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Inquests & Obituaries  -     5th - 9th  November -  1889.

Tuesday November 5th
Inquest  -    PREBBLE
Yesterday afternoon Mr Beetham, Coroner, held an inquest at Prebbleton, to inquire into the circumstances attending  the  death of Kenneth Prebble, an infant, aged 18 mths,  Mr Charles Hazelhurst was chosen as the Foreman of the jury.  The evidence showed that the deceased had been  missed on a previous afternoon at 3 o'clock. Search was made, but not till 6pm was the little one found, drowned in a tub of water, into which he had fallen.  The jury returned a verdict of accidently drowned.

Obituary  -   ROSS -  Timaru
Mrs Ross the wife of Mr D.M.Ross, Mayor of Timaru, died last Friday  after a long illness, and  the funeral took place on Sunday afternoon. There was a very large attendance at the ceremony.  The Borough Councillors occupied a prominent place in the procession, and the  Brethren of two Friendly Societies of which Mr Ross was a member, mustered well, while business and professional people  made up an unusually large cortege.  Mrs Ross had long been an invalid from a chest complaint, which has carried her off at the relatively early age of 39.

Fatal Accident  -   BRITTON   -  Wanganui
A fatal accident occured at the Railway Station this afternoon.  It is the habit of the boys of the town to fish from the the wharf opposite the railway station platform.  This afternoon 2 porters were shunting down a track, when a lad named Britton, who had a minute before been fishing, came across the rails unseen by the men behind the truck, and was knocked down.  A wheel went over him causing instantaneous death.  The deceased was aged 10 years.  No blame was attachable to the railwayemployees.

Wednesday 6 November 1889

Obituary   -    O"SULLIVAN  -   Auckland
Mr R.J.O'Sullivan, ex Inspector of Schools in the Auckland District has died today from the effects of a paralytic stroke.  He has been in precarious health for some time. Mr O'Sullivan, who was 61 years of age was Inspector from 1872 until 1888 when he retired from that position.

Fatal Accident   -   BROWN -  Westport
Alexander Brown, a boy of 6 years old, son of John Brown of Denniston, was accidently killed this evening. He was standing by the side of a goods waggon, with his hands on it. when the waggon being pulled away to get filled, he fell underneath.  He was caught by the waggon, which went over him.   Death was instantaneous.

Death of a Footballer -    WEBSTER  -  Auckland
It transpires that Alexander Webster, who died on the Brigatine Oamaru, from lockjaw, was brought on by injuries received at Long Island, was a member of the Native Football Team, for which he played forward,  he was well known in football circles.

Saturday 9 November 1889

Drowned    -    WIDDOP  - Wellington
Mr E.L. Waiddop, a well known amateur singer was drowned this afternoon by the capsizing of a whaleboat in the harbour.

Sudden Death  -  KEY - Wellington
A man named Peter Key, for some years barman at the Duke of Edingurgh Hotel, died suddenly, early this morning.  He was apparently in his usual health last night, but is believed to have suffered from heart failure.

Found Dead  -   KENYON - Dunedin
James Kenyon, of Merton, near Waikouaiti, was found dead in a paddock this morning, the police are investigating.

Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ

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