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Saturday  1 February 1919
Roll of Honour  -  058
Private Frederick Middleton,  died in the Christchurch Hospital on Wednesday had seen service at the front 
                        with the 16th Reinforcements.  prior to enlisting he was a shoemaker.  He was gassed at the front,
                            and never properly recovered  ---- his parents live in Bradford, England.

Heathcote Notes -  059
COOK  -  Private William  returned to Heath cote a few weeks ago.
LOWE -  Lance-Corporal George, son of Mrs S.J.Lowe, returned a week or so ago after 2 yrs away,  was both wounded and gassed. ----
EVANS - Rifleman William  and
PARR - Chaplain S.  and Mrs Parr  returned by the Briton --- on arrival at the front -- attached to the 3rd NZ Rifle brigade --won Military Cross ------
PERKINS -  Private Rowley  arrived by the Marama   and reached Heathcote on Thursday morning   both recovering from wounds
POPPLE -  2nd Lieutenant,  of Darfield, returned this week,  is a brother of Sergeant W. Popple, ----  a brother of Mrs W.Popple also returned.
RADCLIFFE - Basil,  son of Mr W.Radcliffe  who was severely wounded -- is now in London  -
THOMPSON - Rifleman Norman,  wounded 17 November  ----
WEIR -  Corporal Robert --- reported missing on 26 October ---  Miss A.B.Weir, of Bristol  and Sir James Allen both of whose inquiries had been fruitless.
WEIR - Sergeant Albert  will be among the last to reach NZ  through being in the Dental Corps.

Roll of Honour  - Casualty List  no  1049  -   060
ECCORRINGI -  (Mrs S.Ecorringi,  Wellington)  Rifle brigade ---  reported killed in action ----
GILMORE -  T. (J.T.Irvine, Napier st, Auckland)  died of sickness
GOULTER -  Roy E.  (R.Goulter, Tangarewa, Takapau)  killed in action  8 October 1918
JARVIS -  G.A.  Sergt.  (Mrs E.Jarvis  New Plymouth)     Rifle Brigade ---  reported killed in action ----
MACKENZIE - A.  (Mrs D.Mackenzie, Culverden)  24 January  died of sickness  whilst prisoner of war
McDONALD -  T.J.  (D.McDonald, Cardeen,  Edendale )  died of sickness  whilst prisoner of war.
OLSEN - O.R.  (P.C.Olsen,  South Norsewood)   Entrenching Battalion  unofficially  died of sickness,  while prisoner of war.
THOMAS -  J.A.  (Mrs E.W.Thomas,  Wellington)    Rifle brigade ---  reported killed in action ---
WEIR -  R. (J.S.Weir, Bridle Path rd, Heathcote Valley)  Rifle Brigade,  previously reported missing now declared killed in action  26 October 1918

Thursday   6 February 1919
War Honours  -  061
DSO  - Majors J.H.Herrold  and A.S.Wilder
MC  -  Captain A.C.M.Finlayson,
     Lieutenants H.A.Collins,  F.L.Murray,  W.Cobb,  D.G.Cody,  H.A.Highet
    2nd Lieutenants -  R.A.Young,   E.E.Scholes.  E.G.Stewart
DCM  -  Sergeant J.Weaver.
MM  -  Lance -Corporal  W.J.Finlayson,  A.F.Buckland,  W.J.Taylor,  W.Barrett,  L.Duggan,  A.J.Sutherland,  A.J.McDonald,  
           Corporal E.Foote,  E.P.S.Sweetman,      
           Troopers  W.E.Tomkins,    H.Ryland,  F.Goldsmith,  J.H.Parker,   
           Sergeant M.Pavelka,     tempoary-sergeant J.Foster.

Auckland -  062
The Auckland Branch of the Merchant Service Guild will ask the Government to commission a merchant sailing ship 
                    and name it the W.G.Sanders,  in memory of the late Lieutenant Sanders  V.C.  who was drowned on a mystery ship during the war.

Friday  7 February  1919
Casualties  -  063
BEGG -  C.M.  Colonel  (Mrs Begg,  Wales,  wife)  3 Feb    NZ Medical Corps  -  died of sickness
CREE -  John   lance-corporal  (Mrs M.Cree  16 Brook st,  Dunedin,  mother)  31 Jan.  died of wounds  Canterbury Infantry Regiment
CROWE -  J.  (Mrs Crowe,  South Hillend,  Southland,  mother)  Entrenching Battalion,  unofficially reported dead  whilst prisoner of war.
McLEAN -  J.C.(M.C.)  temporary captain  (Mrs J.E.McLean,  England)  23 Jan    Railway Operation Section.
SKINNER -  F.J.  (Mrs E.Skinner, Somerset Place,  Newton)  - 31 Jan.  Auckland Infantry  -   died of sickness

Saturday  8 February  1919

The Final Shot   -  Last Hours on Gallipoli   -    5 men face  the  Army  -  065
The story of the 5 men  who held the line against the enemy  while the ANZACS  got away from ill-fated Gallipoli ----  of the 5  men only 1 survive 
Corporal M. Slater  -----   the other 4 were  Private Prothero,  Private Leitch,  Corparal Slater,  Sergeant Dryden  and a Sergeant bomber , 
whose name has slipped the memory of the man who tells the story  -  a long and interesting piece --------

Monday 10 February  1919
Casualties  -   066
COUNIHAN  -  M.J.  (J.Counihan,  North rd,  Oamaru,  father)  3 Feb.  Otago Infantry  died of sickness in NZ
LUCAS -  R.E.lance-corporal,  (Mrs P.E.Lucas, Levin)  27 Jan,    Wellington Infantry,  repatriated prisoner of war  admitted to hosp. in England  wounded.
WEST -  L.A. staff-sergeant  (H.S.West,  Barbadoes st, Christchurch)  2 Feb,  died of sickness

War Honours  -  066
Long  list of names  ------

Tuesday 11 February  1919
Returning Soldiers  -  Draft  213.  -   067
The following officers  and men are due to arrive in NZ  shortly  -------   very long list of names ------

Personal  -     068
Mrs T.Airey, of Islington has received word her brother  Rifleman L. Bennett is in hosp in Kent, ---  3rd time  wounded --
                left NZ with the Rifle Brigade  of 9th Reinforcements --- age 21 --- elder brother  Private Frank Bennett,  wounded in Messines 
                returned last year   a 3rd brother was discharged  from Trentham  as unfit  ---  these 3 soldiers  are all  grandsons of Mr T. WILSON, 
                of Islington  and nephews of the late Private Dick Wilson,  killed in action  about 18mths ago.

Returning Home  -  069
BONNIFACE  -  Sergeant T.C.  hus of Mrs M.J. Bonniface  returning with draft  214  --- left NZ with 17th reinforcements  ---
                 2 younger brothers are still abroad

Wednesday  12 February  1919
Returning Home  -  Draft 214
The following officers and men in draft 214  are due to arrive in NZ  shortly ---     very  long list of names
could be the Ruapehu.

Thursday  13 February 1919
Casualties  -  071
TURNER  -  E.G.  (Mrs T.D. Turner,  Wanganui East,  wife)  8 Feb.  Artillery,  died of sickness.
WAKELIN -  W.R. captain  (Mrs M.A.Wakelin,  Blenheim,  mother)  Canterbury Infantry,  died of sickness.
REID  -  J.  (Mrs A.C.Reid,  Roslyn, Dunedin,  mother)  5 Nov.  reported missing  now declared by Court of inquiry  killed in action.  Otago Infantry
MUIR  -  A.  (P.Muir,  Hawea Flat,  father)  5 Feb.  Army Service Corps,   died of sickness.

Friday  14 February 1919
Personal  -  072
SEUTER -  Private James,  son of Mrs Ferguson,  138 Fitzgerald ave, will arrive at Wellington about 28 Feb.---  in Medical Corps   
LITTLEJOHN  -  Dr Charles W.B.  FRCS of Nelson ----  wounded 3 times ---  awarded Mons Medal,  the Military Cross  and the Belgian Croix de Guerre

Conference of Methodist Church  -  Death Roll  -  072
The death roll that will be read at the  Conference of the Methodist Church will open in Christchurch on 27 Feb.  -------
Reverends - J.S.Rishworth:    R.Taylor:    C.H.Garland:    G.H.Mann:    A. Allen:    A.R.Gordon:   the Rev. J.B.Suckling   died recently in Fiji  -------

Saturday  15 February 1919
Sumner  News  -  Returning Soldiers  -  073
CARTER  -  Private H.B.  and Mrs Carter are returning by the Ruapehu next Thursday  -- away 3 yrs  left with 11th reinforcements -------
CHITTY -  Private T.B.  -----  soon to arrive,  has a large number of friends amongst bandsmen  and footballers.
ANDREWS  -  Lieutenant A.A.  son of Mrs Andrews of Bury st.  ----  lots more -----
BROWN - Private E.L.H.  has returned from camp.
GARLAND  -  Sergeant L.  will return to Sumner  in about a week.

Casualty List no 1057    -  076
JONES -  A.  (Mrs I.Puckey,  Inglewood, Victoria)  10 Feb.  Engineers  -  died of sickness
MORTON -  G. (Mrs G.Morton,  Morven,  South Canterbury)  6 Feb.  NZ Artillery  died of sickness.

Military Cross -  NZ recipients  -  076
long list of names  -----

Returning Home    -  077
ALBLETT -  Private E.  brother of Mrs Tremberth,  210 Westminster st,  St Albans,  is returning on  "Zealandia"  with draft  217
TINDALL -  Private C.  son of Mr and Mrs A. Tindall,  120 Stanmore rd,   is returning with draft 217  due to arrive in Wellington 28 Feb.

Monday 17 February  1919
Returning Soldiers  -  079
ALBLETT -  Private E.  brother of Mrs Tremberth,  210 Westminster st,  St Albans,  is returning on Zealandia  with draft  217
AGASSIZ  -  Rifleman Frederic C.  hus of Mrs G.L. Agassiz,  wounded in France  last September  is returning   due in Wellington 28 Feb.
BELL -  Lieutenant Harold G.  son of Mr Robert Bell ,  returning approx 1 March  
BROWN -  Private G.H.  son of Mr W.J.Brown,  of Hinds,    returning with troopship 217  ----
GARRETT  -  Company Sergeant-Major  son of Mr and Mrs Jago,  43 Harrow st,  Linwood  is returning with draft 217  left with 6th reinforcements ------
MANHART -  Sergeant C.F. son of Mrs Manhart, Leeston,    left with 3rd reinforcements,  not received a wound  or had a days sickness -- fought in France --
TINDALL -  Private C.  son of Mr and Mrs A. Tindall,  120 Stanmore rd,   is returning with draft 217  due to arrive in Wellington 28 Feb
TINDALL   -   returning home with Draft 217 -- due Wellington 28 Feb --  wounded 18 December 1917

Wednesday 19 February 1919

Returning Soldiers  -   Draft 217 -  080 - 083
-- returning by the Zealandic  ---   a long list of names ----

Roll of Honour  - Casualty List  1058  -    083
ANDERSON - L. (E.Anderson, Frankton)  previously reported missing  now declared killed in action by Court of Inquiry
BALDWIN -  R.  (E.Baldwin, Spencer st, Christchurch)  reported missing,  now reported killed in action
BRAME  -  A. (J.Brame, Grey Lynn)  previously reported missing  now declared killed in action by Court of Inquiry
BURTON -  L. (M.M.)  (J.Burton,  Napier)  previously reported missing  now declared killed in action
CHOAT - B.  sgt  (A.Choat,  Hamilton)  died of sickness
GILMOUR -  F.  (M.Gilmour, Cashel st, Christchurch)  reported missing, prisoner of war,  now reported killed in action
GOLDSMITH -  H.  (I.E.Goldsmith, Wellington)  died of sickness
GRACE -  E.  (A.Grace, Swanns rd, Christchurch)  reported missing,  now reported killed in action
HAWLETT - G. (Mrs Hawlett,  England)  previously reported missing  now declared killed in action
HUDDLESTONE - R. (Mrs Huddlestone,  England)  reported missing,  now reported killed in action
McCLURE -  W. (R.McClure,  Killinchy)   reported missing,  now reported killed in action
MacKAY - D. L.corporal  (J.MacKay, Glencoe)  previously reported missing  now declared killed in action by Court of Inquiry
PRICE -  J.  (M.Price, Invercargill)  died of sickness
POPPLE - A. (J.Popple,  Tokomaru)  previously reported wounded and missing  now declared killed in action
SHIELDS -  J. (J.Matheson,  Hawkes Bay)  previously reported wounded and missing  now declared killed in action
WIDT -  C. corporal  (C.Wildt,  Norsewood)  previously reported  missing  now reported killed in action

Casualty List  1059 -   084
SMITH - E.H.  (M.Smith, Moerewa, Bay of Islands)  8 Feb.  Rifle Brigade,   died of sickness  en route to NZ
PAULING -  F.W.  second lieutenant  (Mrs G. M.Pauling,  River rd, Christchurch)  16 Feb,  Rifle Brigade,  died of wounds  in NZ  ---

Friday 21 February 1919
Roll of Honour  -  Casualty List no 1060   -   085
BRYANT  -  L. (A.Bryant, Foxton)  killed in action
CROSSMAN -  E. (M. Crossman, England)  reported missing,  now reported killed in action
CROMAR -  C. l-cpl  (T.Cromar, Dunedin)  died of wounds
HUDSON - M.  (L. Highman, Kaiti)  died of sickness  in NZ
McCLURE - W.  (R.McClure,  Killinchy)   previously reported killed in action  now reported prisoner of war.
PAULING - F.W. 2nd lieutenant  ( Mrs G. M.Pauling,  River rd, Christchurch)  16 Feb  died of wounds in NZ
PARSONS -  A. (W.Parsons, Eltham)  died of sickness
SMITH -  E.H.  (M. Smith, Moerewa,  Bay of Islands)  died of sickness whilst en route to NZ
TAYLOR - W.  (E.Taylor, Dunedin)  died of sickness
TAIRUA - J. (T.Apanui, Opotiki)  died of injuries
TEMETE - W.  (N.Temete, Tirau)  died of sickness

Wellington  -  Ruapehu  -  086
The Ruapehu  with returning troops  is expected to berth at Wellington today at 4pm

Returning Home  - Arrival of the Matatua  -  088
The Matatua,  returning with Draft 213 arrived this morning in Wellington  ----  comprises of 650 officers  and other ranks,
 left the UK  on 8 January   via Panama,  the Ruapehu  with draft 214   is also expected today.

The MAMARI's  Draft  -  088
Auckland -  the troops brought by the Mamari  from Melbourne,  landed this afternoon  all 150 men  came from Palestine
                 and were malaria  convalescents  -----

Saturday 22 February 1919
Sumner Ripples  -  089
WOOD - Sergeant E.   recently reported seriously ill   following influenza-- taken a turn for the better
BRADBURY - Private S.   hus of Mrs Bradbury, Nayland st,  is returning by the Ruapehu  ------  more--
Other men returning by the Ruapehu are  Private R.Erwin  and Private N.C.Norton,  both of Redcliffs.

Spreydon News  -  090
amongst the list of names of those soldiers returning home   are -
J.A.Blythe,  Leitch st:     L.N.Cumming, Lincoln rd:  J.A.Pauling,  Somerfield st:  D.Sloan,  Simeon st:  F.J.Thomas, Studholme st;

Riccarton Whispers  -  Welcome Home  -  091
On Friday evening in  the Town Hall  a welcome home social -- for returned soldiers ---     Private Rewi Alley, M.M.  ----------

Personal  -  092
KENNEDY - Sergeant  R.  son of Mrs Kennedy  of 126 Clarence rd,  --  wounded in France  is expected to arrive in Wellington on 28 February.
CROSS -  Private  A.C.  and
WEIR  -  A.  letters received recently  they are both keeping well  at time of writing were in Belguim.

Heathcote Notes  -  093
NICHOLS - Gunner H.M.  returning with draft 217  wounded in the knee many months ago  has seen a lot of hard service
LOWE - Private J.  Horotane,  is returning by the Zealandia  about 28 Feb
WEIR -  Sergeant George H.  has been 2 weeks on his way home, is youngest brother of Mr James Weir  ---

Monday 24 February  1919
Returning Home  -  Canterbury Soldiers  -  095
due home by the  Port Melbourne ----   a very long list of names -----

Wellington  -  096
Base records advises  that the Zealandic,  with returning draft 217  will arrive in Wellington on Wednesday  forenoon.

Tuesday 25 February  1919

Casualties  -  Todays List -  097
ENGLAND -  F.W. Sergeant  (W.E.England, Karori,  father)  20 Feb.   Artillery,   died of sickness
ERICKSON -  A.R.  C,S.M.  (A.Erickson,  Wellesley st,  father)  12 Feb  Rifle Brigade,    died of sickness.
HACKETT -  G.S.  (Mrs E.Hackett, Aramoho,  mother)  11 Feb  Army Service Corps   died of sickness
HAYES -  C.W.  Q,M.S.  (Mrs Hayes,  England,  wife)  Army Service Corps   died of sickness
JONES -  H. (Mrs E.Jones, Piri st  Wellington,  mother)  12 Feb  Artillery,   died of sickness
KINSELLA -  P.T. (Mrs M.Kinsella, Glenbervie tce, Wellington,  mother)  20 Feb.  died of sickness
McELDOWIE -  K.A. (Mrs J.McEldowie,  Epsom,  mother)  19 Feb  Artillery,  died of sickness.
MEEK - E.P.  (Mrs A.W.Meek. Waikanae,  wife)  19 Feb   Wellingron Infantry   died of sickness
RANDS -  Rev F.  (Mrs D.M.Rands,  Ngaio)  19 Feb   Chaplain.    died of sickness
ROBERTS -  A.T.  (W.Roberts. Opiki, Masterton,  father) 19 Feb.   Artillery,   died of sickness
SMITH -  J. (Miss N.Smith, Manaweka,  sister)  19 Feb  Otago Infantry   died of sickness
WALSH -  J. (Mrs A.Walsh,  Napier)  Artillery,   died of sickness

Wednesday 26 February 1919
Canterbury District  -  Hospital Report  -  100
List of names  -------

Thursday 27 February  1919
Returning Home  -  101
Lance-Corporal W.A.Williams,  a son of Mrs Charles Williams,  of Albert st,  Linwood,  was given a welcome home ---
                 after being on active service for 4 years.  he left with the 8th reinforcements  and came back on the Ruapehu.

Returning Home  - 101
SMITH   - 
Mr C.H.Smith of Nayland st, Sumner,  received word his son Bombardier Harold Percival Smith  has been awarded the Military Medal. 
            Bombardier Smith  is a well-known Sumner lad ----   enlisted on 2nd day of the war  -- in France ----  now with a division in Germany.

Wellington  -  HORORATA   -   102
The Hororata,  with a main body draft aboard  will arrive in Wellington  about 15 March,  --- returning draft  221  and comprises
             1503 officers  and other ranks,  left the UK  on 1 Feb,  via the Panama.

Roll of Honour  -  New Zealand Casualties   -  103
BADMINTON -  A.S. (H.Badminton, England)   wounded,  repatriated  prisoner of war
BROWN - L.E.  (Mrs E.Brown, Dunedin)   Wounded, repatriated  prisoners of war
COSGROVE -  P.J.  (Mrs H.M.Cosgrove,  Melbourne)   died of sickness
DUDLEY  -  J.C.A.  lieut.  (Mrs E.Dudley,  Wellington)  died of sickness
HALIDAY -  H.J. (Mrs H.Bennett, Epsom)  wounded,  repatriated  prisoner of war
HAYES -  F.C.  (Mrs E.D.Hayes,  Gisborne)   reported missing,  now declared by court of inquiry  killed in action
GEARY -  Edward James  (Mrs M.Geary, Auckland)  reported missing,  believed wounded,  now reported killed in action
JESSEN -  D.  (W.A.Jessen,  Wellington)
KING -  J.H. (Mrs J.S.King,  Owhango)  died of sickness
KELLER -  F.W. (Miss I.Keller, Auckland)  reported wounded and missing,  now reported killed in action  ---  court of inquiry
LEO -  E.M.  (Mrs W.Leo,  Grey Lynn)  reported missing,  now reported killed in action 
MAPSTON -  W.R.  (Mrs A.Mapston,  At Albans, Christchurch)  died of sickness
McPHEE - N.A.  (Mrs J.McPhee,  Wellington)   died of sickness
PAISLEY - H.W. (J.Paisley,  Dunedin)  died of sickness
PETERS - T.E.  (Mrs C.J.Peters, Auckland)  died of sickness
WILSON - C.  Land-corporal  (Rev W.M.Wilson,  Ireland)  previously reported missing now declared by court of inquiry  killed in action
WHITING -  W.J.  (Mrs A.H.Griffiths, Hastings)  reported missing,  now declared by court of inquiry  killed in action

Wounded, repatriated  prisoners of War  -  103
GOLDSBOROUGH - H.O.  (Mrs L. Goldsborough,  Hastings)
GUISE -  H.E.  (Mrs J.H.Guise,  Wanganui)
HALLEY -  V.R.  cpl  (Mrs B.Halley,  Island Bay)
HELLYER -  R.  (Miss A.Hellyer, Hawkes Bay)
LUCAS - R.E.  l-cpl  (Mrs F.E.Lucas, Levin)
NEWBERRY -  J.  cpl  (J.Newberry,  Karitake)
TERILL -  T.N. (Mrs M.Farquhar,  Motunui)
WATSON - W.  (Mrs Quinn,  Wellington)

Friday 28 February  1919
Returning Home  -  104
ELWOOD -   Private H. Elwood,  son of Mrs E.W. Elwood  ---of 149 Salisbury st  is returning home on the Hororata --
                     left with the 17th Reinforcements.  
McCREE -  Gordon Harold son of Mr J. McCree  is returning   by the Hororata  on 13 March

Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ
7 December 2009