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Saturday 1 March 1919
Returning Home -  001
Gunner R.G. eldest son of  Mrs C.A.Richardson, 141 Clarence st,    will arrive home by the Hororata. 
                     left with the 8th Reinforcements,  saw service in France ----

Roll of Honour  -  Casualty List no 1066   -   002
CHINNERY-BROWN - D. (Mrs E.Chinnery-Brown, Manakau rd, Parnell)  Machine Gun Corps,  died of sickness   Feb 20
CAUGHEY - W.H.  (A.C.Caughey, Murdock st, Mt Albert)  Artillery    died of sickness.  Feb 16
CHAPMAN - G. (Mrs E.Chapman, Otahuhu)   Auckland Infantry,  died of sickness in NZ  Feb 25
MITCHELL - W.W. J. (J.Mitchell,   Drimintoran,  Shannon)  Artillery   died of sickness,   16 Feb.
CHAMBERS - H.  L.corporal  (Mrs M.A.Chambers,  Canada)  Rifle brigade,  died of sickness  19 Feb. 
COLLOGAN -  (M.J.Collogan,  Greymouth)  Rifle Brigade,  died of sickness  24 Feb.
GERRARD -  G.  (A.L.Gerrard,  Winton)  Auckland Infantry,  reported missing,  declared by Court of Inquiry  killed in action  1 October 1918

Sumner Ripples  -  The Soldiers  -  003
SMITH -  Bombardier H. P.  son of Mr C.H.Smith  earned the Military medal   ------   is now on the Rhine
MASSEY -  Staff Sergeant S.V.  son of Mr C.B.Massey, Stoke st,  ---   his 3rd son  was still with the NZ Forces in the occupied territory.

Brighton Breezes  -  004
THORNE -  Private J.T.   and
FROST - Rifleman H.  a welcome home   was held at the Pier Hall on Wednesday  --- 150 guests  Mrs E.Townsend being hostess.  Dancing was kept up to a late                    
                hour to the music of Bettle's Band.  Mr A.Nankerville acted as M.C.

Monday 3 March 1919
Photo  -  Roll of Honour  -  005
SEAY  - 
Warrant Officer Clarence,  son of Mr W.N.Seay  of Addington,  has received a cable to say his 2nd son -----   died on influenza
                on 20 February  while on active service.  ----  in May last year his younger brother Gordon Seay,  was killed in action in France 
                and his elder brother died of appendicitis before the outbreak of the war.

Tuesday 4 March  1919
Returning Soldiers  -  006
ELWOOD - Private Edward H.  son of Mrs E.W.  and late Ted Elwood,  of 149 Salisbury st,  is returning via the Hororata,  left with the 17th reinforcements, ---
WILSON - Rifleman A.  son of Mrs E.Wilson.  Sneyd st, Kaiapoi,  is returning via the Hororata,  left with the 17th reinforcements
GURNSEY -  Corporal F.W.  and Sapper A.G.  sons of Mr F.G.Gursney,  Fendalton,  arrive in Wellington by the Athenic about 20 March
OGDEN -  2nd-Lieutenant,  Clifford S. son of Mrs Ernest Bosomworth,  Holly rd St Albans,  returning via the Hororata about 13 March
McMILLAN - Sergeant G.R.   son of Mr H.McMillan,  Saltwater Creek,  is returning via the Hororata
McCORMICK - Gunner C.A.M.  son of Mrs A. McCormick,  Lyttelton,  left with the 10th Reinforcements   arrive in Wellington about 20 March
LODGE -  Sergeant Gordon (Jack)  son of Mrs E. Lodge, Nth Beach  is returning to NZ on the Hororata, served 4 years in Gallipoli and France, one of 4 brothers
SEABOURN - Rifleman A.A.  son of Mrs C.J. Seabourn, King st Sydenham,  is returning shortly  left in August 1914 ------
PHILLIPS - Private  James,  2nd son of Mr M.Phillips,  Kaiapoi,  left with the 9th reinforcements  is returning  by the Hororata ---
NICHOLLS -  hus. of Mrs W.J.Nichollsof 420 Montreal st.  ----  return by the Athenic
SULLIVAN -  Sergeant W.D.  son of Mrs M. Sullivan,  110 Parkes st, Woolston.  will return by the Hororata  left with the 4th reinforcements.

Returning Heroes  -  007
a very long list of Canterbury and West Coast men  of those returning  to the Dominion by the Hororata  ------

Death    -  009
Lieutenant John Dudley, formerly Government Auditor for Nelson has  died ---  at the front -- went into camp with the
                 7th Reinforcements as a gunner -----

Wednesday  5 March 1919
Roll of Honour -   Casualty List no 1068   -  010
HAMMERICK    - B.  (T.Hammerick, Penrose, Auckland)  reported missing,  Court of Inquiry,  killed in action
LITTLE   -  A. (E.Smith, Ashburton)  died of sickness
GIMBLETT   - C (J. Gimblett, Bamford st, Woolston)  died of sickness
SEAY   - C. 1st class w.o.  (W. Seay, Barrington st, Christchurch)  died of sickness
HILL   -  R. sergeant  (C.Hill, Pahiatua) 
NAGLE   - W.    S.S.major  (A. Nagle, London)  died of sickness
POLLOCK   - W.  (H. Pollock,  Scotland)  died of sickness in New Zealand
MULHOLLAND   -  L. (E.Tamplin, Palmeston North)  reported dead.

Friday 7  March 1919
Welcome Home  -  Kirwee -  011
A large gathering from Kirwee and surrounding districts  --- last Thursday evening to welcome home Trooper J.H.Jarman  and Privates Bell  and
J. Thornthwaite.  The Rev. P. Revell gave the welcome -----  Mr J.W.Belgrave, on behalf of the Courtenay Agricultural Assoc. of which
Trooper Jarman was president  --- dancing to a late hour  -- music supplied by Mrs Christopherson and Misses  Nelson, A.Shipley, Foster,  and Christopherson.

Saturday 8 March 1919
Roll of Honour  -  Casualty List  no 1070  -   012
O'SULLIVAN -  E.  (D.O'Sullivan,  Wellington)  Auckland Infantry,    died of sickness in New Zealand
UPHAM -  F.E.  (Mrs E. Gare, Wellington)  Rifle Brigade,   died of sickness in New Zealand

Returning Home  -  ATHENIC  -    013- 015
More than 150 Canterbury and West Coast soldiers are due to arrive in NZ by the Athenic  -  a long very list of names

Personal -  016
GRIGG -  Chaplain-Captain,  formerly Methodist Minister at Leeston  arrived in Auckland by the Port Melbourne yesterday ----active service for 3 and half years
POFF -  Lieutenant L.J.   who arrived recently in the Zealandic -- right through the Peninsular and French campaigns  spending leave at Methven with his parents.

Monday 10 March 1919
Photo - Roll of Honour  -  017
Private Clarence Henry (Bill)  son of Mr M.C.Cooper,  has died of sickness at Tidworth Military Hospital.  educated at Sydenham School,
                     was a cycle mechanic by trade -------     popular boxer, has a brother Sergeant E.O. Cooper still serving with the NZ Forces.

Personal  -  018
CHAPMAN  -  Colour-Sergeant H.F.  brother of Mrs H.E.Taylor,  34 Maunsel st, Woolston,  is expected to arrive in Auckland about 22 March  ------
BOURGEOIS -  Private Phillip Charles,  son of Mrs C. Bourgeois, 30 Matheson rd, Linwood,  returning to NZ  by the Hororata--  about 15 March
PONDER -  Lieutenant A.O. Ponder,  Rhodes scholar, returned to Chch yesterday, enlisted in Rifle Brigade --- served in Egypt and France ------
COLE -  Private Charles  and Lieutenant P.  sons of Mr F.P.Cole, of Lyttelton  are returning  -----  leave on the Maheno next month ---  more -----

Tuesday 11 March 1919
Returning Soldiers  -  Draft 224   -   AJANA   -    019 - 021
is due in Auckland on 22 March  ---   a full  newspaper column  ---   a very long  list of names of those on board. -----

Personal  -  022
GUNN -  Private Alexander Malcolm, elder  son of Mrs A.A.Gunn,  131 Barbadoes st,  is returning on the Ajana  with draft 224
MITCHELL - Private W.A.,  hus. of Mrs Hilda Mitchell,  28 Mayfair st Lower Riccarton.   returning by the Ajana,  draft 224  due Auckland 26 March.
AGASSIZ - Rifleman F.C.  was given a hearty welcome home  ------

Wednesday 12 March 1919
Personal  -  023
McKNIGHT -  Private George,   to arrive by the Athenic on 20 March, son of Mr and Mrs G.McKnight, of Islington,  born at Halswell 28 years ago --- more --
McGARRY - Private W., son of Mr D.McGarry, of Islington,  is arriving home by Ajana, born NSW  22 years ago ---  well known at Little River ------

Roll of Honour - Casualty List no 1071  -    024
COOPER   -  C.H.  (Miss Cooper, New Brighton)  1 March  died of sickness
DUNCAN   - G.A.  (Mr Wm Duncan, Southland)  8 March  died of sickness in NZ
JARRETT   - H.  (G.P.Jarrett, Palmerston North)  died of sickness ---  1 March
JEFFS   - T.W.   (Mr T.H. Jeffs,  Linton)  3 March   died of sickness in NZ
SLATTERY    - C. s.s. major  (Mrs Slattery,  Wellington)  25 Feb   died of sickness
PORRITT   -  A.L.  (O.H.Porritt, Palmerston North)  4 March    died of sickness
THOMPSON   - J.T.  sergeant  (Mrs N.t. Thompson, Matangi,  Waikato)  24 Feb  died of Sickness
WADE   -  T.  (Miss M.M.Wade,  Dunedin)  22 Nov.  1918   officially reported died of sickness while prisoner of war

Thursday 13 March 1919
Returning Home -  026
Private Herbert,  brother of Mrs J.E.Dawson, Ranfurly st. Hornby --  he will arrive by the  Ajana about 22  -- he was born
                            at Prebbleton 39 yrs ago.  went to Prebbleton school,  left NZ with the Canterbury Infantry of the 27th Reinforcements,
                             on arrival in England was in camp for a considerable period -- crossed to France, ---  severly gassed and suffered trench fever
                            ----  was employed by the NZ Refrigerating Co.  in the wool dept.  at Islington  another brother Private Frank Collings  of the
                             16th Reinforcements  was killed in action during the battle of the Somme

Friday 14 March 1919
Returning Home - 027
PENGELLY -  Signaller W.H. (Reg) son of Mrs Pengelly,  of Haast st. Linwood,  will arrive by the Ajana  on 22 March  --left NZ
                with the 3rd Battalion Rifle Brigade ---

Saturday 15 March 1919
Spreydon Notes    -  028
CALDERWOOD  - J.H.    and
GILL    - M.    2 Spreydon boys who are returning at the end of the month -- friends are waiting to give them a hearty  welcome.

Heathcote Notes - 031
WEIR - Sergeant George H.  brother of James, of the Pumping Station  is on board the Ajana --- left with the 29th Reinforcements,  wounded -----

Sumner Ripples  -  033
BOX   - Private E.  will be returning at an early date.
LOACH   - Major  is again undergoing hospital treatment.
SERGISON   - W.J.  is expecting his brother back from the front next week.
ANDREWS   - Lieutenant G.C.  is returning --  reached Lyttelton on Tuesday.

Tuesday 18  March 1919
Returning Soldiers  -  037
No fewer than 9 big steamers,  carrying over 8000  New Zealand soldiers  are now on their way back.  with 2 exceptions 
                all the vessels are due to arrive between 12 and 24 April.

War Honours  -  038
A long list of names of New Zealanders'  on active  service  have had awards conferred on them. ---------

Returning Home -  039
SUCKLING - Captain,  NZ Dental Corps,   hus. of Mrs Horace E.Suckling is leaving England at  end of March

Thursday 20 March 1919
Casualty List no  1076
TANSEY - L.M. lieutenant   (M.Tansey,  Raetihi)  Machine Gun Corp   died of sickness   12 March
COOKE - F.W.  (Mrs E. Cooke, 9 Guthrie st, Timaru)  Rifle Brigade,  Feb  27  -   died  

Monday 24 March 1919
Returning Home -  042
HENNING - Private G.N.,  hus. of Mrs G.N.Henning,  of Akaroa  will arrive by the Corinthic,  on 24 April.

Tuesday 25 March 1919
Obituary  -  043
Lieutenant Lionel Tansey,  whose  death from wounds and sickness ---  was for several  years employed in the Dept of Justice.
                  7 years ago he  commenced practice as a solicitor in Ohakune.   He went away with the NZ Rifle Brigade,  gained a commission
                 on the field.  He was severly wounded at Passchendale on 12 October 1917 ----  was a keen sport,  represented Otago University
                  in football on several occasions.

Wednesday 26 March 1919
Auckland -  AJANA  -  044
The Ajana troops landed this morning.  They are mostly B. class men -  that is men not quite fit for active service  and included 200 
            who had never been in action.  All are walking cases.  Corporal Hartnett  disappeared on 19 March  -----   

Thursday 27 March  1919
Welcome Home  -  047
Alfred,  son of Mr and Mrs A. Snelling, Stevens st,  gave a welcome home to their son  who has been away at the front 3
                and half years.  Musical items were rendered by Misses Hutton, Pepper and Snelling,  and Messrs McCreeCocking  and Wells.

Friday 28 March 1919
Personal  -  048
OWEN-JOHNSTON  -  Captain A.W. NZ Medical Corps, has sailed from England on the troopship Westmoreland, expected to arrive  -- early April.
FELGATE - Captain J.C. for many years Commodore of the Tyser fleet, died in London on 26 January  -------

Monday  31 March 1919
Returning Home  -  050
Advice has been recieved by Mr and Mrs Chappell,  177 Rolleston st,  -- their son Trooper Eugene Chappell is returning  from
                         Egypt by the Kaikoura,  arriving about 17 April.  He enlisted with the Main Body,   left NZ  with the 7th reinforcements taking
                        part in the Sinai and Palestine campaigns  until crossing the Jordan,  when he was transferred to the Mechanical Unit of the ordnance Dept.

Returning Soldiers  - Draft  230    -  051 - 053
A very long list of names  of Officers and nurses  and the men from Canterbury and the West Coast,  giving the addresses  of next of kin. ------

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