The Star  -  Christchurch    -   January  1919   

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Wednesday 1 January 1919
Hospital report  - Canterbury District  -  020  p5
Dangerously Ill -    F.S.Hampton, (Leeston)
Removed from dangerpously ill  -  R.H.Hannah,  Temporay-Corporal (Southbridge)  W.R.McNeillie,  (Lyttelton)
Seriously Ill  -  F.McCrossan,  (Waimate),  R.J.L.Prestidge  (Coalgate)  R.J.S.Rogers (Akaroa)
Removed from seriously ill list -  J.H.Graham  (St Albans)
Severe cases  -  W.Guthrie,  Lance-corporal  (Timaru)   W.Maddock, lance-corporal  (Blenheim)   A.E.Rutter  (Christchurch)

Returning Soldiers  -  Draft 203  -  021  page 5

Thursday 2 January  1919
Personal  -  022   p6
LANGRIDGE -  Captain J.W.  who is mentioned in the latest list of returning soldiers  -----   was married while on
                            furlough towards the end of 1917

Casualty List No 1033   -  023 
JONES -  William Frederick, corporal (Mrs C.A.Jones, Edenvale road,  Mount Eden)  Auckland Infantry,  now repatriated
TODD-STRACHAN -  Douglas David  (Hon.A.Strachan, Cardiff,  Wales)  Wellington Infantry,  died of sickness.
COPPEN - Kerman,  corporal (- Coppen, England)  Entrenching Battalion
DOBSON - W.James (Mrs C.J.Dobson, Sutherland Cres, Melrose)
JENSEN - Godfrey  (C.Jensen, Kilbirnie )
PAYNTER - Leslie Howard, (M.M.)   corporal  (C.H.Paynter, Takapau)
PRICE -  Frederick Arthur  (mrs T.Price, Manchester st, Christchurch) 
CLARK - Charles W.  (Mrs C.W.Clark,  care Mrs J.Wright, Hazelhurst, S.Dunedin)  repatriated
EVERETT -  Earle Howard  (J.T.Everett, Waireka Junction )
HORSBURGH - William  (W.Horsburgh, Scotland)
JARVIS - Edward Ferguson,  sergeant  (Mrs M.E.Jarvis  care --  Seacliff)

Friday 3 January  1919
Personal -  025  page 4
RANGER - Private C.H.  son of Mrs Ranger,  of Haylands, Mt Thomas, ----is returning home
OWEN-JOHNSTON -  Mrs,  dau of Mr A.M.Owen,  after 3 years serving in Army Nursing Corps is on troopship Briton ---- 
LUKE -  Mr Pearce,  son of Mr J.P.Luke (Mayor of Wellington)   ------
VOSS -  Mr and Mrs J.Voss of Schoolhouse, Marshlands,  -- son Gunner Ronald Voss, coming home --- lots more ----

Late  Personal  -  027    page 4
INNES - Mr T.A. Innes of Rodney St, New Brighton, his son Rifleman H.A.Innes is returning home, left with 2nd Battalion was gassed last August
MURRAY - Colonel D.N.W.  awarded CMG  well known Auckland doctor -------
MILLAR -  Sergeant John Millar,---  son of Mrs Agnes McPherson, of Alexendria, Dumbartonshire, Scotland came to Chch about 6 years ago  ----                                             
                        member of the Woolston band ----
SHERA - Major L.M.  son of late Mr J.M.Shera, formerly MHR  for Auckland ----   --- more ---
McGAVIN - Colonel D.J.  ----  leading  members of medical profession in Wellington  ------  more  ----

Saturday 4 January 1919
Photo -  Roll of Honour  - 029    p7
ISLES -    Q.M.Sergeant H.S.Harris Isles is dangerously ill in hospital,  his relatives live at 103 Idris rd,  Fendalton.

Personal -  030  p7
WATTS -  Private V. (Vern) Watts, son of Mrs Watts, Disraeli st, Addington, is returning  -- wounded in the head, arms and legs in France.
DONOUGH - Maurice,  has been app. 2nd Lieutenant ------  was a teacher at Lyttelton School
GEORGE -  Private J.Y.  son of Mrs J.George, Sea View rd, New Brighton ---   is returning home
OAKLEY - Lance-Corporal,  son of Mr Henry Oakley, left with 7th reinforcements at age 19  been awarded Military Medal recently wounded ------
BOURK - Private Leonard, son of Mrs Bourk, 18 Hutcheson st, Sydenham,  invalided home  ----   lots more  -----

Deaths   -  031  p7
NUSSON -  G. (S.Nusson, Lichfield)  died while prisoner of war --
HAMPTON - F.  (M.Hampton, Leeston) --
SMITH -  T.  (K.Smith Tauranga)
WAAKA - H.  (H.Waaka,  Te Kae)

Returning Home -  032  p10
COOKE -  Private Albert (Bert)  son of Mr and Mrs A.Cooke,  269 Moorhouse Ave,  is on his way home, age 20 , ----   more ---

Monday 6 January 1919

Returning Home -  Canterbury Soldiers -  033 -  041  p3
More than 300 soldiers are with R.D. No 204,  due to arrive in a New zealand Port  shortly  has approximately 900  invalided soldiers ----
all  300  names   listed  with names of parents in brackets. 

Arriving Home  -  042    p6
RYAN  -  Gunner Len Jervis,  son of Mrs Ellen Ryan,  of 198 Worcester st will arrive home next week --- was for 12 years member of the Fire Brigade ---

Lakeside  -  043  p6
McCAUDLESS -  Private R.K.  welcome home at Lakeside  Hall -----

Roll of Honour  -  044  p8
Removed from dangerously ill list  -   S.Campbell, Lance-corporal,  Dallington;      A.G.Fisher, St Albans;
Seriously ill    -  R.J.Frost,  Studholme Junction;       J.H.Humphries,  Little River;      H.Kitson,  sgt, St Albans;     F.L.McKie,  Amuri;
Removed from seriously ill     -  A.T.Brough,  Nelson;
Not severe case     -  D.Hanna,  Christchurch

Tuesday  7  January  1919
Fatality -   043
Gordon,  aged 30 a returned soldier, was found dead in bed  at Onehunga, he had been gassed at the front --------

Late Personal -  045  p6
GOLLIE,  Captain V.J.  MC  awarded French Croix de Guerre
HILL  -  Major J.C.,  Provost-Marshal,  Wellington,  appointed official visitor to dentention barracks
NARBEY - Major W.F.  of Taranaki. -- awarded Croix de Guerre  ---  aged 30  ----
GODLEY -  Major-General ---
BARTON -  Rev Frazer,  BA  active service in France  -----
EGGLESTON -  Private T.E.  son of Mr R. Eggleston, prisioner  in April last,  repatriated  reached Ripon, England  on 31 December
ROBINSON - Captain Stuart ---   recently returned from active service ----   more ---
MEHAFFREY - Major John M.  formerly of Invercargill  died in Melbourne last week  ----  lots more ---  age 32

Casualty List today  -  046  p6
Auckland Infantry regiment  -    J.R. Ellis - 
Wellington Infantry Regiment    -   W. Robertshaw,
Entrenching Battalion    -  F.W.Barrett,     C. Featherstone
Otago Infantry Regiment    -  died of sickness -   L.Stone
Area Employment Co   -  died  Andrew McColl
Entrenching Battalion - died -  Murray Charles Hodge
Repatriated  -  A. J. Armstrong,  previously prisioner of war
Died of Sickness -  Toi Tukapa;     John Wipana;    Gema Wickham, 2nd Lieutenant
Died of wounds -  Sergeant F.Hyland
Repatriated -  William James Baxter;    A.Clark;   T.E.Egglestone;   H.C.Hurley;    Arthur Diack

Wednesday 8 January 1919
Major Newman -  047  p4
Major Newman Wilson  DSO,  MC  who left with the 2nd reinforcement  as Lieutenant  and served on Gallipoli  before going to France 
                    been wounded 6 times  -- youngest son of Mr R.L.Wilson  of Waimate  ---  one brother killed on Gallipoli  another returned invalided out   ---
                     Mrs Wilson,  who has been residing with her mother  (Mrs Taylor) in Dunedin  ------

Returning Home -  048
News has been received by Mrs Ellen Ryan,  198 Worcester st,  her son Gunner Len Jervis Ryan  will arrive home next week, 
            having left with the 32nd NZFA   -----  invalided twice  to hospital in France ----   was for 12 years a member of the Fire Brigade ----  more ----

Late Personal  -  050
PEARCY -  J.  son of Mrs W.Pearcy,  26 Berry st,  is returning to NZ  with draft 204  arriving in a few days.
WILSON - Lieutenant Vivian,  son of Mrs J.H.Wilson,  of Garden rd, Fendalton is on his way back,  left with 18th reinforcements, twice wounded ------

Thursday 9  January 1919
Photo  -   Military Cross - 051  
Lieutenant W.B. hus. of Mrs W.B.Cooke,  Wellington --- been awarded the Military Cross, ---eldest son of Mrs J.Cooke, 33 Haast st Linwood

Personal  -  052
PEARCY -  J.  son of Mrs W.Pearcy,  26 Berry st,  is returning to NZ  with draft 204  arriving in a few days.
HARRINGTON - Private C.H.  son of Mr H.Harrington,  who left with the 25th Reinforcement,  is coming back with draft 204
TWOHILL -  Driver Daniel,  who was wounded in October ---4th son of  Mr Patrick Twohill ----   born Reefton,  West Coast.

Returning Home -  053  p6
THOMAS - Sergeant Malcolm J. wounded October 7th  returning on ship Maheno,  left with the 15th Reinforcement, son of late Dr Walter Thomas.

Casualties  -  Today's List -  050a
HANKINS -  Benjamin Arthur,  Entrenching battalion  -  died whilst prisoner of war in Germany
WHEELER - William Arthur,  capt.  Medical Corps,  died of sickness in NZ
CURRIE  -E.K.  correction  -- repatriated   Entrenching Battalion --
STEPHENS - W.H.   Auckland Infantry,  now repatriated
RAWLINSON - G.P.  Wellington Infantry
MILLARD - Rifle Brigade, 
MATHEM -  W. Maori Contingent  died of sickness
GALPIN  -  G.H.  reported wounded  now wounded and missing,   Canterbury Infantry
NEWHERY - J. (M.M.) corporal  Rifle brigade,   reported missing  since repatriated ---
BOOKER -  Ernest,  Auckland Infantry   reported missing  since repatriated
LIMPUS - E.T. Wellington Infantry,   reported missing  since repatriated.
IRVING - D.J.  &
O'REILLY  - J.  Rifle Brigade
HAY -  A.E.  Entrenching Battalion 
HUTCHISON - John,  Rifle Brigade  died of sickness.

Friday 10 January  1919
Personal  -  054  p4
HURLEY - RiflemanH.V.  son of Mr G.Hurley, Rangiora,  ----   prisoner  in Germany repatriated to Ripon on 31 December.
DIEHERT  -  Private R.  son of Mrs Reader, Sydenham  will arrive home with Draft 205 -- wounded in April ----
HODGES -  Sister Emily ARRC  will arrive home  ---  has seen 4 years in Alexandra and Cairo Military hospitals  ------

Photo  -  Roll of Honour  -    055  & 055a
  Private C.H.Cooper, 2nd  son of Mr M.C.Cooper,  has died --  at Tidworth Military Hospital -----
                    --educated at Sydenham School ---  brother Sergeant E.O.Cooper,  still serving with the NZ forces.

Roll of Honour  -  055  p6
SENIOR -  C.H.A.captain  (C.A.Senior, Onehunga)   died of sickness
McLAREN - Thomas Michael  (Mrs M.McLaren, Sydney NSW. w.)  -  repatriated

Saturday  11 January 1919
Home Again -  056 - 060
Canterbury soldiers returning  Draft 205  -----  a very very long list of names in alphabetical order -----

Monday 13 January  1919
Roll of Honour -   New Zealand Casualties -   061     p5
HARMELL -  James  (F.Harmell, New Plymouth)    prisioner of war now repatriated.
HENDRICK -  J.H.  (Mrs D.McLaren, King st,  Dunedin)   died of sickness  Canterbury Infantry

Tuesday  14 January  1919

Personal -  061a
PHAUP - Private T.W.  son of Mr J.T.Phaup, of Allenton, Ashburton been awarded the Military Medal ---    
SMITH - Mr Sydney,  wife and 3 children  drowned in the Princess Sophia  near Skagway Harbour,  Yukon, son of Mr W.J.Smith,  -- now Chch

Casualty List -  061c
James Alexander (Mrs M.A.Bell,  Rosebank rd, Avondale,  mother)  died of sickness
MACK - W.A.B.  (J.Mack, Papakura,  father) 
SMITH - W.B.  (Miss J.I.Smith, Napier,  sister)    wounded  admitted to hospital
MULVANEY - T. (Mrs N.Kelly,  Timaru,  sister)   killed in action  -  4 Nov.
GROOBY - L.G. (Mrs E.Grooby,  Motueka,  mother)   died of wounds   9 Jan.
GOWAN - R. (P.Gowan,  Ashburton,  father)  wounded   admitted to hospital  29 Dec. 
HARLEY -  W.A.  (J.Harley, Cambrian, Otago,  brother)   ---  prisoner  now  repatriated

Hospital report  -  061c
LANAUZE -    E.  (DCM)  Chatham Islands  still dangerously ill
HOWLETT -  D. 2nd Lieutenant  (Christchurch)   removed from seriously ill list
SEARLE  - G.  (Herepo)  not severe case 

Wednesday  15 January  1919
Death  -  062
Trooper Manshop,   aged 29   eldest son  
of Mrs E. Manship, of 189 Fitzgerald street,  St Albans,   died of influenza in
                Palestine on December 19,  1918 -----

Home Again  -  063 - 065  p5
Returning Draft  208  on invalided soldiers arrive in NZ shortly --- long list of names  with parents in brackets.

Thursday 16 January  1919
Tuahiwi  -  066
The funeral of Private Henri Meihana,  of the 10th reinforcements,  took place at Tuahiwi on Tuesday aft.  Private Meihana had been
                        invalided home some months ago  -----    present was Sergeant Robin Flutey (MM)  one of the Maori soldiers  who have gained honours in the field.

Friday 17 January  1919
Returning Home  -  067
Mrs Winifred Barber,  of Rangiora, was informed  her hus. Rifleman W.J.Barber was returning with a draft --- advice was received 6mths ago of
                        his death in action -----    his homecoming has caused  --- a mix up with Private E.barber of Warenga-a-hika  ------  more ---

Personal  -  068
BALL -  Private F.V.Ball son of Mrs Ball of King st, Sydenham  -- seriously wounded last September
WATTS - Lance-Corporal V.A.  returned by the Tahiti recently -- welcome home in the Oddfellows hall,  Selwyn st. 
FOSTER - Private George A.W.  awarded the Military medal  for bravery -- 3rd son of Mr and Mrs G.Foster of Ruapuna  ----   still in France.

Saturday 18 January 1919
Photo -  Roll of Honour -  069
Trooper H.Manship,  aged 29, died of influenza in Palestine on 19 December 1918 ----  eldest son of Mrs E.Manship,  Fitzgerald st,  St Albans

Photo -  Roll of Honour  -  070
Lance-Corporal Albert Edward Marshall was killed by an accidental fall over a cliff at Taylor's Mistake ----   in Gallipoli  in which his
                            brother was killed ----  and served in France ----  only surviving son of Mrs E.Meneer  and late Mr P.Marshall (Southbridge)

Home Again - Returning Draft 206  -   071
another draft of invalided soldiers is due to arrive home   -- 82 for Canterbury and the West Coast ---- a long list of names -----

Home Again -  072
2nd Lieutenant Wilson,  son of Mr E.G.Wilson,  of Milton st,  arrived home after 4 years service in the East  and France. -----
                 another son of Mr Wilson was one of the refugees from Belgium -- was runner up for the Rhodes Scholarship here a few years ago ----  

Personal -  073
COLLIE -  Trooper J.C. son of  Mr and Mrs W.M.Collie   --been on active service in Palestine and Egypt, grandson of Mr John Campion of Halswell
FEHSENFELD -  Lance-Corporal Albert  hus. of Mrs A. Fehsenfeld of 46 Tainui st, Spreydon  is sailing home on 20 January  was wounded last April.

Monday 20 January 1919

Roll of Honour -  NZ Casualties -  074

-  J.H. (Mrs R.Fisher, Thames) ----  prisoner of war now repatriated
FOLEY - D. (D.Foley, England) ----  prisoner of war now repatriated
VANSTEIN - L. (J.Vanstein, Tekaraka, Gisborne) -----  prisoner of war now repatriated
HENDRICSEN - G.  (N.Hendricsen,  Happy Valley, Wellington)   ---  prisoner of war now repatriated
CRANSTOUN - W.R.  (Mrs G.Cranstoun,  Edendale, Southland)   ----  prisoner of war now repatriated

Roll of Honour -  Wounded in Action -  074b
Private D.Vernall,  of the NZ Machine-gun Corps, was reported seriously ill in the first South African Hospital in France
                      with gunshot wounds  in the chest ---  wife is in England,  he belongs to Orari, South Canterbury  and intends to return there when he recovers.

Tuesday 21 January 1919

Personal - 075
KERR -  Private J.R.  hus of Mrs A.M.Kerr,  will arrive in 10 days time
- Private C.W.  son of Mrs Reade, Queen st, Sydenham,  is returning by draft 211
AUSTIN -  Rifleman T.M.W.,  hus. of Mrs J.Austin  195 Lichfield st,  returning with draft 211  went away with the 4th Battalion  been 3 years active service, 
                    his  son who enlisted at age 15  in the 14th reinforcements  joined his father in France but was wounded and sent home 12mths ago
NEILL -  Driver George E.H.,  son of Mrs A.Neill,  251 Montreal st.  son of late Robert Neill ---   more ---

Roll of Honour  -  NZ Casualties -  076
EWING - J.  (J.Ewing, N,S.W.)  Entrenching Battalion ,   prisoner of war now repatriated
GWILLIAM - L.  (Mrs L.Gwilliam, Myrtle Cres,  Wellington)  Artillery,   prisoner of war now repatriated
WALSH - J. (Mrs M.Walsh, Ireland)   Wellington Infantry,    prisoner of war now repatriated
WELCH - O.  (Mrs L.Welch,  Masterton)  Wellington Infantry,  prisoner of war now repatriated
COX -  J.P. (Mrs D.Cox, Timaru)  Canterbury Infantry,  died of sickness
READ -  T. (J.Read,  Waterton, near Ashburton)  Entrenching Battalion,    prisoner of war now repatriated

Returning Home -  077
MUSCHAMP - Gunner H.N.  son of Mr H.Muschamp,  13 Brittain st, Linwood,  is returning home by Draft 211
SMITH - Lance-Corporal W. of the 12th Reinforcements,   son of Mrs C.Smith,  43a Nursery road, Linwood,   is returning with draft 21.

Wednesday  22 January  1919

Personal -  078
ARCHER -  Farrier J.J.  hus. of Mrs J.J.Archer,  Dover st,  St.Albans, been on active service in Palestine ----
BASTION - Private H.J.,  son of Mrs C. Bastion Tuam st, Linwood,    returning with draft 211
BAX -  Sergeant Charles,  son of Mr and Mrs Edward Bax of Woodend after 3 years
BORTHWICK - Private,  hus. of Mrs R.Borthwick  89 Moorhouse ave, -- twice wounded 
BURGESS -  Sergeant-Major George,  son of Mrs W.Burgess 110 Hazeldean rd,    returning with draft 211 in 10 days
GABB -  Lance-Corporal J.L.  son of Mr and Mrs Gabb,  68 Harper st Sydenham,   returning with draft 211  wounded at Messines
GILES -  Private A.W.  son of Mrs M.Giles,  59 Osborne st,  has been a prisioner in Germany since April  been released and reached England on 9 Jan.
GREENSLADE -  Trooper W.D. hus of Mrs Greenslade of Springston will arrive in next 14 days  ---  been in Egypt -----
JEFFRIES- Trooper J.  of Lyttelton,  son of Mrs J.E.Scott,  Bridle Path, Lyttelton,    returning with draft 210
MACARTHY - Rifleman Charles William,  eldest son of Mrs C.W. Macarthy,  12 Manchester st,    returning with draft 211
McINTOSH - Private R.C.S.   hus. of Mrs V.D. McIntosh,  48 York st, Opawa,  returning with draft 211
SMITH -  Lance-Corporal W. son of Mrs C .Smith, 43a Nursery rd, Linwood,    returning with draft 211
TRITT -  Sergeant L.F.  eldest son of Mr and Mrs F. Tritt,  of West Oxford,  returning with draft 211 --- brother Corporal W.C.Tritt  --- more ---

Returning Draft  No 210  -   Coming Home  -   080 - 083
expected to arrive shortly  bringing 76 invalided soldiers bound for Canterbury and the West Coast,  names of next of kin are given
a long list of names in alphabetical order -------

Thursday  23 January 1919
Coming Home -  082
HEALD -  Trooper Arthur,  hus of Mrs A. Heald,  enlisted with Main Body saw service at Gallipoli and Palestine.

Draft 211   -  Returning Home  -   082-2  -  082-5
The largest draft yet will  arrive at Lyttelton on approx 27 January -- transport Briton  ----  a very long list of names in alphabetical order.

Friday 24 January 1919
Roll of Honour -  NZ Casualties -  083
CRAWFORD -  J.J.D.  (J.J.Crawford, Grosvenor st, Grey Lynn)    Auckland Infantry  -  now repatriated
FOSTER -  C.W.  (C.R.Foster, Thornbury, Southland)  Entrenching Battalion  -  now repatriated
GLEN - L.C.  (R.Glen,  Hastings st, Sydenham)  Entrenching Battalion  -  now repatriated
GOLDSBOROUGH - H.O. (Mrs L.Goldsborough, Hastings)  Wellington Infantry  -  now repatriated
HOLLAND - W. temp. corporal  (Mrs B.B.Holland, 386 Oxford Tce, Christchurch)  Rifle Brigade,  died of sickness in NZ
JONES - C.J.  (Mrs C.J.Jones, Masterton)   New Zealand Rifle Brigade  -  repatriated ---
THOMAS -  W. (Mrs A.Thomas, Bond st, Devonport)  Machine-Gun Corps,  died from accidental injuries.

Saturday 25 January  1919
Roll of Honour -   084
TAVENDALE - E.J.  (C.Tavendale, Clarkville, Kaiapoi,  father)  died whilst en route to NZ      New Zealand Rifle Brigade.

Monday 27 January 1919
Photo -  085
Corporal William Holland,  died on 17 January  at the Military Hosp. Cannock Chase,  -- 20th Reinforcements --- before
                         he left  he was employed at Scott and Son's motor garage,  Gloucester Street.

Roll of Honour -    Casualty List no 1046   -   086
AHEARN - W.E.  died of wounds in NZ   -   Engineers  22 January
DAVIDSON - G.  Area Employment Company   died of sickness
LLOYD -  T.  Rifle Brigade    died of wounds whilst prisoner of war in Germany
THORNTON - Gilbert Jabez,  Arterillery   died of sickness whilst prisoner of war in Germany
MOYNAHAN - T. Entrenching Battalion  -  drowned  8 August 1918
TEMPERLEY - A.H.  Wellington Infantry Regiment
KNOX - W.J  Canterbury Infantry regiment
McGRATH - J.J. Otago Infantry Regiment
LUCAS -  R.E.Lance-corporal   Wellington Infantry
STIRRAT - A.R.   died of wounds ---
EVERETT -  J.  Otago Infantry Regiment.

Wednesday 29 January 1919
Roll of Honour -    New Zealand  Casualty List
McLIVER -  M.S.  (Mrs A.Humphreys, Auckland,  sister)   died of sickness  Engineers.
WHAREWHITI  -  Nekora  (M.Wharewhiti,  Omahu,  Fernhill, Hastings)  Pioneers  died of sickness
ROCKE   -  John (Miss M.Kennedy,  Queensland,  sister)  Canterbury Mounted Rifles,  died of sickness.

Thursday 30 January 1919
Arrival at Lyttelton  -  MARAMA 
The hospital ship Marama  arrived at Lyttelton from Wellington  -------  75 walking cases  and 13 cot cases  ---- amongst the cot cases is Lieutenant Pauling,
who is in a serious condition.  the vessel arrived at Southampton on 9 December  left on 20 December  -----  when she left England she had  300 cot cases ---

Beverley Evans
Christchurch NZ
2 December  2009

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