of Dunedin  since 1920    resignation is announced.

Photo -  011
MASSEY -  Mr John,  of Pukeroro,  Cambridge,  -- death has occurred,  brother of Rt Hon. W.F.Massey.
BUCHOLZ -  Mr E.  of Wellington,  elected president of Stock Exchange Assoc.  of NZ.

Friday 10 November 1933
Photo -  013
LARSEN -  Mr J. David,  trade counsellor to Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce  who is visiting.

Photo -  014  & 014a
JONES -  Mr B.  of Christchurch,   celebrate his 84th birthday today,  was compositor on staff of "The Press" in early days.

Photo -  015
WELLBROCK -  Mr A.  will leave Christchurch tomorrow,  for England to study at Royal College of Music, London.

Saturday 11 November 1933
Funeral Notices -  018
SINCOCK -  Mrs Catherine,  (Nell)  ---  will leave her res. Riccarton  for the Sydenham Cemetery.
KEAN -  Edmund Charles,  will leave his res.  ---  this day    --- for the Linwood Cemetery.
WINNY -  John M.C.   will leave his res.  Linwood,  this day  for the Bromley Cemetery.
ROBERTS -  William,  will leave his res. Spreydon  on Sunday ---   for the Papanui Churchyard.
WRIGHT -   wife of Mr John,  leaving his res. --- Hawarden,  tomorrow --   for the Waikari Cemetery.
SAVAGE -  Wife of Mr E.J.  leaving his res.  Cheviot --  13 th Nov.  for the Home View Cemetery,
LYES -  Brother Arthur,  Court Thistle Forest No 6494  ----   for the Sydenham Cemetery.

Tuesday 14 November 1933
Photo -  020
ELWORTHY -  Mrs Sarah,  whose death occurred at Timaru --- widow of Mr Edward Elworthy of Holme Station.

Photo  - 021
PARR -  Sir James,  appointment as High Commissioner for NZ  is announced this morning.
EATON -  Rev. Clarence,  preside today at annual meeting of the North Canterbury Synod of Methodist Church.

Photo -  022
CUNNINGHAM -  Mr J.H.  elected chairman of Christchurch Chapter of NZ Institute of certified secretaries.

Photo -  023   70th Ann. of the New Zealand Herald.
HORTON -  Mr Henry,  Managing Director
HORTON  -  Mr R.C.  Director
HORTON -  Mr R.D.  Director pro tm.
WILSON - Mr W.R.  Director.
WILSON - Mr F.W.  Director.
WILSON - Mr R.B.  Director  and Secretary.
HARDCASTLE -  Mr J.M.  Acting-Manager.
TENDALL -  Mr Claude,   News Editor.

Friday 17 November 1933
Photo  -  024
LIVINGSTONE -  Mr H.G.  candidate for Riccarton-Fendalton Tramway Board
OPIE -  Mrs D.M.  elected parents rep.  on Christchurch  Technical College  Board of Governors.

Photo  -  wedding  -  025
THOMSON - NELSON -  Lieutenant R.C.V. Thomson, A.D.C.  to  Miss Ailsa May Nelson  ----

Photo  -  026
HICKSON - Mr J.M.  has died in London,  conducted a healing mission in NZ  in 1923.
WALLACE -  Mr E.A.  elected   president  of NZ Institute of Certified Secrtaries.

83rd birthday   -  027  &  028
HARPER -  Mr Randolph,  a Canterbury pilgrim  -----  born on the "Randolph"  in 1850  --- seen Christchurch grow from tussock land to a flourishing city ---
                     treasured possession is a bible given to him  a s a prize in 1864 from St John's School,  Ferry rd.  1st job,  at Goss's old timber mill  then at W. Manning's
                     Brewery,  Barbadoes st.  went back to timber at Jenkin's timber yard.   Mr Harper's 1st school was owned by Mrs Dixon,  at cnr Smith's road  & Ferry rd,
                     later he went to St Michael's old school,  then worked with his father on a Woolston farm  ---  an Oddfellow for 50 years.

Monday 20 November 1933
Photo -  029
HUTCHINSON - Mr F.L.  elected president of NZ Manufacturers Federation  in succession to Mr F.Campbell.
WALLS -  Brigadier C.  National Young People's Secretary of salvation Army  -----
STRONG -  Mr J.A. of Wellington,  appointed Travis radiological physicist by NZ branch of Empire cancer Campaign Society.

Photo -  030
TOPPING -  Mrs A.  member of management committee speaking at opening of enlarged  Sumner  Pres. Church.

Photo  -  031
COOKE -  L.A.   and
LOADER -  S.  at  motor-cyclists rally  at Rolleston.

Photo  -  032
JENKINS -  Mr M.E. with champion Clydesdale  at Courtenay Show,  and
BEDFORD -  Mrs,   mother of Mr G.R.

Tuesday 21 November 1933
Photo  -  035
WATKINS -  Rev. Neville,  vicar of St John's Church,  Hororata.
BARCLAY -  Colonel G.  secretary of Grand lodge of Freemasons of NZ.  

Photo -  036
GARDINER - Miss Kate, of Ladies Alpine Club,  England,  photographed at the Hermitage,  and
SCOTT -  Mr A.J.  of Christchurch  and
WILLIAMS -  Mr V.  the well-known guide.on there  return from a climb

Wednesday 22 November 1933
Photo -  037
MILNES- Mr H.T.  president of NZ Woolbuyers Assoc.  retiring afer 42 yrs  assoc. with the wool trade.
RENTON - Mr John B. of Hokitika  was killed,  crashed on Mt Turiwhate,  near Kumara.

Photo -  038
LYNCH -  Mr J.D.    a former Mayor of Greymouth,  with the Prince of Wales  in 1920  Mr Lynch,    and Mr J.B.RENTON,  the pilot  were killed during a flight from Hokitika to Chch.

Photo -  040
ALABASTER -  Rev. Charles,  and Mrs,  a photograph presented to Canterbury Pilgrims and early Settlers Assoc.  who arrived here from England in ship "Strathallan"  in 1859.

Mrs Alabaster's  School   -  042
ALABASTER -  presentation of framed photograph  by daughter-in-law, Mrs Austin H. Alabaster ---   they married in Oxford, England,   school housed on cnr Armagh st and
                            Cranmer square  -----  Mrs alabaster became 2nd wife of Rev. Francis Knowles  ---   lots more  lots of names of those she taught.

Greymouth -  044  & 045 & 046
RENTON -  Mr John B.a pilot in an airplane which crashed ----    and his passenger
LYNCH - Mr James Daniel   were killed, ------- lots more  ------

Friday 24 November 1933
Photo -  047
KIMBELL -  Mr A.H.  Under-Secretary for Mines ,  -----
LORKING -  Mr E.S. headmaster of Beckenham School,  appointed principal of new Shirley Intermediate School.
SMYTHE - Mr C.W.  business manager for flight of Mr C.T.P. Ulm across the Tasman Sea, in the Faith in Australia.

Photo -  048
ROBINSON -  J.R.  and A.B.  brothers of Whangarei  who will sail with the Byrd and Ellsworth expedition -----

Photo -  049  & 052  & 053  &  054
KIRK -  Mr J.R. M.B.E.  elected chairman for the 7th year  Dominion Council of Boy Scouts' Assoc.

Tuesday 28 November 1933
3 Photos  -   055   - Hanmer Springs  Jubilee.
1.  a halt during the drive of old identities through the state forests,   photo of lots of people  -  no names.
2.  Governor General  and Lady Bledisloe  visit the Hanmer Springs School.  photo shows lots of children,  no names.
3.  Old identities of Hanmer Springs entertained at luncheon. photo taken on steps of Lodge,  no names,  lots of people.

Photo -  056
SALMOND - professor C.F.  Chair of Philosophy, Canterbury College,  is retiring ---
McCORMACK  -  Mr James,  formerly licensee of Leeston Hotel,   and race horse owner,  has  died.

Photo -  057
ULM -  Mr C.T.P.   will be chief pilot of Faith in Australia on flight from Sydney to New Plymouth.
ANDERSON -  Mr William,  a shepherd in Hanmer Springs district  51 years ago  ----

Wednesday 29 November 1933
Photo -  058
HEARN -  Mr H.  of Redcliffs,   was 81 recently  he arrived in NZ  in 1874.

Photo -  059
NAIRN -  Mr G.  director of a motor transport service in Iraq, is a NZer visiting  for a holiday.
SATTERTHWAITE -  Mr A.M.  of Chch,  returned from a business visit to Australia.

Photo -  060  New Lecturers appointed at Canterbury College.
HOLLAND -  Mr C.C.  (Book-keeping 111  and Auditing)
PERKINS -  Mr C.H.  (Book-keeping 11)
HENRY -  Mr J.A.  (Book-keeping 1)

Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ
24 June 2012

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