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Wednesday  11 June 1902
Obituary  -  CLEGHORN  -  023
Dr Cleghorn,  well known ---  died suddenly at his res. at Wanganui  last night. -----  

Thursday 19 June 1902
Obituary  -  John DEANS  -  042   page 3
Mr John Deans  of Riccarton ----   only son of late  Mr John Deans, who was virtually the pioneer of the Christchurch portion of the Canterbury district
---------  before the arrival of the Canterbury pilgrims in the first 4 ships.  Mr Deans was educated at the original High School,  now West Christchurch
School,    took over the management of the Riccarton estate  for his widowed mother  -----    one of his first acts was to preserve the fine piece of native
bush which stands on the property ------  he established a herd of pure-bred shorthorn cattle  and during the 70's purchased some of the very best blood
available from Victoria -----   his stock was well-known in the rings of the Canterbury agricultural shows.  --------  among the 1st to  import pure-bred
southdown sheep  ----   -------  Mr Deans had a new house built on the estate almost entirely of oak grown on the estate ---   was in his 50th year, 
married a daughter of Mr R.G.Park,  civil engineer of Wellington,  who with his mother  survives him  as well as a family of 1 daughter and 7 sons, 
the eldest is captain Deans  of the Malvern Mounted Rifles.   ---------
-----    a long column  --------

Obituary  -  LOCHHEAD  -    043  page 3
Mr John Lochhead,  one of the earliest pioneers in the Ellesmere district,  died ------aged 66 years ----   in partnership with his brother,  Mr Robert
Lochhead  ----  came out on the ship Green Jacket arrived in Auckland in the early 60's  -----   settled in Leeston  and lived at Lochhead farm until
his death.  He leaves a widow and 5 grown-up sons.

Obituary  -  OLLIVER  -  044
A very old and respected resident of Lyttelton,  Mr W. Olliver,  died early this morning  in his 92nd year.  came to Lyttelton  by the ship Mystery  in 1859. -----

Friday  27 June 1902

Obituary  -  Wellington  -   MASON  -  064
Mr Edwin Mason,  Registrar of Friendly Societies,  fell down dead  from failure of the ehart  on his way home last night.  He was in his 65th year.  ---- 
was a Cornishman by birth  eeducated at Christs College,  Cambridge  -------   in 1860   came to NZ  in 1879  ------     promoted to the position of
Registrar in 1885.

Saturday  28 June 1902

Obituary  -  WILSON - 068
Mr William Scott Wilson, senior partner of the firm Wilson & Horton,  proprietors of the New Zealand Herald,  and Weekly News,  died this morning -----

Monday 30 June 1902
Obituary  -  COTTERILL  -  071
The Rev. Canon Cotterill,  who died ---  was 87 years of age  born in 1815 in Norfolk, England.  He studued at St John's College, Cambridge,  --- B.A.
 in 1837,  1 year later created a deacon 1839 ordained a priest  from 1839  to 1848 he was vicar at Earlham, Norwich and curate of Colney.   coming
to NZ in 1851 was appointed an officiating minister of the diocese of Christchurch in the same year. ---- stationed at Lyttelton,  later went to Sumner,  ---------   appointed vicar of Lower Heatcote he shifted to  Ferry road, in 1859 ---  in 1861 he was appointed Diocesan Secretary  to Christchurch  ----     appointed
2nd master of Christs College  in 1870 resigned his position at the school ---  took up residence in Cashel st, west,  he leaves a widow,  and 7 sons and
6 daughters.  namely
Mr A.J.Cotterill  of Napier,             Mr H.Cotterill,  of Messrs Duncan & Cotterill,       Mr E.J.Cotterill of the Union Bank,     
Mr W.G.Cotterill of Messrs Harman and Stevens,      Mr W.J.Cotterill,  manager of the NZ Shipping Co. at Timaru,       
Mr C.N.Cotterill  of the Bank of New South Wales,             Mr L.E.Cotterill of Napier,
Miss G.Cotterill,      Mrs Bridges,        Misses E.R.  and W.H.  and M.E.Cotterill,        and Sister Dorn, a Deaconess of the Church.
 --------     This is a very long column  with lots more in it.  -------

Obituary    -  KENNEDY -  073
Mr W.F.Kennedy one of  Wellingtons most respected residents.  he was 80 years of age,  a native of Ireland  occupied a position of importance in one
of Ireland's Banks.  In Wellington he was in business as a sharebroker and accountant.  He leave a family of 4 sons  including   
Mr S.R.Kennedy of the Bank of New Zealand           Mr G.A.Kennedy of the Government Insurance        and Dr John Kennedy  of Otago 
and 3 daughters.

Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ
20 September  2009

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