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Wednesday 1 May 1918
Killed in Action  - 003
-   Private Charles Roderick Leslie Scott,  died 15 April  from wounds, was 7th son of Mr and Mrs J.T. Scott of Kensington,  Dunedin. 
                He was apprenticed to the cycle repair trade.   enlisted with 25th reinforcements  was aged 26  -----

Killed in Action  - 004
  -  Private John Ryan, 2nd son of Mrs Catherine and late John Ryan, Dunedin  -- went to sea as a cadet steward  about 7years  ----- 
                went away with the 23rd        Reinforcements.

Killed in Action  -  005
ANDERSON -  Private William Anderson, was the only son of late Mr Robert  and Mrs Barbara Anderson  of Staveley.   was age 32  and was a carpenter  before                            
                            leaving with the 27th Reinforcements.
HARRIS -  Private Raymond,of the Cyclist's Corp, 12th reinforcements,  eldest son of Mr and Mrs Harrris, 25 Durham st,   died of wounds in France on 18 April,                         
                    aged 19  when enlisted -- spent 2 birthdays on the battlefield.

Wounded or Killed in Action  -  006
HARLEY -  Sergeant W.J. killed in action on 18 Feb.  5th son of Mr and Mrs W. Harley, Dunedin  ------
LACE - Captain W.N.,  reported as dangerously wounded ---an operation has been  successful
SMALLBON -  Rifleman William D. hus. of Mrs A.Smallbon,  wounded on 6 April  now convalescent in France, 2nd time wounded,  left with 26th reinforcements.

Wounded in Action -  007
BROWN - Private George, son of Mrs M. Brown, Rangiora,  who was gassed, sent to discharge depot in England,  to return home.
BELL - Lieutenant C.E.,  hus. of Mrs Bell,  Rangiora,  is progressing favourably
HOSKIN - Private Leslie,  son of Mr G. Hoskin, Ashburton,  admitted to hosp. England on 22 April severe gunshot wound ----
PATERSON -  Private D.S.son of Mrs J.D. Paterson, of Hinds,  admitted to hosp.  in France on 11 April  gunshot wounds --  left with 19th Reinforcements.

Casualties  -  008
SIMS -  Rifleman Edwin Sims,  brother of Miss F.E. Sims,  Ashburton, being invalided home to NZ.  left with 18th Reinforcements  wounded 25 May last year ---
ANDERSON -  Private L.E. son of Mrs J.Anderson, Arthur's Pass, of Machine Gun section, hosp. England 12 April -- enlisted with 17th Reinforcements.

Wounded in Action  -  009
BROWN -  Corporal Dan,  son of Mrs James Brown,  Rakaia,  suffering gunshot wounds,  is seriously ill.
REEVE  -  Private Stuart, killed in action in France, son of late Mr Thomas S.Reeve of North Dunedin ---one of the early settlers -- 14th reinforcements ---

Photo -  Wounded in Action  -  010
Private Herbert E.Genet,  died of wounds,  youngest son of Mr James Genet  71 Salisbury st, Christchurch,  sailed with the Australian Forces
                over 2 years ago.  was seriously wounded at Somme -- recovered,  went back to France  ---  died on 13 April -- employed by Weeks Ltd
                  his 2 brothers Private James Genet is now sightless  is at present an inmate of St Dunstan's Institute for the Blind  and Sapper Henery Genet,
                 slightly wounded  ------

Photo -  Missing in Action  -  011
Mr H.M.Johnson,  60 Winchester st ,  eldest son Private W.M.Johnson  of the Welsh Regiment has been missing since 24 March, 
                    left NZ about 7 years ago --- has seen much service in France.

Thursday 2 May 1918
Casualties  -  012
PERYMAN - Sergeant L.W.  died of wounds,  was from Leeston ------
SCOTT -  Private,  son of Mr G.Scott,  of Leeston,  killed at front,  enlisted in North Island.
SIMPSON -  Private Edwin A. Simpson, brother of Miss N. Simpson, -- St Albans, in hosp. in Walton-on-Thames seriously ill  -- left with 32nd Reinforcements.

Killed in Action  -  014
Private C.Glennie,  previously reported missing,  now reported killed in action on 12 October  was son of late Mr Charles Glennie and nephew of
                        Mr John Mackenzie
of Tai-Tapu.  He was born in Linwood,  age 36,  ----------

Tai-Tapu Methodist Church  -  015
PERYMAN -  Sergeant L.   and
TOBECK - Rifleman L.  tribute to them last Sunday in church.--------

Casualty  -  016  -  
BROWN  - Archie Lorimer , son of Mrs Yates,  of 206 Harewood rd,  Papanui,  seriously ill with fever at NZ General Hosp. Codford,   England.

Killed in Action  -  017
Private Edward Fitzgibbon,  killed in action on 5 April,  was 3rd son of Mr Martin Fitzgibbon,  Rangiora.  born and educated at North Loburn, 
                        age 39  farming  with his 2 brothers ---  enlisted with the 28th Reinforcements.  ------

Photo - Roll of Honour  -  Killed in Action  -  018
Corporal L.J.Harper, of Lyttelton,  was killed in action in France,  is 4th son of Mr Walter Harper, Lyttelton.   was educated at
                 Lyttelton District School,  was employed at the electrical station at Te Kuiti.  left with the 19th reinforcements at the age of 20.

Friday 3 May 1918
Killed in Action  -   019
POWER -  T.E., eldest son of Mr J.Power,  of Burnham, was killed in action on 16 April.
RAMSAY -  Private Alex D.B. Ramsey,  eld. son of Mr Donald Ramsay, of Rangiora,  killed in action in France on 17 April,  was age 23 ---tailor by trade, -----

Wounded in action -  019
   Rifleman C.J.  son of Mrs  R.Ralph,  96 Shirley rd,  been transferred to Discharge depot, England --left with 22nd Reinforcements 
                    been in hospital since July 1917  with trench fever -------

Wounded in Action -  020
BERRETT - Private B., hus. of Mrs P.Berrett, 97 Brougham st, been wounded ---left with 21st reinforcements, 2 other brothers enlisted, 1 died in England
BARRETT  -  Bombardier M.W., uncle of Miss Eva M. Guy, of Ashley,  been wounded again transferred to hosp in England on 28 March ---
BROWN - Archie Lorimer,  son of Mrs Yates of 206 Harewood rd,  Papanui,  seriously ill with fever at NZ General Hosp.  Codford,   England

Killed in Action  -  021
Private W.A.Miller, reported killed in action on 7 April, was 4th son of Mrs J.Miller, 138 Victoria st, Christchurch,  and grandson of
                    Mr J.H.Perkins
  of Mataura.  he was born in Invercargill on 18 March 1897 ---- left NZ with the Specialist Corps attached to
                    18th Reinforcements,  just had his 20th birthday -- 2 brothers left with Main Body  Private H.R.Miller was wounded at Gallipoli and
                         invalided home,  Gunner F.E.Miller is now back on duty furlough  after more than 3 years in the trenches.

Wounded in Action  -  022
Mrs K.Buckley,  76 Cranford st, St Albans,  her son Private E.R.Buckley admitted to hosp in France between 16 April and 23,
                     gunshot wound  in left thigh--  farming in North Island before leaving with 30th reinforcements.

Photo  -  Killed in Action  -  023
Private Edward Fitzgibbon, killed in action on 4 April, 3rd son of Mr Martin Fitzgibbon,  Rangiora.--- age 39, farming ---  with 28th Reinforcements  --------

Wounded in Action  - 025
CLARK - Private A., son of Mrs A. Clark,  248 Blenheim rd,  of 15th Reinforcements,  been wounded in head.
BAILEY - Private S.E.C., son of Mr and Mrs G.Bailey, Clarence rd,  reported missing, now reported killed in action in France on 12 October, was age 26 ----
MUIR -  Private A.C.  son of Mrs A.Muir, has again been admitted to hosp.

Saturday  4 May 1918
Sumner Ripples  -  024
JOHNSON -  Sergeant H.R. admitted to hosp.  enlisted August 1914 in Main Body Camp at Awapuni.  
WHITLEY - Private, has received the local Lady Liverpool Committee's parcel.
TACON - Private -  in hospital.

Photo - Wounded in Action -  026
Private E.R.Buckley,  son of Mrs K.Buckley,  76 Cranford st,  was admitted to hosp. in France between 16 and 23 April  ----
                         gunshot wound to left thigh -- was farming in the North Island before leaving with the 30th Reinforcements.

Photo -  Killed in Action  - 027
Private Patrick Joseph Quinn,  brother of Mrs H.Price, who left with the Main Body of Australians, was killed in action in
                France on 14 April.   was at the landing at Gallipoli,  --wounded -- recovered ---  Private Quinn was a Marist Bros. old boy.

Photo -  Killed in Action  -  028
Private W.A.Miller, killed in action on 7 April  was 4th son of Mrs J.Miller of 138 Victoria st,  grandson of late Mr J.H.Perkins,
                     Mataura.  born Invercargill 18 March 1897 ----  of his 2 brothers who left with the Main Body Private H.R.Miller was wounded
                 on Gallipoli  and invalided home while Gunner F.E.Miller  is now back in NZ on duty furlough,   after more than 3 years in the trenches.

Monday 6 May  1918
Wounded  -  029
SAVAGE -  Private E.Savage, brother of Mrs E.Sherlock, Richmond,  of Auckland Infantry, 14th reinforcements, admitted to hosp.  a bomb wound--  seen 2yrs                        
                    service in France  brother Private B.Savage has recently returned invalided home.
STOKES - F.L.,  son of Mrs W.Stokes  22 Clive st, Linwood,  of the Australian Imperial Forces  has been wounded.

Casualties  -  029a  
HOPKINS - Private C.G. son of Mrs M.E.Hopkins, of 22nd Reinforcements --a French hospital on 18 April - from trench fever transferred to London hosp.24 April
FRIEDLANDER - Captain Hugo, son of Mr Rudolph Friedlander.-- leave to visit NZ  was attached to the RMAC  in France from August 1914, been serving on Italian front

Tuesday 7 May 1918
Photo -  Wounded in Action  -  030
Mrs Brittenden received a cable  ----   son Ernest Edward Brittenden was wounded on 19 April during recent great battles in France.
                            He left with the 30th Reinforcements, was attached to the machine-gun and bombing section of the Otago division. ---   volunteered in
                            Christchurch in May 1916 ---  his father was in charge of the London House of Messrs W.Strange and Co Ltd. of this city.  ------ another son
                             -- left with 13th reinforcements  now on medical staff at Brockenhurst Hosp. -----

Casualties  -  031
MARTIN - Driver E.T. son of Mrs H. Martin, Ashburton, admitted to English hosp.  attack of pleurisy.
HERBERT - a motion of sympathy at City Council to ex-Councillor H.F.Herbert loss of only son killed in action in France.
LACE -  Captain W.N. died of wounds 30 April, motion of sympathy from Rangiora Methodist Church  to widow and mother

Wounded in Action  - 032
JOYCE - Lance-corporal Joyce, brother of Mrs H.Chapman,  Flaxton,  ad. to hosp in England on 28 April -- gunshot wound ---left with 15th Reinforcements ---

Killed in Action  -  033
WEIR  - 
Mr and Mrs James Weir of Heathcote Valley, ---- son Sergeant K.M.Weir, the matron of a clearing station had written stating that Keith ---
                dangerously wounded on 24 April,  and died on 25 April.  He was buried in a military cemetery.

Killed in Action  -  034
Private W. Cropp, reported killed in action, was at time of enlistment town clerk for Riccarton ------ born in Christchurch 34 years ago ----
                    left NZ as Sergeant in 32nd Infantry Reinforcements.  leaves a widow but no children. His mother Mrs H.J.Cropp, lives in Bealey Ave. 
                    ---- ----  more  -------

Wednesday 8 May 1918
Wounded in Action  -  035
LEE  -  Private H.G. hus. of Mrs G.Lee 10 Hawdon st,  is being invalided to NZ -- left with 25th Reinforcements -- wounded at battle of Ypres last October.

Wounded in Action  -  035a
LEE - 
Mrs E.Lee, 4 Kingsley st, Sydenham her son Ernest --  invalided home, another son Robert in hosp. in England, both left with 19th Reinforcements
                 --- a  3rd brother Private H.G.Lee,  is returning invalided.

Killed in Action  -  036
MAYO  - 
News received in Waiau yesterday Private C.E.Mayo, 2nd son of Mrs E. Mayo, Christchurch been killed in action,  another son Private T.Mayo
                 is wounded  and will return to the Dominion,   a 3rd son Private J.Mayo is still on active service. the 3 left with the 24th reinforcements ---   

Killed in Action  -  037
Trooper J.W.Boag, died of wounds in Palestine on 2 May,  2nd son of Mr J.Boag, jnr. Brookside,  and grandson of Mr J.Boag, Middlerigg.
                 enlisted with 16th reinforcements in March 1916 left with 17th Reinforcements --- wounded at battle of Rafa in January 1917 and again
            at Beersheba on 31 Oct. ---  recovered ---  educated at Brookside, the Southbridge DHS  and BHS, Christchurch,  born at Brookside  in 1895.

Wounded in Action  -  038
Sergeant H.Bigham, MM,  wounded, is eldest son of Mr R.Bigham, of Prebbleton.   educated at Prebbleton and Templeton District schools
                     and later Christchurch Technical College.   -- prior to enlisting with the Mounted Rifles 11th Reinforcements  he was assistant shearing instructor
                    at the Technical College -- won College athletic championship ---  represented Canterbury ---  in Egypt 10 days  then to France -- was in
                    Somme and Messines battles --  wounded  at Passchendaele Ridge --- in hospital in England for several months -- awarded Military Medal
                        ----  member of Presbyterian Church, Hornby  a teacher at the Sunday School ---   ordered to return to NZ --  age 22

Wounded or Killed  in Action  -  039
FITCH -  Second-Lieutenant R.D.  son of Mr S.I.Fitch,  Avonside, previously reported wounded and dangerously ill,  was wounded in the head
McGOUGH - Private P.  killed in action on 27 March was born in Ireland, came out to NZ about 7 years ago to work for his uncle at Halswell ---  

Wounded in Action  -  040
Rifleman B.J. (Bert) Tench,  sustained a bayonet wound during fighting in France -- in hosp in England  -- member of the firm Tench Bros.
                  -----  was a daring motor-cyclist  -----

Photo -  Wounded in Action  -  041
Lieutenant E.R.McKillop, son of Mrs and Mr McKillop,  Akaroa.  -- enlisted at beginning of the war going first to Samoa on return, 
                            joined 7th Artillery reinforcements -- went to Egypt and later to France. educated at the High School Invercargill  aged 19
                         when he joined the forces.

Thursday 9 May 1918
Photo -  Killed in Action  -  042
McGOUGH -  with photo  - 
Private P.McGough,  killed in action on 27 March  was from Ireland -------

Photo -  Wounded in Action -  043
Rifleman B.J. (Bert) Tench, sustained a bayonet wound ----  fighting in France --- sent to hosp. in England  --------

Photo - Killed in Action  -  044
Private James Beaton,  of the 23rd Reinforcements, was killed in action on 22 April, has been twice wounded --- 
                was a single man, age 33  educated at Addington School  -------

Photo - Killed in Action  -  045
Trooper Eric T. Harper, whose death in Palestine ----was 3rd son of Mr George Harper, of this city,  was about age 40, 
                    enlisted as a trooper in the Canterbury Mounted regiment ---- ------- worked in his father's office and  was admitted to a
                    partnership in the legal firm of Harper, Son and Pascoe.    He had a brilliant athletic career ---    was a member of the All Black football team
                     ------  1st class cricketer ---  married a daughter of late Mr C.Malet,  leaves a widow and  2 children.------  lots  more
                     --------  longish column.

Friday 10 May  1918
Coming Home  -  046
ASHTON  - Private E.  (Main Body)  son of Mrs Gyde C. Jensen,  99 Victoria st,    is returning to New Zealand

Killed in Action  -  046a
Mr A.T. Maidens, Lauriston,  has received word the Corporal George H. Waddell was killed in action in France on 23 April  he left
                        with 24th Reinforcements  ----  was born in County Tyrone,  came to NZ to learn farming  and was in Mr Maiden's employ
                         for 3 years prior to enlisting.

Killed in Action  -  047
Sergeant Bruce Glover Hickinbottom, was only son of Mr W.J. Hickinbottom of Huxley syt, Sydenham,  aged 20  joined the
                                 forces at age 18 was in Egypt and the France -------  was on the staff of New Zealand Farmers' Co-Operative assoc.  when he
                            left with the 12th Reinforcements.  member of the Sydenham cricket and hockey clubs.

Saturday 11 May 1918
Heathcote Notes  -  048
WEIR -  Sergeant K.M. died of wounds  and
REED  - Private S.  wounded and missing.  -----   

Wounded in Action  -  049
FINE -  Private W.  left with 28th Reinforcements  wounded in France  now been sent to Hornchurch Hosp. ----
RODGERS -  Lance-Corporal Stanford, son of Mr and Mrs Rodgers, Riccarton.  wounded on 8th April of 3rd Battalion of the Rifle Brigade, transfer to England.

Wounded  -  051
STRATFORD -  Gunner C.  son of Mrs Stratford of 33 Suffolk st,  was reported seriously wounded -- is progressing favourably.

Died of Wounds  -  052
Sergeant W.J.Grubb (Snowy)  died of wounds, was born Lyttelton, ----- first shipwright to enlist ----  left with 4th Reinforcements,
                     went through Gallipoli  been in France -- wounded in Flanders  -------

Killed in Action  -  053
Corporal E.R.T. Croker,  reported killed in action  ---  on staff of Sargood, Son and Ewen  ----     ----- was unmarried
                    and his parents live in Wellington.

Killed in Action  -  054
Mr W. Hunter,  82 Antigua st,  --- his 2nd son Private A.W.Hunter has been killed in action in France.  He was born in Sydenham, 
                    educated at West Christchurch School,  went to England,  joined the Royal Navy after being in the navy for 12 years -- discharged
                     in 1910 and returned to NZ. --- left with the 1st Cycle Corps, 12th Reinforcements been in France almost 2 years. 2 brothers are still
                     serving  Sapper A.J.Hunter NZE. 14th Reinforcements  is in France  and Trooper N.E.Hunter  has been in Egypt  over 3 years  ---
                     Trooper C.L.  Hunter  and Corporal H.J.Hunter have been discharged as unfit for service.

Killed in Action  -  055
HALL  - 
Corporal William Gordon Hall,  killed in action  20 April  son of Mr and Mrs I.Hall,  Barbour st, Woolston,  age 24  joined the 17th reinforcements
                 -- left NZ with the 19th Reinforcements  --- employed in his father's hairdressing business in Cashel st.

Photo -  Killed in Action  -  056
Mr and Mrs Lilley, of Spreydon ---  3rd son Charles Donald, reported killed in action.  He was educated at Waltham School,  was age 23,
                  after leaving school was employed by Post and Telegraph Dept   and prior to leaving with the 25th Reinforcements  was with the NZ Railways.

Monday 13 May 1918
Wounded  -  057
McDOWELL -  Rifleman Herbert,  son of Mrs W.J.S.McDowell, of Hinds  is returning home, wounded in July, left with 24th Reinforcements.
BEACH  -  Rifleman Vernon Beach, son of Mrs H.Frew, Waterton, transferred 22 April to hosp. at Hornchurch ,  age 19, left with 29th Reinforcements.

Died of Wounds  - 058
Mrs J.Shepherd,  Southbrook, received word -- her son  Private John Ernest Shepherd,  left with 34th Reinforcements  died in a
                        Military Hosp. England. last Wednesday  been in England 5 weeks ---    age 36.

Killed in Action  -  059
Corporal Charles E.G. Faulkner, reported missing now reported killed in action on 12 October 1917  was eldest son of Mr and
                        Mrs S.Faulkner 434 Madras st, St Albans,  age 26, ---   member of cricket team,  Merivale Football Club --- left with 22nd
                             Reinforcements,  was in employ of Mr C.A.Cooper,  painter and paperhanger.

Sumner  -  Farewell -  060
HEYES - W.S.  and
COFFEY - T.  bid farewell to 2 members going into camp.  ------  more  ---

Tuesday 14 May 1918
Photo - Killed in Action  -  061
Rifleman John Stanley Boyce,  killed in action in France on 28 March  was 2nd son of Mr David Boyce, of "Claremont" Amberley,
                 he left NZ on 16 July 1917  --- with the 27th Reinforcements.  aged 21   educated at Mt Grey Downs  and Sefton Schools.  ----- 
                farming until he enlisted at age 20  ------  elder brother Selwyn D.T.Boyce enlisted and left NZ  with the 25th reinforcements on 26 April 1917
                 --- been in hosp in France and England since.  3rd son Edwin Henry  enlisted and will leave for camp this month.

Casualty  -  062
Mrs J.W.Chapman,  Havelock st, Ashburton --- her son Driver J.G.Fitzgerald ,  son of late Detective Fitzgerald --
                        admitted to England  with trench fever -- left with the 10th Reinforcements  -----

Death  -  062a
Mrs Kenneth Ross,  Kilmore st, ----   death of her brother Private J.H.Munson  at a London Hospital.

Killed in action  -  063
Mr D.King,  Oxford tce, Christchurch,  nephew Private J.S.King  was killed in action on 14 April -- 3rd son of late
                Mr Thomas King of Bennetts Junction --  educated at West Eyreton School -- prior to enlisting with the 26th reinforcements
                  -- was farming in North Canterbury.

Wounded in Action  -  064
Mrs H. Symister,  of 79 Division st,  Lower Riccarton --- her son Harry  been admitted to hosp. in England on 5 May
                suffering gunshot wounds in the shoulder.

Draft 159  - Home Again -  065
Draft 159 arrived this morning at Auckland,  it comprises 541 including 20 officers ----- of 250 cot cases only 80 are now so classed. ----  

Deaths at sea -  065a
THOMAS  -  Private G.Thomas  of Tuatapere,  Southland, died on 18 April and buried at sea
2 soldiers who were returning on a hospital ship died on the voyage,   and
                            Private C.T. McKinley of Balclutha, died on  23 April and buried at an American port.  -------

Wednesday 15 May 1918
Wounded in Action  - 066
Private Gordon Keetley,  wounded in Palestine is the elder son of Mr Keetley, of Harewood rd.  he was born at Kaiapoi
                     -----  went farming on leaving school ---  enlisted with the 15th Mounted reinforcements  --- age 27  his brother
                        Private Wallace Keetley  is with the Mounted Rifles in Palestine.

Photo -  Death  -  067
General DAVIES  - 
Major-General Richard Hutton Davies was a surveyor by profession was in 1899 captain of the Hawera Mounted Rifle Volunteers.
                         -----  selected to command the No 2 Co. of the 1st NZ Contingent for South Africa -------   lots  more  --------

Thursday  16 May 1918
Photo - Killed in Action  -  069
Private F.R.Cummins,  killed in action on 23 April was eldest son of Mrs and Mr T.F.Cummins of 167 Antigua st. Christchurch-- age 22,
                          he was born in Dunedin educated at Sydenham School,  Christchurch  --- apprenticed to Mr L.Freeman,  builder,  later by Mr Harper,
                         builder, of Cheviot.  ---- was in Scouts  ---  more --

Wounded in Action  -  070
CHAMBERS -  Private Isaac, son of Mrs J.Chambers, Wakanui  admitted to hosp. in France  27 April--   -- been wounded previously.
BROWN - Private S. hus. of Mrs C.Brown (late Tinwald)  of 97 St Asaph st,  is seriously ill  admitted to No 3 Stationary Hosp. Boulogne, 
                    left with 28th  Reinforcements.

Wounded  -  071
Mr W.J.Jenkins, Fairview,  Waddington, ---   his son Malcolm E.Jenkins has been slightly wounded ---  left with the Main Body 
                    and was at Gallipoli,  2nd time he has been wounded.

Killed in Action  -  072
Private Edward Frederick (Ted) Kibblewhite,  killed in action on 17 April -----  born in Christchurch,  educated at Woolston
                                 and Rangiora Schools  --- enlisted with the 24th reinforcements  --- prior to that he was on the staff of the Christchurch Gas Co
                                .  -----was married shortly before he left.

Friday 17 May 1918
Photo - Killed at war  -  075
Chaplain Alick Allan,  ---  was a Christchurch boy,  son of late Mrs Allan  of Linwood,  was a moulder by trade, 
                                some years ago decided to enter the Methodist Ministry -----  more  ----

Photo -  Killed in Action  -  076
Mr W.N.Seay,  headmaster of Addington School,  his 3rd son Gunner Gordon D.Seay  aged 23  was killed in action on the Western Front on 8 May
                --  left NZ  as Pay-master with the 14th reinforcements  ------ -----   was a cricketer,  runner,   and a footballer ---   played excellent lawn tennis,
                 won singles champ. for South Canterbury ---  won a doubles champ at United tennis Club ---

Wounded  -  077
SELWOOD -  F.R.  son of Mrs J.W.Selwood  of 311 Bealey ave,  was wounded on 3 May  in the face and left hand.
FOOTE  -  Private A.E.Foote  son of Mr F.E.Foote,  394 Papanui rd,  transferred to a hosp at Hornchurch  on 6 May.

Killed in action  -  078
SMITH -  Rifleman Crosbie, son of late ex-supertindent E.Smith of Christchurch Fire Brigade -- missing now reported killed in action 12 October ---  
QUINLAN -  Private Thomas M.  son of Mr and Mrs M.Quinlan of North Loburn, killed in action  age 26  born North Loburn  -- left with 27th reinforcements.

Killed in Action  -  079
DEE  -
Mr A.Dee, of Ashburton,  whose son Captain George Keith Dee  was killed in action ----- message from Whitehall dated 21 March 1918
             Captain Dee of the NZ Rifle Brigade  mentioned in a dispatch from Field Marshal Sir Douglas Haig dated 7 Nov. 1917  ------
              for gallant and distinguished service in the field. -------

Saturday 18 May 1918
Died of Wounds  -  080
REVILL - Private, brother of Mrs C.H.Manning,  who was wounded on 14 April,  died on 24 April.

Casualties  -  081
POLLOCK  -  R.S.  brother of Mrs B.Grigor, of Lowe, killed in action ---  was in the naval forces in the North Sea.
FITZER - Sergeant R.E. brother of Mrs Barrell, of Clarence rd,  was wounded in head, on 6 May  and her uncle Private J.Diamond -- wounded  -----

Wounded in Action  -  082
Mr and Mrs Symister, 79 Division st, Lower Riccarton --- their son Harry  who left with the 23rd Reinforcements
                     admitted to hospital. on 5 May suffering from a gunshot wound in the shoulder.

Photo - Killed in Action  -  083
Captain William N.Lace  died of wounds in the Empire Hosp.  London,  on 30 April  was aged 27  and younger son of Mrs A.Lace,
                Victoria st, Rangiora and was born at View Hill.  ---- enlisted with 8th Reinforcements ---- prominent member of Rangiora Brass Band.   -------

Photo - Killed in Action  -  084
Private Edward Frederick (Ted) Kibblewhite, killed in action on 17 April  was well-known ------  enlisted with the 24th Reinforcements
                     was  for many years on the staff of the Christchurch Gas Co.

Photo - Wounded in Action  -  085
Private "Tom" Coulter, eld. son of Mrs T.Coulter, Islington  admitted to hosp.  in England  with gunshot   wounds--  is age 20 --
                     left with 30th reinforcements  educated at Hornby and West Christchurch ---    -----

Photo - Killed in action  -  086
Private Tom Clinton,  killed in action was 3rd son of Mrs W.Clinton, Darfield.  left with the Cycle Corps of the 12th Reinforcements, 
                    was farming in the Darfield district,  was born in Lyttelton.  age 25.

Monday 20 May 1918
Photo - Killed in Action  -  087
Private James Aitchison,  killed in action, was youngest son of Mr and Mrs John Aitchison, Sawyer's Arms rd, Papanui.  He was born in Glasgow,
                         33 years ago,  and came to NZ  with his family in 1904,  he was a butcher,  enlisted in NZ  but was rejected --- left for Australia and was accepted
                            there for service in the A.I.F.    -----  was killed in action on 25 April.

Photo - Killed in Action  -  088
Mrs W.E.Streetley, 5 Antigua st, Sydenham,  --- eldest son Corporal R.E.Streetley was killed in action on 2 May in France. 
                            He went away with the 9th Reinforcements,  born in Kaiapoi,  attended Addington School ---  was employed by Belfast Freezing Works
                             at time of enlistment  -----   age 23,  a younger brother is in camp.

Photo - Died of Wounds  -  089
Private F. Warn,  age 23  died of wounds on 26 April somewhere in France.  left NZ on 15 August 1917  with the 29th Reinforcements. 
                    He was born at Great Yarmouth, Norfolk,  England,  and had resided in NZ  for 5 years.

Tuesday 21 May 1918
Photo - Casualty  -  090
HALE  - 
Private Frank Hale was gassed for the 3rd time.  he is the son of Mr Charles Hale, of the Telegraph Dept. Christchurch  and is one of 3 sons
                 serving at the front.  He left with the Australian Light Horse and has seen 3 years service.  was farming in the Tokomaru district.

Photo - Died of Wounds  -  091
Mrs Christensen,  9 River rd,  eldest son Corporal A.B.Christensen,  died of wounds on 10 May,  aged 27.  left NZ with the 27th
                            Reinforcements  as a company sergeant-major ----   was formerly a member of staff in the office of the D.I.C.  and at time of enlisting
                             was with the Public Trust Office,  Wellington.

Wounded in Action  -  092
Mr and Mrs Thomas Hassall,  67 Weston rd,  St Albans,  their son William Stanley Hassall, NZ Rifle Brigade, has been wounded,  a gunshot wound in his shoulder.

Wednesday 22 May 1918
Photo -  Wounded in Action  -   093
Mrs Isabella Pengelley of 50 Ely st has ---   her 5th son Private George Edgar Pengelley admitted to hosp. in France, suffering from
                            the effect of gas.  aged 21 -----  left with the 12th reinforcements  -----   went to France last March,  
                            his brother Walter Leonard  returned to NZ recently.

Photo - Killed in Action  -  094
Private T.E.Power was killed in action on 16 May.  age 27 and eldest son of Mr and Mrs J.Power, Burnham,  he enlisted with the 13th Mounted
                and later transferred to the Cyclists Corps  -- left NZ with the 12th Reinforcements  saw service in Egypt ---  then to France ---  attached to
                 an anti-aircraft battery -- was farming around Canterbury

Wounded in Action  -  095
REEVE  -  Private Eric G. only son of Mr E.Reeve, Rangiora,  left with the 29th Reinforcements,  not a serious wound --
ARNOLD -  2nd Lieutenant Arthur J. son of Mr R.W.Arnold, Manchester st, ----with the 30th reinforcements, admitted to France now in England in Hosp.

Thursday 23 May 1918
Photo - Death    -  097
Captain J.A.M.Allan,  son of Mrs A.Allan, "Rockvale"  Waikari, -- left NZ 3 years ago   entered the air service, at age 20  ---- 
                    saw fighting in Flanders and France,  being often far behind the German lines.  was killed in an accident on a flight in England  --------

Killed in Action   -  097a
CHEYNE -  Private G.B. hus of Mrs Cheyne,   killed in action. ---

Photo - Death  -  098
Mr F.L.Adams, of Simeon st, Addington,  death of his son Air Mechanic F.L. Adams (Frank) was a prisoner of war in Turkey.  he was born in
                Sydenham 25 years ago ---   served his time as a carpenter and joiner,  -----   and then was with the NZ Railways maintenance dept.  till he left for
                Australia to study architecture.  ----  enlisted with the Australian Forces  ----  his younger brother E.L. Adams is at present in France
                with NZ Machine Gun Company.

Wounded in Action  -  099
BROWNE -  Private George, brother of Mrs J.Clarke, of Hinds,  wounded in the head - 12 May admitted to France.  left with the 30th reinforcements.

Wounded in Action  -   099a
Mr and Mrs J.Hoskin,  Springston South,  their son Private Harold Hoskin, been gassed and admitted to hosp. in France between 30 April and 4 May.
                 left NZ with 19th Reinforcements,  enlisted when age 19  and had 2 birthdays in France.  --  was a ranger for  the Canterbury Acclimatisation Society  -----

Returned  -   100
Private C. Kennedy, of Morven, has returned from England where he was in hosp. for some months. He and his nephew Private James Tobin ---
         left with the 1st Squadron to Gallipoli,  Private Kennedy,  who was in the employ of Mr Alf Judge,  Waiharunga, is a brother of Mrs W.Tobin,  Glen Navy.

Admitted to Hospital  -  100a
Driver H.S. (Stan) son of Mr R.Stephens,  ---- admitted to hosp. in France ---  left with 9th Reinforcements, wounded at Armenteres in July 1916

Returned Home  -  101
Private Herb Brown, of Morven,  --- is minus 3 toes, besides other injuries, is lame ---  son of Mr Alexander Brown, sen. a Morven farmer and
                     brother of Mr Alexander Brown jun, the well-known ploughman.

Saturday  25 May 1918
Personal  -  102
FINE -  Ernest,  son of Mr W.Fine, is reported missing, another son William was wounded a short time ago.
CLARKE - Corporal E.C. son of Mrs C.H.Clarke, ----- suffering trench fever -----
JURISS -  Sergeant W. brother of Mrs Hull of Alma st,  enlisted with 1st Reinforcements, is in hosp.------ elder brother Lieutenant Juriss is prisoner in Germany

Died of Wounds  - 103
Sergeant Keith Munro Weir, who died of wounds in France on Anzac Day 25 April 1918  aged 21  was 3rd son of Mr and Mrs James Weir, 
                Heathcote Valley ----   commenced his military careeer at age 16 as a member of the Coast defence territorials.  -----    in November 1915
                 he left NZ with the 8th Reinforcements as a gunner in the NZ Field Artillery ----  landed in France in March 1916.  ------ more -----

Monday 27 May  1918
Photo -  Killed in Action  -  106
Private William Lewis McKenzie, now reported killed in action was 2nd son of Mrs and Mr S.McKenzie  of Dunsandel.  He was born
                    and educated at Dunsandel. He joined  the railway service at age 19  ------ in April 1917 he left with the 24th Reinforcements  as a member
                     of the Wellington Infantry Battalion ---    ----  crossed to France in July and served at the front  -- on 1 October he was wounded
                  and later posted as missing.    -----  more  -----

Wednesday  29 May 1918
Photo -  Wounded in Action -  107
Rifleman Leonard Hancock was wounded in action on 4 May  son of Mr T.Hancock,  Durham st,  was employed at well sinking 
                            by Mr R.Horne prior to enlisting with 27th Reinforcements,  has  been at the front for 12mths.  His brother Harold who went with
                             the Main Body was also wounded  but is back in the firing line.

Died of Wounds -  108
Mr R.T.G.Ford,  of Amberley, received word his brother Private John Ford, has died of wounds.  -- left NZ with the 13th Reinforcements 
                and in the firing line since he went to France.  he was wounded at Messines ----  aged 28  educated at Amberley High School.  -----

Thursday 30 May 1918
Photo - Accidentally Killed  -  110
The late Major B.S.Jordan, who was accidentally killed in England, was a well-known resident of North Canterbury.  He had seen
                active service and was lately at Codford Camp, England.

Returning Home  -  111
HEESE  -  Sergeant B.  hus. of Mrs E.M.Heese,  40 Sandyford st, Sydenham,  is returning to NZ.

Wounded in Action  -  111
EVANS -  Quartermaster-Sergeant Evans, son of Mrs H.Reeves, --  Ashburton, was wounded on 12 May , -- left with the Main Body,  this is 3rd time wounded.
CLEMENS - Lance-Corporal, son of Mr F.Clemens, -- Ashburton,  is in Walton-on-Thames Hosp.  shrapnel wounds   --  left with 22nd Reinforcements.

Returning Home  - 112
FRICKLETON - 2nd Lieutenant S.Frickleton  V.C.  will return to NZ soon,  He is a miner and his parents live at Blackball, on the West Coast.

Friday 31 May 1918
Wounded in Action  -  113
Major R.W.Hannah  (son of Mr Robert Hannah, of Wellington)  who was severely wounded last November while at the Western Front
                         (compound fracture of the left thigh) is now in hosp. for officers in Lennox Square, London.  ------

Re-Enlisted  -  113
BOOT  - 
Mr Herbert Charles Boot,  son of Mr Frederick Boot, a well-known Christchurch business man,  has re-enlisted ----  leave for camp on 17 June, 
                Mr Boot, jnr is married with 3 children and already been on active service  in Egypt and Gallipoli -- 2 years ago he was invalided back to NZ
                  suffering shell shock,  but is now completely recovered.

Beverley Evans
Christchurch NZ
6 February 2010

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