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Saturday 1 June 1918
Photo - Wounded in Action  -  002
Mrs L.Harper of 44 Randolph st has received word her son Frank W.Harper was wounded on 9 May with gunshot in both legs
                 -----  educated at Prebbleton and East Christchurch schools,  age 24,  left with 20th Reinforcements, a younger brother left with the 8ths.  -------

Tuesday 4 June 1918
Photo - Wounded in Action  -  003
Mrs M.Hayes,  Clare road, St Albans,   ---  her son Private John Hayes  was wounded in the left arm  ---  left with the 21st Reinforcements 
                    at age 19  has been 3 times wounded  --  has been transferred to a hosp. in England.

Died of Wounds  -  004
ELLIS - Jim,  son of Mrs G.Ellis,  Islington,  died of wounds on 27 April  while a prisoner in Germany.  He left with the 32nd Reinforcements.

Killed in Action  -  005
Mr Hays of Hornby, received advice his brother Private Fred Hays, had been killed in action on the western front.  He was born in Ladbrooks,
              age 23  educated at Fendalton and Addington Schools.  Prior to enlistment was employed by Mr R.Giles of Balcairn,  on a traction plant---
             also time working with his uncle Mr H. Voss, in the bakery at Hornby.  He enlisted with the 30th reinforcements  -------   was well-known in the
             Ladbrooks, Addington and Hornby districts  ---- another brother Ernie was wounded a few weeks ago -----

Wednesday 5 June 1918
Photo - Killed in Action -  006
Lieutenant John Endell Wanklyn,  younger son of Mr W.H. E.Wanklyn  of Rolleston ave,  aged 22,  born in Christchurch,
                        educated at Christs' College --- left for England in 1915  to go to Oxford,  entered Brasenose College  ------- had a brief
                        period in Officers training Corps,  appointed to Royal Horse Artillery  served in France where he died.

Wounded  in Action  -  008
RADCLIFFE  -  Private B. son of Mr W.Radcliffe,  -- Lyttelton,  been admitted to hosp.---  wound to head.
DAVEY - Private T.H.P.,  son of Mr T.H.Davey,  left with machine-gun section of the 24th  is returning to Christchurch.
O'REILLY  -  Gunner W.B.  son of Mr J.O'Reilly, -- Lyttelton,  of the 14th Reinforcements wounded in France ---- has  rejoined his unit.-------

Wounded in Action  -  009
KERRIDGE  -  Sapper Kerridge,  son of Mrs E.M.Kerridge of Spreydon,  with the 17th NZ Engineers was wounded in action on 3 July 1917,   ------
VOLLER -  Private H.  son of Mr T.W.Voller, of Redcliffs --  was wounded in the thigh and leg  -----  left with the 20th Reinforcements.

Deaths  -  010
TURTILL  -  Sergeant H.S. (killed in action in France)  and
JORDAN - Major B.S. (accidentally killed in England)   a motion of sympathy passed before the meeting  meeting of Management of the Canterbury Rugby Union

Thursday 6 June  1918
Photo - Casualties  -   012 & 013
EGGLESTON  brothers  - 
Information received by Mr R. Eggleston, of St.Albans  from his eldest son Rifleman W.A. Eggleston who is now in hosp.
                     in England  that he and his brother Private Bert Eggleston were wounded in Bellevue Spur battle on 11  and 12 October are doing well.
                     Their youngest brother Private Tom Eggleston  who left with the 31st Reinforcements  is a prisoner of war in Germany  -----  captured in April.

Photo - Killed in Action  -  014
Corporal Cyril Frederick Bartrum  was killed in action in France on 5 April,  He was youngest son of late Mr B.P.Bartrum
                         of Fairlie.  He was educated at Waitaki High School  and was farming in the North island   aged 23  at the time of his death.

Friday 7 June 1918
Wounded  -  015
FITZSIMONS  -  Rifleman L.J.  with 19th Reinforcements ---   is in hosp. in France  injuries to his right knee.
ELLEN - Rifleman G.E.C. 2nd son of Mrs V. Ellen, Staveley   left with 25th Reinforcements is dangerously ill  with gunshot wounds  ----
HINDLE - Private L.A.  son of Mrs B. Hindle, Lincoln rd,  admitted to hosp in England  --- left with 23rd Reinforcements.

Wounded in Action  -  017
Mrs A.Campbell,  13 St.Asaph st,  received a letter from Captain S.Wilkinson,  chaplain,  written from 3rd Canadian Stationary Hosp. France
                     ---   Lance-Corporal C.G.Campbell,  4th NZ Rifle Brigade, admitted to hosp. wounded.  ----   

Died of Illness  -  018
Driver R.J.Eaglesome,  died of illness, was 2nd son of Mr W. Eaglesome, Springbank  ( late of Prebbleton).  He was born at Prebbleton,
                         age 24,  educated at  the district school,  enlisted in the 6th reinforcements and was previously employed by the Paparua County Council. --- 
                         saw service in Gallipoli,  ---- proceeded to France --- was in the Somme and Messines  battles,  in July 1917 was sent  to England 
                        suffering from pleurisy  --- eldest brother Private Murray Eaglesome was killed in action on 12 October  another brother Claude is in the trenches.

Saturday 8 June 1918
Riccarton Whispers  -  Send-off  and Welcome Home at Riccarton Town Hall   -  020
Departing soldiers were   -    Privates W.C. Weir,  G.D.K. Yardley,  F. Weston,  and A. Gibbs.
Returned  were -  Privates T. Blair,  G.Westaway,  C. Hardingham,  A. Kennedy,  P. Devine,  and P. Docherty ------   
Musical items were contributed by Mrs Chambers,  Misses E. Cross  and Thurza Hanna,  Messrs A. Woodward,  and T. Cooper.  Messrs Reg Woods 
        and H. Brooks  supplied the music  for the dancing.

Wounded     -  021
ELLIS -  Private J. son of Mr G.E.Ellis,  left with 32nd Reinforcements,    Died from effects of wounds on 29 April  while a prisoner of war.
EYLIN  -  Charles,  son of Mrs Eylin, of Sockburn,  has been invalided home  and will arrive shortly.

Photo -  Wounded in Action  -  022
Mrs E.Selwood, 311 Bealey ave, St Albans,  has been advised her son Rifleman F.R. Selwood  who was wounded on 9 May  was admitted
                         to hosp in England on 11 May.  He was born and educated in Christchurch, and was in the employ of the Singer Sewing Machine Co.
                         for nearly 7 years prior to enlisting with the 14th Reinforcements.  -----  left with the 17th  on 23 September 1916. ------

Tuesday 11 June 1918
Death from Wounds  -  023
Rifleman G. Claridge, who was wounded in the Somme Battle and invalided home,  died in Christchurch on Friday.  he was 3rd son
                    of Mr T. Claridge  25 Chapel st. Papanui  aged 35.  He was farming with his brother  when he volunteered for the NZ Expeditionary Force.
                      On returning to Christchurch he was sent to Hanmer Hospital. ----    funeral took place at the Papanui Cemetery.  -------

Casualties  -  024
HAMILTON -  Lieutenant Vesey Hamilton, who went with 26th Reinforcements  is in hosp. in France ---  trench fever ---
MANSELL -  Private G.A.Mansell, brother of Mrs J.Smith  11 Hanover st, Sydenham, slightly wounded  admitted to hosp. in England ------
RYAN - Private Daniel,  brother of Miss D.Ryan awarded the military medal  left with 9th Reinforcements,  took part in Somme and Messines battles 
                    --2 brothers also serving in France.

Wednesday 12 June 1918
Casualties   -  025
BONNINGTON -  Private Roland, son of Mr G.H. Bonnington, admitted to a London hosp.  on 5 June  ----  has had trench fever ----
TUER -  Rifleman A.P.Tuer,  son of Mrs Tuer, 20 Leith st, Richmond,  admitted to hosp. in England  on 1 June  --  age 21, enlisted with 12th Reinforcements
MARTIN -  Driver E.F. 3rd son of Mr H.T.Martin,  Greenstreet, Ashburton, of the 7th Reinforcements  --- transferred to hosp at Hornchurch.
SOAL -  Rifleman A.E. son of late Mr G.J. Soal, of Waterton,  wounded in back  on 26 May 1918  --  left with 29th Reinforcements.

Kowai Bush  -  025a
At the monthly meeting of the Kowai Bush school committee ----    sympathy  to Messrs R.Evans  and W.Gold 
                                members of the committee who had sons died for their country.  

Thursday 13 June 1918
Auckland  -  Draft 166   returned -  026
Draft 166 of invalided soldiers arrived tonight. ---   a number of cot cases,  1 death,  Private Rameka  of the Bay of Islands  dying at sea.  -- 
            among them is Lieutenant Samuel Frickleton  V.C.  of Greymouth.

Wounded  in action  -  026a
BURGESS -  Corporal J.W. son of Mrs J.Burgess,  was wounded in the neck and back on 26 January,  left NZ with the 16th reinforcements.

Photo - Killed in action  -  027
Driver Alex Ramsey, was killed in action on 17 April  was the eldest son of Mr and Mrs D.Ramsey.  he was born in Rangiora
                 --- left school to commence tailoring with Mr T.G.Hughes ----  left NZ with the 5th reinforcements  -----  left Egypt to go to France  -----

Photo -  Wounded in Action  -  028
Mrs E.Harper, of Radley, Woolston,  her son Private A.W.Harper, was wounded between 26 May and 29th.  is in the infantry
                    and left with the 15th Reinforcements,  was employed by Mr T.York,  Woolston.

Friday 14 June 1918
Casualty  -  029
Mr M. O'Loughlin,  201 Wordsworth st, Sydenham,  his son Corporal M. O'Loughlin,  NZ Machine Gun Corps,  was transferred to
                         a hosp. in England on 19 May  is progressing favourably.

Casualty  - 030a
Mr M.E. Cassin  of Burke st,  Sydenham,  his son Rifleman A.L. Cassin was admitted to hosp. in England on 3 June suffering from a disordered heart
                  ---  just  recovered from trench fever ---  left with the 22nd Reinforcements.

Killed in action -  030
Private Charles W.Delamain,  killed in action 27 May was son of Mr and Mrs John Delamain  of Preston's rd. Marshland.  Educated at
                        Fendalton School  was age 27.  left with 27th Reinforcements ----- was farming -- a good rifle shot and a keen football player ---  

Killed in Action  -  030b
Mr and Mrs W.R.Williams,  Alford Forest,  --- their 2 sons  John Robert  (aged 28)  and William Rees  (aged 25)  were killed in action in France on 31 May

Saturday 15 June 1918
Personal  -  031
GOOD - Ptivate E.L. son of Mr E.R. Good,  Rangiora, of the 13th Reinforcements has been transferred from Infantry to a trench mortar battery.
HANCOCK - Lieutenant Lewis, of the Motor Boat patrol  ------ more  
McROHAN - Sergeant James,  son of Mr J. McRohan, Ashburton was killed in action on 25 May, enlisted with 3rd Reinforcements,--was farming in Mayfield --
WHITCOMBE -  Lieutenant Alec N.H. Whitcombe, was wounded in France now in hosp in Etaples

Wounded in Action  -  032
RHODES -  Private,  son of Mr W.H.Rhodes, Amberley,  severely wounded, ------- is at Walton-on-Thames, hopes to leave England as a cot case on crutches.

Wounded in Action  -  033
RADCLIFFE -  Private R. son of Mrs W.Radcliffe, Lyttelton,  was wounded in France on 4 June transferred to hosp. in England
FENTON -  Sergeant J.N.  son of Mrs E.Fenton  97 London st, --gassed around 26 April  enlisted with 6th Reinforcements ---  more --

Killed in Action  -  034
Mr W.J.Hickinbottom,  158 Huxley st, Sydenham,  received a letter from Major Alan St-tt  --- death of Sergeant Bruce C.
                        Hickinbottom  who was killed in France ---  lots more  ------

Photo -   Victoria Cross  -  035
His Majesty the King  at Glasgow, Scotland decorating lieutenant Samuel Frickleton  of Blackball, West Coast,  with the Victoria Cross
                      --- is to be given a civic reception in Christchurch on Monday afternoon

Monday 17 June 1918
V.C. Hero  -  036  &  037
FRICKLETON  -  An Unspoiled Scotchman  -   An enormous crowd assembled at the Christchurch Railway Station yesterday morning to see the young
                V.C.hero  Lieutenant Samuel Frickleton,  of Greymouth ----  the crowd  temporarily  separated him from his mother,  who had come over from
                Greymouth to see him  -------    cleared the way for the NZers in a ticklish situation at Messines -----     lots  more  ----  was born at the town
                of Slamannan,  in Stirlingshire, Scotland, came to NZ only a few years ago --  he was decorated at Ibrox Park,  Glasgow,  before a gathering of
                over 100,000 persons.  This was the 1st public function of the kind held in Scotland by King George  and 3 V.C.'s were presented.  one to Christensen,
                of an English regiment,   one to McIntosh, of the Gordon Highlanders  and one to Frickleton of the New Zealand Rifle Brigade.  ----   5 Frickleton
                brothers  volunteered,  William,  with the 5th Reinforcements was killed in the Somme,  Thomas,  of 2nd Reinforcements  and J.R.Frickleton at
                present in Christchurch  have earned their discharge,  Private H.Frickleton , was wounded a few days after the V.C.winner  is now with the
                Machine Gun Corps.

Wounded in Action  -  038
Private N.S.Manson, reported gassed on 3 June, is 3rd son of Mr H.Manson, Ranfurly st,  Hornby.  He was born at Teddington, 30 years ago, 
                    educated at Teddington and Yaldhurst Schools  ----enlisted with the Wellington Infantry Regiment of the 30th reinforcements ---   ----  a younger
                     brother Trooper L.Manson left NZ  with the Canterbury mounted section of the 10th Reinforcements,  was killed in action in Palestine
                     another brother Mr J.Manson served in the South African war.

Wounded in Action  -   039
BOX  - 
Corporal Gordon Box, wounded in France, is well-known in Redcliffs and Sumner C.D.C.  of which he was a Sergeant. also in the miniature rifle team.  ----
            Corporal Box left NZ with the 23rd Reinforcements -- farewelled in October 1916  ---- fought through Messines and Paschendaele battles, --- 1st time wounded.

Tuesday 18 June 1918
Returned Home  -  048
Major Norman A. Duthie,  D.S.O.  (son of Mr D.W. Duthie, general Manager of National Bank of NZ)  arrived in Auckland last night 
                having been invalided back to NZ. Major Duthie who left with the 9th Reinforcements ------  saw service in France with the 1st Auckland
                Infantry Battalion.  ---  was wounded in the thigh and hand last March  and was awarded the DSO for bravery during the Somme fighting.

Photo - Killed in Action  -  049
Private Edward Bourk, killed in action on 16 April was a Sydenham boy,  aged 25  who went to Gallipoli  with the Main Body  and was
                 wounded 4 times.  He carried a bullet in his thigh for 2 and half years   ----  was gassed last June when the bullet was found.  --- He was
                 one of 5 brothers who went to the front.  The youngest Albert Donald, was killed in action at Gallipoli,  his eldest brother William served
                 in the South African war  ----   his brother James of the 1st reinforcements has been in Egypt ever since.  the last brother Leonard
                 was a member of the 30th.

Returned  Home  -  050
LUKE  - 
Lieutenant Kenneth E.Luke, one of those returning from the front on Saturday,  is suffering from shell shock, a wound in the head, which
                has healed and injuries to his back and spine. Although a cot case he is recovering ---  He married a daughter of Mrs T.E. Taylor. 
                Cashmere Hills and is brother of Mrs L. Birks,  Fendalton.

Wednesday 19 June 1918
Class C. men The 1st Ballot Drawn 
Names of Canterbury and West Coast men. 
Last week 10,000 members of the 2nd division men with 2 children  were drawn in the ballot. 
The numbers for the Canterbury Military District were  -
Christchurch  -    981
South Canterbury  -  467
North Canterbury  -  273
West Coast  -  297
Nelson  -  368  making a total of  2386 men.
The names of the Canterbury and West Coast men  are all named  in 1 and  a half  pages of this day's paper.

Thursday 20 June  1918
Wounded in Action  -  051
GRAY  -    Mrs A. Ross,  Tinwald has been advised that Private W.E. Gray  was wounded in the face  and admitted to hosp. on 14 June.

Return Home  -  052
Major H.R. Friedlander  RAMC.  a son of Mr Rudolph Friedlander,  Ashburton,  returned to his home on Tuesday
                        after being away 10 years.He received his primary education at the Ashburton Borough School and then Waitaki Boys'   he
                        then went to London and entered St Thomas Hospital  --  qualified as a doctor shortly after war was declared and immediately
                       joined the RMAC.  -----  was in France until 1917  then transferred to Italy  where he left in March this year  ---  
                       he is due back for service in September this year.

Killed in Action  -  053
Mrs D.Ramsey,  Rangiora  received a letter  from the Officer commanding the 6th Battery NZFA  concerning the death of her
                 son Driver Alex Ramsey ----   killed instantly  ---  buried near the spot and his comrades are erecting a cross in memory.

Friday 21 June  1918
Wounded in Action  -  056
Corporal Wilford Alsop,  wounded severely in the head and neck, is the eldest son of Mr George Alsop of Rongoteo,  North Island, 
                late of Templeton, Christchurch.  He was educated at Templeton School  and at age 17 enlisted --------  wounded in early April  --- 
                his uncle Rifleman F.Gladings  was invalided home 5 weeks ago  and is at present at Hamner Springs.

Saturday 22 June 1918
Killed in Action  - 059
Mrs W.F.Clinton,  of Darfield, has received information dated 27 April  from Captain A.H.Richards  ---   loss of her son
                        Private T.Clinton, who was killed in action on 18 April ----   last rites of burial were performed by a French Priest
                        and a cross is to be erected over the grave.

Died of Wounds  -  060
Advice received by Mrs H.Harry of 39 Durham st,  Sydenham,  her 5th son Private Benjamin Harry,  died of wounds received
               in action in France on 14 May,  aged 25  born and educated at Sydenham,  after leaving school he was at Taylor Bros' warehouse in
                Lichfield st.   ------  left NZ with the 23rd Reinforcements.  His brother William left with the same draft  and was killed in action last December.

Wounded in Action  -  061
Mr William Keith,  of 39 James Ave, Papanui,  his 2nd son Private Gordon Keith, has been wounded for the 2nd time.  was seriously
                    wounded at Messines  and had only just returned to his unit  -- left with 14th Reinforcements and is aged 21.

Returned Home Wounded  -  062
Private Charles Chaney, who returned by the last hospital ship,  is 2nd son of Mr and Mrs Randolph Chaney of Watt's rd,  Upper
                    Riccarton, late of Islington.  He was born at Islington 21 years ago, educated at Hornby and Islington Schools,  employed on the
                    clerical staff of of the NZ Refrigerating Co.  -- left with the Canterbury Infantry of the 25th reinforcements -- severely wounded
                    in the chest and spent several months in hospitals in France and England  -----  an elder brother Private George Chaney,
                     was killed in action recently on the western front.

Returned Home  Wounded  -  063
Rifleman S.N.Hooper  (Belgian Croix de Guerre)  arrived in Christchurch on Sunday with the last draft of wounded, is aged 25 
                and the only living son of Mrs T. Adams,  of Shand's rd Hornby.  He left with the 3rd Battalion of the NZ Rifle Brigade  with the 9th
                Reinforcements  --------  left for France  from Egypt, where he was a  dispatch runner ----  awarded the Belgian Croix de Guerre
                 for gallantry  during heavy fighting at Passchendaele Ridge.  In December last year admitted to Walton-on-Thames Hosp.  rejoined unit
                 -- was severely wounded --- arrived back as a cot case ---  was employed by the NZ refrigerating Co  before enlisting , 
                educated at Hornby and West Christchurch Schools  -----

Monday 24 June  1918
Invalided Home  -  064
Mrs R. James,  227 High st,  Rangiora, received word from Base Records Office in Melbourne  that her brother Private J.A.Hodgson
                        is being invalided to Australia,  is the son of the late Mr Thomas Hodgson of Loburn. He was born at Loburn and educated at Loburn
                        and Rangiora Schools.  Before enlisting he was farming in Queensland, Australia.

Thursday 27 June 1918
Died of Wounds  -  065
Rifleman George Ellen, who recently died of wounds in France was the 2nd son of Mrs Valentine Allen of Staveley,  Ashburton County. 
                He lived at Chertsey where his wife and little son still live.  he was a blacksmith by trade -----  left with the 25th Reinforcements, and was
                 twice wounded.   His 2 brothers  who wen t with the 6th and 17th Reinforcements  have returned to NZ.

Killed in Action  -  066
Mr and Mrs Taylor of Cooper's Creek, advised  their son Private R.Taylor has been killed in action in France.  Private Taylor served his
                    apprenticeship at A.j.White's chair making factory -- enlisted with the 25th Reinforcements.   interested in all sports,  including motor-boating
                        and yachting -- was born and educated at Cooper's Creek and late resided at St Albans.

Wounded in Action  -  067
Mr W.McLaughlin  of Irwell,  his son Lieutenant Stewart McLaughlin, reported wounded and gassed is still seriously ill  but improving. 
                        enlisted at age 20 -- left with 28th Reinforcements,  he was educated at Irwell School  and Southbridge DHS.
                         and worked on his father's farm prior to enlisting.

The Ashley Lodge  -  068
The Ashley Lodge District has sent 193 members to the front,  42  of whom have made the supreme sacrifice.

Saturday 29 June 1918
Sumner Ripples  -  070
SIMPSON  -  Sapper F.G. was farewelled ----  was presented with a safety razor  -------
CLAYTON  -  Lance-Corporal,  hearty welcome -- just returned from the front.
STANLEY -  Private S. of Redcliffs,  has now gone into camp.
KERR  -  Mr F. Kerr will leave for camp in a week or two.
The following have received notice to report for training In October  -
Messrs F.C. Menzies:   E.A. Johnston:   R. Gibbs.

Beverley Evans
Christchurch NZ
12 February  2010