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Monday 3 July 1893

Inquest  -  HAMILTON  -
an inquest was held ----   on the body of an infant child of Margaret Hamilton.  returned a verdict death from natural causes.

Friday 7 July 1893

Obituary  -  JONES  -
Mr Milson Jones,  an old and much respected settler in the ellesmere district,  died this morning at his residence,  Dunsandel,  from inflammation of the lungs.

Saturday 8 July 1893

Inquest  - Yaldhurst  -  HALL -
an inquest will be held this afternoon at Yaldhurst on Christiana Hall,  who died suddenly yesterday morning. The deceased had been ailing for some time and her death is attributed to epilspey.

Monday 10 July 1893

Inquest  -  HALL  -
an inquest touching the death of Christiana  Elizabeth Hall,  who died suddenly on Friday, was held at the deceased father's residence   --- died from natural causes.

Thursday  20 July 1893

Obituary  -  Mrs H.P.  MURRAY-AYNSLEY   -
it is with regret we have to announce the death of Mrs H.P.Murray-Aynsley, which took place at her residence  Riverlaw, Opawa,  last night.
---------   came to the colony in the steamer Royal Bride,   a boat which had been chartered by Messrs Miles Bros. and Co. of Bristol  and which was intended
to be the pioneer of a direct line between that port and Lyttelton. Mr Murray-Aynsley who with  Mr Banks was representing Miles & Co in Lyttelton,  went home
 to make the necessary arrangements,  while there he married and brought his wife out with him on his return arriving in Lyttelton on Dec 28th 1859  -------- 
was 64 years of age,  leaves 4 sons and 3 daughters.  
Her 2 brothers are Mr James CAMPBELL,  of Napier,  and Mr Archibald CAMPBELL,  of Southland.  ------

Friday 21 July 1893

Inquest   -   Dunedin   -  SMITH  -
at the inquest on the woman Sarah Ann Smith,  the evidence  ------

Inquest  -  RODGERS -
Mr Rodgers, who was found dead in bed yesterday,  -----  

Wednesday 26 July  1893

Inquest  -  CROMPTON  -
an inquest was held yesterday afternoon  -- touching the death of Thomas James,  son of Mr Crompton,  a child who  died suddenly on July 24  --- death from natural causes,  the result of a severe cold.

Monday 31 July 1893

Obituary  -  W. K. SPROTT -
--- we announce the death of one of New Zealand's most promising artists, mr W.K.Sprott, who just died at the early age of 29. ----------

Inquest   - Woodville  -   BROWN  -
A man named James Brown,  aged 72, was missed on Friday, ----   a verdict of heart disease was returned.

Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ

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