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 Friday  1 August 1930
Obituary  -  CARPENTER -
Another old colonist - Mrs William Carpenter - died at Prebbleton at the advanced age of 95 years. Mrs Carpenter was born in Hampshire, England
and came to New Zealand in the ship "Glenmark".  She lived at first with her Uncle (Mr George Marsh) at Templeton.  Her marriage to William
Carpenter was the second to take place in the Templeton Church.  Mr & Mrs Carpenter lived at Tai Tapu for a few years after their marriage
residing later on the farm at Springs Road, Prebbleton.Mrs Carpenter was predeceased by her husband 35 years ago.
The funeral was attended by a very large number of friends.

Thursday 7 August 1930

Obituary  -  Mr Stanley Crichton  WALKER
Mr Stanley Crichton Walker who died at Ashburton yesterday was born at Timaru 38 years ago and was the youngest son of Mrs P.Walker and the
late Mr. Pringle Walker of Alford Forest road, Ashburton. Mr. Walker was  well known in Ashburton some years ago and was employed with the Messrs
Friedlander Bros. for some years.  He left NZ with the 5th  reinforcements and saw service in Gallipoli and in France, he was badly
gassed at Ploegstaat in 1917. He  married Miss A.M. Thornton, daughter of the late Mrs M.A. Thornton, of Greymouth and leaves a widow and 2
children. Mr Walker has lived in Greymouth during the past 5 years.  He was a member of the Ashburton Club and M.S.A. The flag of which was
flown half mast out of respect to him

Friday 8 August 1930

Obituary  -    Mr. George  BONNINGTON
The many friends of George Hartley Bonnington will learn with regret of his death which occured suddenly at his residence in Bealey Avenue.
Mr. Bonnington was born in Nelson in 1864 and was a son of Mr. George Bonnington. At the time of death he was a director of the Christchurchfirm of George Bonnington Ltd. He was a son of the former founder of the firm.  Mr Bonnington was keenly interested in music, being one of the first conductors of the Woolston Band  in which he played the cornet. He had been connected with musical societies in Christchurch for the last 40 years.
He was a keen bowler and took a great interest in all outdoor sports. At the time of his death he was a member of the Canterbury Bowling Club. In
his younger days he was an enthusiastic cricketer and was a member of the old Lancaster Park Club. He was a member of the Masonic Fraternity.
Mr Bonnington leaves one son Mr Roland Bonnington of Lowcliffe, Ashburton and 3 daughters Mrs V.Pike, Miss Hilda and Miss Beryl Bonnington of Christchurch.  Though of a retiring dispostion Mr Bonnington was an extremely popular man. To his relatives sympathy will be felt by a wide circle of friends.

Saturday August 9th 1930

Obituary  -  Mr Henry   ENGLEBRECHT  -
One of the pioneers of Canterbury, Mr Englebrecht passed away yesterday morning at the age of 90.  He came to the Dominion in 1857, arriving by
the ship "Bosworth" and farmed at Kaiapoi until the flood in the North Branch of the Waimakiriri River in 1866.  Later he bought a farm at
Bennetts, to the area of which he added to from time to time.  For four years Mr Englebrecht was a member of the old Oxford Road Board and for
five years he was a member of the Carleton School Committee.  He married in 1861 a daughter of the late Lancelot Giles of Kaiapoi Island.  He was
keenly interested in all pertaining to farming and this was reflected in the perfect condition in which his farm was kept.  It is now owned and
worked by his grandson.In 1905 Mr Englebrecht retired from farming and came to live in Christchurch on a property in Boundary Road, where he lived until his death.  For a few years he was a member of the St. Albans Bowling Club. Mr Englebrecht was typical of those who helped to make Canterbury the
foremost farming province in the Dominion.  He leaves 4 sons and 3   daughters and a large number of grandchildren.

Tuesday 12 August 1930

Death  -  Mr John  SMITH
The late Mr John Smith, a very old and highly respected resident of the Tai Tapu district, died at his residence a few days ago. He was born at
Carrick-on-Shannon, Leitrim, Ireland. in 1836 and lived there until 1864 when he left for NZ arriving in the ship "Tiptree". After doing
harvesting work for a short period in Rangiora he was employed by the late Mr Michael John Burke who then owned the Halswell Station. This
being afterwards leased to Mr Bell with whom Mr Smith remained for 6 years. In 1875 Mr Smith purchased a part of Mr Burkes Halswell Station
on which he farmed until his death. Mr Smith saw the country when it was "niggerheads" and swamp and he used to tell many interesting tales
of pioneering days, his memory in spite of his great age being most retentive. Mr Smith married in Ireland, his wife predeceased him 20
years ago. He leaves no family. The funeral took place in Halswell.

Thursday 14 August 1930

Obituary  -   Mr Edwin Huddy Couzins
The death took place at 4pm yesterday  at his residence 299 Armagh Street Christchurch, of Mr Edwin Huddy Couzins age 90 a resident of Christchurch for nearly 50 years. Mr Couzins was born October 1840 at Chatham, England.  His father was a naval officer, who served with distinction and was wounded in the Crimea War.Mr Couzins was educated in his native town and when 25 years of age came to NZ. He was in the Dominion for some years, first working as a sail maker in Auckland, then later in Christchurch, but returned for a time to England where in 1868 he was married. In 1884 he again came to NZ on
the ship  "Kaikoura" on her maiden voyage. Her master was Captain Crutchley who was well known in NZ in the early days and who died about 12 months ago in England.  Mr Couzins joined Mr Benjamin Hales in Christchurch with whom he had been an apprentice in Lapthorne's sail loft at Portsmouth Dockyards. Mr Hales sail and tent making business was then conducted in Cashel Street on a site which Whitcombe and Tombs now stands. On Mr Hales retirement Messrs Couzins and T.J.Johnson took charge of the business and were in partnership for many years. Mr Couzins eventually retired and his son Mr Tom Couzins carried on in his stead. He remained in good health until recently but following his wife's death 2 months ago , he failed rapidly. He is survived by 2 sons and 3 daughters all of Christchurch.   The funeral will leave 299 Armagh Street for Bromley Cemetery.

Friday 15 August 1930

Obituary  -   Mrs J. ILOT   -    of Wellington.
Mrs Ilot whose death occured this morning,  was the daughter of the late  Mr H. Baldwin, a well known Irish landowner.  She was married to Mr John Ilot in England in 1882 and shortly afterwards came to NZ, she and her  husband made their first home in Te Aroha.  In 1892 she came to Wellington and together with her husband took a great interest in all good works, being mostly interested in the welfare of young people. Mrs Ilot was closely associated with the work of the YMCA and the YWCA serving on the committee of both of these institutions.  She was past president of the Ladies Auxilary of the YMCA and was of considerable service to that institution. A liberal and keen mind and her wide sympathies made her greatly loved by all who knew her. She is survived by her son and her sister.

Wednesday 20 August 1930

Obituary  -  Mr Peter  MARTIN   -  of Waimate
The death occured at Waimate of Mr Peter Martin age 75 a well known and highly respected resident of North Otago.  Mr Martin was born in Wigtonshire and came to NZ in 1873.  For a few years he resided at Milton and for some time was employed at Elderslie and on the Awamoa Estate. He later followed farmimg persuits at Deborah (near Oamaru) where he resided for over 20 years. he was a life member of the North
Otago Agricultural & Pastoral Ass. and always took a very keen interest in its affairs.  He was a prominent horse judge and in this capacity judged at many shows throughout NZ taking him as far as Melbourne.  Mrs Martin predeceased him 5 years ago. He is survived by a brother and 7 children.

Thursday 21 August 1930

Obituary  -   Mrs Dionysia  HARPER -
The death occured this week in Christchurch of Mrs Dionysia Maud Harper widow of the late Mr J.F. Harper of Clarkville. The late Mrs Harper was
the daughter of MAJOR HORNBROOK, who was one of the oldest settlers in Canterbury and a member of the 1st Provincial Council. Major fought in
the Maori Wars in the North Island and may be remembered as being the original owner of the Mount Pleasant Estate, his residence being on the
site of the present tea rooms at Mt. Pleasant.

Monday August 25th 1930

Obituary  -      Mr C.D.GOUGH
The death occured on Saturday at his residence at Sumner of Mr Charles David Gough of the firm C.D.Gough and Son, at the age of 63.
Mr Gough, who came to New Zealand shortly after 1900 was born in Birmingham, England, his parents being Thomas & Elizabeth Gough of that
city. When 21 years of age Mr Gough went to Australia, and after carrying on a business in Sydney, he came to Christchurch where he
founded the business of C.D.Gough and Son, Boot Merchant, in High Street.  Mr Gough was actively engaged in that business until 5 years ago since
when he had lived a retired life.
A keen bowler, Mr Gough was for many years a member of the Sumner  Bowling Club and took an active interest in bowling affairs. A member of
the Masonic Order, mr Gough joined the Avon Lodge some years ago though he took no active part in public affairs, his interests outside his
business were many, horticulture being his chief hobby, and he had for some time a very fine garden at his residence in Clifton terrace,
Sumner. Mr Gough was a frequent visitor at the Selwyn Huts, where he spent a great deal of his time.
Mr Gough is survived by his wife, 2 sons, one in his fathers business  and the other in the engineering firm Gough,Gough & Hamer of
Christchurch, a daughter, also a sister.

Thursday August 28th 1930
Obituary   -  Mrs Agnes  PREBBLE
The many friends of Mrs Agnes Prebble will learn with regret of her death, which occured on Tuesday at her residence in Linwood.
Mrs Prebble was the daughter of Mr John WALKER. Born in Scotland in 1860 she came to NZ with her parents in 1862 when the family settled in
Prebbleton.  In 1878 she married Richard Prebble who was a son of the Richard Prebble after whom the district was named.  Mrs Prebble and her
husband went to the North Island to live in 1886 and settled in Pahiatua, later living in Woodville and then Levin.  They returned to
the South Island where Mrs Prebble lived until the death of her husband in 1910 when she moved to 18 Woodhouse St. Linwood Christchurch. 
Mrs Prebble is survived by a family of six and eleven grandchildren.

Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ

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