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Thursday 2 February 1865
Births - 001
TORLESSE -  on 31 Jan.  to wife of Rev. H. Torlesse  -  a daughter.
DAVIE -  on 31 Jan.  at Christchurch  to wife of C. Davie, Esq.   -  a son.

Marriages  -  001
WHITBY - PLOWRIGHT - on 30 Jan. at ---  William Laird Whitby --- Heathcote  to  Ann Elizabeth, eld. dau. of late George Plowright, Kings Lynn, Norfolk.
HINTON - HARRIS - on 24 Jan. by special license at --- Richard, only son of W. Hinton, Penleigh Cottage  to  Susan, eld. dau. of J.Harris,  River Styx.
CROSBIE - PHILLIPS - on 1 Feb. at ---   Harriet Morton, eld. dau. of J. Ollivier, Esq. J.P. M.P.C.  to Robert P. Crosbie Esq.
                                            2nd son of late Robert Crosbie, Esq. Liverpool and Kipp, Kirkcudbrightshire.

Deaths - 001
FLETCHER - Emily, on 30 Jan. at North Town belt,  inf. dau. of Mr G. Fletcher,  aged 8mths.
WAGSTAFF -  Lillian,  on 30 Jan.  at Christchurch,  inf. dau. of Mr H.Wagstaff,  aged 3 mths.
FYSH - James Henry,  on 31 Jan.  at Town belt, North, aged 3mths and 12 days.
BELL -  Mary McArthur,  on 31 Jan. at Papanui,  relict of John Bell, of Edinburgh,  aged 57 years.

Funeral Notice - 002
BELL - Mrs ---  leave her res. in Papanui at 4pm  this day Thursday 2nd Feb.

Saturday 4 February 1865
Births   - 003
NELSON - on 2 Feb. at her res. papanui rd,  to Mrs John Nelson  -  a daughter.
NIEMANN -  on 3 Feb. at Christchurch  to wife of J.H.Niemann -  a son.

Marriage -003
PYE - ALLEN - on 2 Feb. at Avonside  Thomas Pye  to  Mary Ann Allen,  both of Christchurch.

Death - 003
CALSEY - on 31 Jan.  at Christchurch,  Mrs E. Calsey,  aged 55 years.

Tuesday 7  February 1865
Funeral Notice -  006
BOASE -  John,  will leave his res. at quarter to 3 o'clock tomorrow.  Christchurch Feb. 6th 1865

Thursday 9 February 1865
Birth - 008a
BURKE - on 5 Feb. at the Halswell,  to wife of M.J.Burke Esq.  -  a daughter

Death -  008a
ATACK - Isabella,  on 7 Feb. at Southampton Cottage,  Ferry rd,  youngest dau. of Mr William Atack,  aged 7mths.

Saturday 11 February 1865

Births - 009    (for month ending 10 February)
ROGERS - on 8 Jan. at Marouan,  to Mrs T.D.Rogers - a son.
FITZGERALD - on 15 Jan. at Christchurch,  to wife of J.E.Fitzgerald  -  a son.
LUCAS - on 18 Jan. at Papanui,  to wife of Mr Charles Lucas  -  a son.
CHANEY - on 18 Jan. at Lyttelton,  to wife of Mr John Chaney  -  a daughter.
WOOLLCOMBE - on 18 Jan. at Ashbury, near Timaru,  to wife of Belfield Woollcombe  Esq. Resident magistrate - a daughter.
NATHAN - on 19 Jan. at St Asaph st. to wife of L.E.Nathan,  -  a daughter.
ROSE - on 19 Jan. at Christchurch,  to  Mrs F.M.Rose,  widow of Mr F.M.Rose,  -  a son.
STEWART - on 27 jan.  at Riversleigh  to wife of Francis E.Stewart  -  a son.
BURNELL -  on 27 Jan.  to Mrs Edwin Burnell,  Lincoln rd,  -  a daughter
HILLIER -  on 30 Jan. at Lyttelton  to wife of Wm Hillier -  a daughter.
SLEE -  on 3 Feb. at Riccarton,  to wife of Mr Frak Slee  -  a daughter.
BURKE - on 5 Feb. at Halswell  to wife of M.J.Burke  -  a daughter
WEEKES -  on 5 Feb. at Salisbury st,  to wife of Captain A.W.P.Weekes  -  a daughter
PEARCE -  on 6 Feb.  to wife of W. pearce, Armagh st  -  a son.
GRANGE - on 7 Feb. at Grange House, Bridlepath,  Lyttelton,  to Mrs Thomas Grange  -  a  son.
WOOD - on 7 Feb. at Worcester st east,  to wife of Mr H.J.Wood  -  a daughter
RICHARDSON - on 8 Feb. at Glenmore  to wife of Edward Richardson  -  a daughter.

Marriages  -  010
CANDY - PENNEY - on 18 Jan. at -- Artemas, 3rd son of Mr Thos. Candy of Charlton Farm, near Bath  to  Eleanor Strode, dau. of Mr Barnard Strode Penney,
                                    of Shepton Mallet, Somersetshire.
PENDER - O'HARA - on 8 Feb. at --- Peter Pender, Inspector of Police  to  Anaastasia Mary, dau. of late Manus James O'Hara, Sligo, Ireland.
EMERSON - BLACKETT -  at--- Melbourne,  at res. of bride's brother  James daly Emerson, solicitor, Williamstown,  to  Caroline, eld. dau.
                                    of late Rev. Cuthbert R.Blackett, Burnham, Norfolk,  and niece of Henry Blackett, Rangiora.

Deaths -  011
WARE - Bethel,  on 22 Jan. at his res. Stanmore rd,  aged 52.
LATTER -  Robert,  on 25 jan. in house of son-in-law, at Oamaru,  Mr Robert Latter,  JP. of Lyttelton,  in his 73rd year.
ANDERSON - George Herbert,  on 27 Jan. at Tuam st, west,  bel. infant son of Thomas Woolman Anderson,  Ashbourne,  Ferry rd.
HAWKES - Donald Charles,   on 27 Jan. at Cashel st, 6th son of James George Hawkes,   aged 6mths.
PARNHAM - John, sen.   on 1 Feb. at Sherwood Cottage,  Kaiapoi,  aged 65.
ATACK - Isabella, on 7 Feb. at Southampton Cottage,  dau. of Mr William Atack,  aged 7mths.

Tuesday 14 February 1865
Births -  012
GATES - on 10 Feb. at Lincoln rd,  to wife of Mr Gates,  builder  -  a son.
HABENS - on 11 Feb. at Christchurch  to wife of Rev. W.J.Habens  B.A.  -  a son,  stillborn.

Deaths -  012
DALLAS -  Ellen Lucy,  on 10 Feb. at Oxford tce, Christchurch, youngest dau. of Mr A.Dallas,  aged 19 and half mths.
WARD -  Mr Thos.  on 11 Feb. at Lyttelton,  aged 44 years.

Thursday 16 February 1865
Birth -  014
KERR -  on 11 Feb. at the Sandhills,  to wife of Mr Peter Kerr  -  a son.

Marriage -  014
MACMILLAN - McILRAITH - on 14 Feb. at Riccarton House --- David Macmillan,  Esq, Rhuddland, Lake Ellesmere  to  Catherine,
            dau. of  - McIlraith, Esq. Colmonell,  Ayreshire, Scotland.

Saturday 18 February 1865
Marriages  -  016
SLACK -  COOPER -  on 8 Feb. at Peel Forest,  at res. of Francis Jollie,  William Upton Slack,  formerly of Ann's Hill, Cumberland  to  Chjarlotte Sarah,
                         young. dau. of late Rev. George Fort Cooper,  of Yetminister, Dorsetshire.
HARMAN - WILLIS - on 16 Feb. at -- Edward Harman  to  Agnes Anna, eld.dau. of John Shearing Willis, Hawford, late Cheltenham,  surgeon.
CUFF - COLE - on 16 Feb. at ---  Albert Cuff  to  Ellen Lucy, 4th dau. of Mr J.W.Cole, of Peterborough st, Christchurch.

Deaths -  016
HURRELL -  Herbert Edward,  opn 10 Feb. at Longfield, Kaiapoi,  young. son of  henry Hurrell,  late of Snowden,  aged 1 yr 5mths, accidentally drowned.
BROWNE - Olivia Caroline,  on 16 Feb. infant dau. of Captain Raymond Browne,  aged 8mths.

Thursday 23 February 1865

Birth -  019
DEANE - on 21 Feb. at Burghfield, near Christchurch  to wife of Robert Deane  - a daughter.

Marriage -  019
AUSTIN - JACKSON - on 9 Feb. at --- Geraldine,  Alfred. son of Thomas Austin, of Farthinghow, Northamptonshire  to  Ellen, 
                2nd dau. of George Jackson,  vitner, Perthshire, Scotland.

Deaths -  019
TORLESSE -  Francis,  on 21 Feb.  5th dau. of Rev. H.Torlesse.
IRVINE -  William,   on 17 Feb. at Scotsburn, near Peel Forest,  aged 65.
IVENS -  Harry William,  on 20 Feb.  at Woodend,  infant son of Mr George Ivens.

Saturday 25 February 1865
Birth -  022
MOORHOUSE -  on 24 Feb. at Merivale, near Christchurch,  to Mrs W.Sefton Moorhouse - a daughter.

Marriage -  022
ORMANDY - HOPKINS - on 23 Feb. at -- Mr William Ormandy, Cumberland  to  Mary, eld. dau. of Mr T.Hopkins, Leire, Leicestershire, England.

Death - 022a
WITHERS - Geo. A. James,  on 23 Feb. at Dalmain,  Rangiora,  infant son of Mr James Withers.

Tuesday 28 February 1865
Birth - 028
ZINCKGRAF - on 25 Feb. at Christchurch,  to wife of Mr R. Zinckgraf  -   a daughter.

Marriage -  028
MESSEN - CURRY - on 15 Feb. at Kaiapoi, by --- Mr B.T. Messen  to  Jane Curry, both of Kaiapoi.

Beverley Evans
Christchurch NZ
28 December 2011
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