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Saturday 1 April  1893
Obituary  -  Sergeant H.G.L.C.HARRIS  -
Sergeant H.G.L.C.Harris,  son of Major Harris,  of Pukekohe,  died rather suddenly yesterday  of typhoid.  he was 24 years old.

Monday 3 April  1893
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Obituary  -  Mr J. Le SOEUR  -
Mr J.Le Sueur, well known in sporting circles,  died this morning aftera long illness.  Mr Le Soeur was one of the principal bookmakers in New Zealand before the advent of the totalisator,  and during different periods was part owner of 1 or 2 race horses.

Tuesday 4 April  1893

Inquest   -   Auckland  -  MAHON  -
Maurice Mahon,  employed by Mr Hunter at Ohaupo,  was found dead in a paddock,  and inquest was held, and a verdict returned of death
from pleurisy and heart disease.

Obituary  -  MENDELSOHN  -
It is with regret we have to announce the sudden death on Saturday afternoon last,  of Mrs Mendelsohn,  wife of Mr Louis Mendelsohn.  ------ 
born in Cheltenham,  Gloucestershire,  and arrived here with her husband nearly 30 years ago.  she was in her 51st year.----- 
she leaves a family of 4,  3 daughters and one son,  together with her husband.  ----

Friday  7 April  1893
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Wellington  -  inquest  -  DACK  -
The inquest on the woman Mrs Dack,  found dead in Cuba street,  showed tht she had fallen down in a fit.  A verdict of death from natural causes was returned.

Saturday 8 April  1893
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Obituary  - Mr James  REID  -
Mr James Reid, a well known tailor and a prominent member of the Caledonian Society,  died this afternoon after a long illness.

Monday  10 April  1893
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Wellington -  inquest  -  FLANAGAN  -
at the inquest on Flanagan, who was found in the harbour on Saturday, --- a verdict of drowned was returned.

Inquest  -  LASSEN  -
an inquest touching the death of Ragna Olive Lassen,  aged 7 years, took place at Mrs twose's East Oxford on Saturday forenoon.---  death due to inflamation of the lungs,  a verdict to that effect was given.

Obituary  -   HAY  -
it is with sincere regret we record the death ----  at the early age of 28 of Mr William Hay, for some years a member of the composing staff of the Lyttelton Times.
Deceased served his time in the Bruce Herald office, afterwards working in Dunedin,  and eventually settling in Christchurch.  he was unmarried  ---------

Tuesday  11 April  1893
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Inquest  -  George ALLAN  -
an inquest touching the death of George Allan,  who met his death----    the jury returned a verdict of accidental death.

Saturday  15 April  1893
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Inquest  -  FAULKNER  -
an inquest was held at the Hospital this afternoon ---   A verdict of accidental death was returned.

Inquest  -  TABROM  -
at the inquest on the body of Francis Tabrom  ---    

Tuesday  18 April  1893    
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Obituary  - Auckland  -   Rev Sister Mary STANISLAUS -
one of the Sisters of mercy, the Rev Sister mary Stanislaus,  died at St Mary's on Saturday. --- was born in Sydney,  was located in auckland, and made her religious proffessions in 1865.

Monday 24 April 1893       page 3
Inquest  INGRAM  -
an inquest touching the death of Mr Edward Chapman   ----- -----  email for a copy.

Wednesday 26 April 1893
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Inquest  -  Auckland  -  FORGIE  -
At  the inquest yesterday afternoon on Richard Forgie,  who died from the effects of injuries received -----  

Saturday 29 April  1893     
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Inquest  -  SNELL  -
an inquest was held at the Club Hotel, Sydenham, yesterday ------  Frederick Snell,  who met his death on Thursday.----------

Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ

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