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Monday  1 April 1918
Amberley  -  Welcome Home  -  001
SMITH   and  RHODES  - 
A social was held at Amberley on Wednesday to welcome home Privates L.Smith  and H.L.Rhodes
                 ------   5 soldiers from the Smith family  and 4 from Mr Rhodes ----   dancing was indulged until early morning.

Tuesday 2 April  1918

Killed in Action  -  002
Lieutenant Vivian P. Hopkins,  son of Mr and Mrs A.P. Hopkins,  of Lonsdale st,  New Brighton  had been killed in action.
                     he was their 6th son and aged 25.  he left NZ as quartermaster-sergeant  in the 1st Rifle Brigade  ------  
                    his brother Phelps Hopkins  was killed in the landing on Gallipoli.

Welcome Home -  Oxford Tce  Baptist Church   -  003
BRETTELL  -  Private F.   and
HIDDLESTONE -  Sapper H.   and
WELLS -  Rifleman H.P.   all recently returned from the front

Farewell - Oxford Tce  Baptist Church  -  003
PANNELL - Lance -Corporal W.B.   and
ODELL  -  Sapper W.H.  and
DENCH  -  Machine-gunner J.R.   and
NORTH - Machine-gunner H.A.C.  --------

Thursday 4 April  1918
Military Service  -  South Canterbury Board -  004  &  005
A  list of names of those applying for exemptions -------

Casualty  -  006
Private Reginald Clarence,  eldest son of Mr G.W.Milne,  Linwood ave,  was gassed in France on  28 February
                     is now in the NZ Command Depot, England.

Killed in Action  -  007
Brigadier-General H.T. Fulton,  commanding the 3rd NZ Brigade,  has been killed in action.  --   outbreak of war went to Samoa,
                  then given command of the NZ Rifle Brigade  going to Egypt ---- went to France ---    was the son of Lieutenant -General John Fulton,
                  of the Royal Artillery,  was born in India in 1869 -- came to NZ  at an early age ---    served with the Boer War --  gained a DSO ---
                  he was married with no children.

Friday 5 April 1918
Casualty  -  007a
McKENZIE -  Private R.  son of Mrs McKenzie, Willow st, Ashburton, was transferred from France to a hosp. in England on 25 March.

Saturday 6 April 1918
Riccarton Whispers    -  008
CLARKE -  Corporal E.E.  son of Mrs Clarke of Waimairi road, Upper Riccarton transferred to 2nd London General Hosp. suffering Trench fever
REESE -  Private E.  of Upper Ricarton, left with 25th reinforcements ---severely wounded last October -now at Brockenhurst Hosp. will be invalided home.
FINE -  Private Albert, late Elizabeth st, left with 28th Reinforcements suffering trench fever
MURRAY -  Trooper Stewart, formerly Blenheim rd,  with forces that took Jerusalem -----

Casualty  -  009
MORSE -  Rifleman C.J.  son of Mr W.Morse,  Flemington admitted to hosp. France,  severely gassed, left with 1st Battalion of NZ Rifle Brigade -------

Riccarton Whispers -  010
Welcome Home  -  
PARKER  -  Lance-Corporal C. welcomed home by the members  of the Boys' and Girls' Club he was a  founder member   ------  more ----

Killed in Action     -  011
GADD -  Rifleman George,son of Mr C.Gadd of Barr Hill  died of wounds in France on 15 March,  --age 26, eldest son Arthur is bayonet instructor at Sling Camp

Casualty  -  012
EADE  -  Gunner W.T.Eade,  son of Detective Eade of Christchurch, been in hosp in France, since Feb. --- gas posioning --- transferred to England ------

Casualty  -  013
HAY -  Corporal W.  hus. of Mrs Hay,  274 Fitzgerald ave,  admitted to an English hosp.  gunshot wound to his hand ------ was employed by Lyttelton Times

Casualty  -  LUKE - 014
2nd Lieutenant Kenneth E. son of Mr and Mrs C.M.Luke, staying with their son-in-law Mr L.BIRKS,  Fendalton. seriously wounded in the head,  gunshot  -----

Casualty  - 015
McINTOSH - Private R.C.S.  hus. of Mrs V.D.McIntosh  48 York st,  admitted to hosp. on 17 March  sick.

Monday 8 April 1918
Photo -  Wounded in Action  -  016
Mrs D.Sampson,  215 Stanmore rd,  Richmond,  her son Private W.P.Sampson admitted to hosp. in England ---
                        gunshot wounds in the right thigh.  left NZ with the 21st Reinforcements.

Tuesday 9 April  1918
Farewell  &  Welcome Home  -  017
NANKIVELL - Trooper V.  3rd son of  Mr Andrew Nankivell,  Breezes rd,  to go to war and
FREE  -  Corporal  were both farewelled at the  Pier Hall, New Brighton.  
GUEST -  Private W.   and
BOUNDY -  Private L.B.  were  both welcomed home at the Bromley Hall and
NANKIVELL  -  Trooper V.  and
LAMB -  Private L.  and
HARTNELL -  Private V.   were farewelled at the Bromley hall. ------  more ----

Killed in Action  -  018
THROP -  Gilbert Worsfold, 3rd son of Mr Benjamin Throp of Dunedin --- went away with 27th Feinforcements attached to the Canterbury Mounted Rifles. 
                    a single man.  Stafford Throp another son was killed at the Somme, a 3rd son is now in France.
HUTTON - 2nd Lieutenant Lorne de H.Hutton, son of late Mr David Con Hutton of the School of art. was killed on 23 March ----  more ---
FIFE  - Private William John Fife, brother of Mrs J.H.Orr, 682 Gloucester st, Linwood. Private Fyfe was the only surviving son of Mr and Mrs Fyfe
                365 St Asaph st  ----  

Wounded in Action  - 019
Mrs Violet Long, late of Duvauchelle Bay, now at Sheffield,  her hus. Private J.A.Long is improving slowly,  wounded in France,
                17 December 1917 has had trench fever, -- with the 21st Reinforcements, now in hosp in London,  --- Mrs Long has 3 brothers on active service
                ---  Private J.A.Long is the 4th son of Mrs Clara Long, of Sheffield.  Mrs Long sen has 4 sons on active service -------  Mrs Long, sen. claims
               the distinction of being the 1st  child born in Canterbury.  her father Mr HAWKINS  was at Parihaka ----   

Wednesday 10 April 1918
Ellesmere News  -  020
HAMPTON - Private M  and
WISE -  Private H.    2 returned men
ARMSTRONG - Trooper C.  and
LAWRENCE - Private J.  were on leave   were entertained at Southbridge Druids Lodge  on Monday
GILMOUR - Corporal J.R.  and
CARTER  -  Privates H and T.   were guests ------
CHAPPELL - Private W.G.  is about to leave for the front    ---  Dunsandel ----
LEAVER - Private W. was farewelled at Dunsandel
COOPER - Private Bert  and
BISHOP -   and
HASTINGS  -  Mr C.J.  left for camp  --- entertained at Lakeside Hall
DUFF -  Private John    at Irwell School Hall ----
CHAPPELL - private W.G. was farewelled at Killinchy  ----   

Killed in Action  -  021
Major C.L.Sommerville,  of Wanganui,  killed in a ction  was the son of late Colonel J.R.Sommerville ----  he joined the
                    Alexandra Cavalry on 20 September 1891,  went to the Boer War  -------  was a farmer, on No 3 Line  and became a Captain
                    of the Alexandra Mounted Rifles.  ----    he leaves a widow.

Casualty  -  021
Private C. of the 24th reinforcements,   brother of Mrs C.WINTER,  218 Opawa rd,  is returning to NZ. He was wounded in
                        France on 12 October, his twin brother Anthony was killed in action on 3 December.

Killed in Action  -  023
Mr Emerson Clarkson of 34 Papanui rd,  his 2nd son William Francis  was killed in action on 27 March  prior to enlisting with the
                            4th Reinforcement was learning farming at Dunsandel ----   fought at Gallipoli,  wounded,   fought in France,
                              twice wounded December 1917----  was aged 22

Casualty  -   024
Sergeant Cecil Hay,  son of Mr Walter Dinnie, ex-Commissioner of Police, ----- very ill through gunshot wound in the right eye,  now at
                    20th General Hosp. Dannes, Camiers.  left Wellington with the 8th Reinforcements ----   went to Egypt,  -- left for France ------

Casualty  -  026
SIMPSON - Private John Irving, son of Mrs Simpson,  627 Gloucester st, who left with 8th reinforcements, was wounded in action in France on 1 April ----

Thursday 11 April  1918
Casualties  -  031
GILLIES -  Trooper Angus, son of Mr Duncan Gillies, Anama, Ashburton  was killed in action in Palestine on 30 March, born in Invernesshire --   aged 30
COATES - Captain,  MP for Kaiapara,  again been wounded  -----
WILLIS -  Lieutenant A.L.M.  son of Mr H.Willis, ill in Hosp. in London is improving ----
WEST -  Alan,  nephew of Miss C.West of 479 Cashel st, Linwood admitted to hosp in France on 29 March -------
EDWARDS - Private Edward Eli Henry,  son of Mrs M.E.Edwards, 122 Carlyle st, Sydenham,  wounded on 1 April,
                         left NZ on 10 Oct. 1915 Mounted Field Ambulance

Farewell Social  -  Kimberley, near Kirwee  -  032
McCLELLAND -  Private A.  and
REVELEY  -  Private G.  and
McBEATH -  Private R. ---  

Friday 12 April  1918
Casualty  -  034
Private Harold, son of Mrs Bailey, 119 Bexley rd, suffering gunshot wounds to the shoulder, is in a London hosp.----was an apprentice to Mr COX 
                    a printer ---member of the New Brighton Band,  prominent swimmer ---- 2nd son to go and was with the 24th reinforcements, brother Carl went  earlier.------

Killed in Action  -  035
Lieutenant E.L.Malone, M.C.  died of wounds,  son of late Colonel Malone, killed in action at Gallipoli, ----- Colonel Malone left NZ in
                    charge of the Wellington Infantry in the Main Body   was followed by his 3 sons, and daughter was actively engaged in nursing in the military hosp. at Home.

Photo -  Wounded in Action  -  036
Sapper C.Stratford,  son of Mrs Stratford,  33 Suffolk st, Linwood, her son Gunner Charles has been admitted to hosp. in England,  ----
                             gunshot wound,   left with 9th Reinforcements.  He took part in Somme and Messines,  he is 21 years of age.

Wounded in Action  -  037
Lieutenant W.J.Rodger D.C.M. of the Main Body ------ his brother Private H.H.Rodger  of the 29th  severely wounded ---  younger brother
                        Corporal J.C.Rodger of the Rifle Brigade was killed in September in France.

Wounded in Action  -  038
Private W.Fine, has been wounded  --   and invalided to an English hosp.   Private Will Fine left with 28th reinforcements ---- was a carpenter by trade,
                  his 2 brothers Privates Albert  and Ernie Fine  are also in France.

Saturday 13 April  1918
Farewell -  041
Lance-Corporal (Dick) Hopkins, of 38th Reinforcements, Infantry  has been home on leave  left for Featherstone  --- his eldest brother
                    Mr Arthur P.Hopkins  also left the same evening.  ---  prior to joining was on the staff of Messrs Aulsebrook & Co.  -----  more  ----

Wounded -  040
Lieutenant H.W. wounded 30 March son of Rev John Nixon, of Rotorua  --- joined staff of Christchurch Press, 
                then the Lyttelton Times, was Editor of the Star.

Photo  -  Killed in Action  -  047
Private Allan Paterson,  killed in action on 27 March, 2nd son of Mr and Mrs Allan Paterson,  formerly of Christchurch, ---
                     was a painter by trade -----  aged 25 enlisted with 20th reinforcements at Wellington -----

Killed in Action  -  044
Mrs Body, of Winslow,  her son Private George Body was killed in action in France on 27 March --- only 17 when he left with the
                 25th reinforcements -- has 4 sons fighting in France. --- Private Jack Body,  was invalided ---  Private Tom Body left with the 17th
                was invalided 3 weeks ago,  Private Frank  was wounded and now in hosp. in England.

Farewell -  Rakaia  -  042
TYSON -  Mr J.  late home missionary at Methven and Rakaia ----

Riccarton Whispers  -  046
Private T. Newnham,  son of Mr T. Newnham of Allen st,  Upper Riccarton  was killed in action on 27 March,  age 20, 
                        left NZ with the 27th Reinforcements --  was farming in Lake Coleridge district,  elder brother left with Main Body is in Egypt.

OPhoto - Killed in Action  -  048
Lance-Corporal F.J. (Jack) Phillis,  killed in action in France on Good Friday  only son of Mr and Mrs T.F.G.Phillis  62 Whitleigh ave, 
                    Riccarton,  aged 25 was born and educated in the Harewood district --- was engaged in quartz mining at Reefton ---  enlisted with
                        the 19th  left in November 1916  with the NZ Rifle Brigade,   ---

Photo  - Wounded in Action -  049
Mr J.Quigley, of  -----  Papanui,  his eldest son Trooper Francis John  of the Mounted Rifles,  wounded fighting in Palestine,
                           aged 22  born at Doyleston,    a farmer ,  enlisted with the 23rd,  another brother is fighting on the front.

Heathcote Notes  -  Wounded in Action  -  050
HAWKE  -  Trooper S.J. brother of Mrs S.SCHOFIELD,  wounded,  left with 10th reinforcements ---  was a well-known contractor in Timaru.

Sumner Ripples  -  051
B-LINS -  Sergeant G.,  son of Mrs B-lins,  of Redcliffs,  is returning home after 3 years in France , --- gas attack  -----
DICK -  Private Percy,  been wounded  -------
BROWN - Corporal,  returned to camp --- fully qualified for a master gunners certificate.

Monday 15 April 1918
Wounded in Action  -  052
Private T.F. son of Mrs B.Sullivan,  220 Harewood rd, Papanui, admitted to hosp. in England on 6 April, gunshot wound --
                     with 26th Reinforcements,  farming in South Canterbury --  brother Corporal E.J.Sullivan left with 11th Reinforcements -
                        -  twice wounded -- on 6 January  and  at present ---  he is also in hospital in England.

Tuesday 16 April 1918
Casualty  -  053
HART -  Sergeant C.D., son of Mrs M.E.Hart,  Chester st,  been admitted to hosp.  with trench fever.

Casualty  -  054
BARTRUM - Private O.B.  hus. of Mrs Oswald Bartrum wounded 28 March in London Hosp. 2nd son of Mr B.P. Bartrum  of --
                    South Canterbury, brother Cyril  -- still fighting

Casualty  - 055
CLEEVE -  Rifleman C.T.,  5th son of Mrs Cleeve, West Oxford, is still seriously ill, transferred to Walton-on-Thames hosp.
                    on 1 April, left NZ with 24th   Reinforcements

Killed in Action  -  055a
Private Patrick McGough was killed in action in France on 27 March.  -- joined 29th Reinforcements  -- farmed  on his uncle's
                        farm at Halswell  ---  his parents live in County Monaghan,  Ireland,  came to NZ with his brothers  and sister.

Casualties  -  056
McCOLL - Private Duncan, son of Mrs Isabella McColl,  26th Reinforcements,  wounded, now in the Brockenhurst hospital ---
RUSSELL - 2nd Lieutenant Douglas,  wounded  and now in Brockenhurst Hosp.
McLAUCHLAN - Private F.A., son of Mrs McLauchlan, Tinwald, admitted to hosp in France ---  left with 13th Reinforcements.

Casualty  -   056a
Private T.F. son of Mrs B.Sullivan,  220 Harewood rd, Papanui, admitted to hosp. in England on 6 April, gunshot wound -- 
                        with 26th Reinforcements,  farming in South Canterbury --  brother Corporal E.J.Sullivan left with 11th Reinforcements -- 
                        twice wounded -- on 6 January  and  at present ---  he is also in hospital in England.

Casualty  -  056b
Rifleman John  son of Mrs John Trudgeon, being invalided home after 2 and half years service in Egypt, wounded in France at Somme
                          ---  3 sons still in war -- Private James,  serving with Australian Imperial Force,  Corporal S.Trudgeon,  with 16th Reinforcements,
                          now with machine-gun section,  Rifleman Arthur  of 25th Reinforcements  now in Signalling Corps.

Photo - Wounded in Action  -   057
PAGE  - 
Mrs F. Page of 78 Slater st,  North Richmond,   her son Private Cyril A. was wounded on 27 March  admitted to hosp in England on 3 April,
                 severe gunshot wound  left with 29th Reinforcements  educated at Richmond School.  celebrated his 21st birthday in the trenches.

Killed in Action  -    058
Captain Jack Dunnett  -- of No 1 Battery NZ Field Artillery, died of wounds received in France ----- left NZ ----in the Main Body
                         went right through the Gallipoli campaign ----  he was an auctioneer for Wright Stephenson & Co in Invercargill.  His mother lives at Kelso.
                         One of his brothers Driver O.Dunnett was with his battery in France.  Constable C. Dunnett formerly Court Orderly and now in charge of the
                         Darfield police district is another brother.  Captain Jack  was 29.

Killed in Action -  060
Mr G.Winskill,  of Amberley  -- his eldest son Sergeant George  was killed in action on 27 March  --- was age 23   -- joined the
                         1st battalion leaving Egypt for France  ---  educated at Amberley District high School  was employed at NZ Railways in Christchurch.

Killed in Action  -  061
Mrs J.Menzies of Cowlishaw st  her son Sergeant-Major Menzies was killed in action on 26 March   was son of late Mr Adam Menzies
                      ---educated at West Christchurch School  ----  entered Canterbury College  -- gained his BA  assistant-master at Fendalton School
                      and West Christchurch,    became assistant master at Eltham School   and master at Meanee School  ---  studied for the bar
                     obtained his L.L.B  degree  --  leaves a widow  at Waverley.

Wednesday 17 April 1918
Killed in Action  -  062
Private Frederick George Robinson  died of wounds on 7 April  was the 3rd son of Mr R.J.Robinson.  he was born at Waikuku  aged 23,
                      ------- enlisted in 21st Rinforcements,  he was employed on his father's farm. ------  Sunday School teacher at the Rangiora Methodist Church
                      and was on trial as a local preacher when he joined the colours

Killed in Action  -  063
Lieutenant H.R.Brittain,  whose death at the front was announced today  was son of Mr F.H.Brittain,  Avonside.  he was born in Canterbury
                        -----  2 brothers were killed at Gallipoli  and another brother is fighting in France.

Wounded in Action  -  064
RHODES -  Private W.H.  son of Mr W.H. Rhodes of Amberley, eldest son in 1st Canadian hosp. Etaples --- gunshot wounds --wounded at landing Gallipoli ----
WINSKILL -  Sergeant George, son of Mr G. Winskill of Amberley  killed, 27 March aged 23  1st Battalion leaving Egypt for France -------

Casualties  -  064
JAMES - Rifleman L.R.  son of Mr L.James,  Northbrook, Rangiora,  wounded on 12 October  being invalided home.
IVORY -  Private J.W.  son of Mr W. Ivory,  Oxford,  very ill from wounds,  ------
GILCHRIST -  Trooper Frederick Hugh  son of Mr J.Gilchrist, of Oakleigh, Oxford,  wounded 28 March  ----
CHARTERS -  Captain,  hus of Mrs T.M.Charters,  admitted 4 April  to a French hosp.  in command of C. Company 29th Reinforcements, 
                        brother of  Lieutenant-Colonel Charters,  gassed on 20 Feb  for 2nd time.
HERBERT -  Sergeant Leicester, son of Mr and Mrs H.F.Herbert, 132 Tancred st,  Linwood, -- to hosp 31 March  ---- 
                        with the 23rd reinforcements ---- left  with  the 26th. age 20

Casualties  -  065
FITZGERALD -  Rifleman Richard Henderson, whose died,  youngest son of late James and Mrs E.Fitzgerald ---  age 23  born at Winton,  ---  23rd Reinforcements  -----
IVORY -  Private J.W.  son of Mr W.Ivory, Oxford,  of 15th reinforcements --- badly wounded on 4 April in France, now in 56th general Hosp.  was wounded at Messines --
DWYER -  Sergeant T.  son of Superintendant Dwyer --  badly wounded -- in Main Body ---  been under fire for 3years on 25 April ----
SAMPSON -  Private W.P.  son of Mrs D.Sampson,  215 Stanmore rd,  Richmond, admitted to England,  gunshot wounds ----  with 21st Reinforcements.

Killed in Action -  066
Captain Jack Dunnett, of No 1 Battery, NZ Field Artillery,  died  from wounds in France --  -----  returned to NZ on sick leave ---
                     3 weeks later rejoined his battery in France --- he was an auctioneer for Wright Stephenson and Co  in Invercargill.  his mother
                     lives at Kelso,  1 brother Driver O.Dunnet was with his battery in France, another brother Constable C.Dunnett  formerly Court Orderly at Christchurch,
                      now in charge of Darfield police district, another brother captain Dunnet aged 29  at the time of his death.  

Killed in Action  -  067
Lance-Corporal Herbert McLachlan Hogben,  Canterbury Infantry Regiment,  killed in action on 27 March  was 3rd son of Mr George Hogben,
                    Khandallah (late Director of Education)  He was born  on 21 October 1888 in Christchurch,  educated at ---- Timaru ---    at Lincoln College ---
                     went with the 13th Reinforcements  -----  his oldest brother  Sergeant George McLachlan Hogben  was killed at Gallipoli in August 1915, 
                       his youngest brother E. Noel McLachlan Hogben  is still at the Western Front in the Machine Gun Corps.

Thursday 18 April  1918
Wounded in Action -  068
Mrs L.Bourk, of 18 Hutchinson st, Sydenham --  her son Private L.Bourk of 1st Otago Infantry was admitted to hosp. on 9 April --
                 severe gunshot wounds,  all 5 sons have been at the front,  2 with the 1st reinforcements and fought at gallipoli, one was killed and the other wounded.
                 The eldest son Driver W. Bourk, a South African war veteran  -------

Killed in Action  -  069
Private Hugh Mathewson, of the 16th Waikato Co. Auckland Infantry Batttalion, who died from wounds on 1 April  was 3rd son of
                                Mr John Mathewson, of Leith st, Dunedin. ----   -----     In March 1917 he entered  soldiers duties and sailed with the 26th Reinforcements
                                 had been in the trenches since October,  was age 36

Casualties  -  070
ALDRIDGE -  Private F.J.  admitted to hosp in France on 4 April  --- left with the 25th Reinforcements,  son of late A. W. Aldridge,  Tinwald.
RITCHIE - Rifleman John,  son of Mrs T.Ritchie, of Waitangi, Chatham Islands,  wounded, admitted to hosp in England on 4 April  --left with the 28th Reinforcements  
ROBERTSON - Private B. son of Mr John Robertson,  Windemere, Ashburton,  was killed in action, on 5 April in France, left with 25th,  worked on father's farm.

Killed in Action  - 070a
Mrs W.A.Turner, of 445 Barbadoes st,  her son Sergeant W.H.A.Turner was killed on 5 April,  he was 22 years of age, ----
                      later at Christ"s College -- rep. Canterbury at the NZ Athletic Championships in Wellington in 1914.  ---  left with the 11th reinforcements,
                      before that was a law clerk ---

Wounded in Action -  071
BROWN - Private Roderick, wounded  gunshot -- 4th son of Mrs M.Brown, Rakaia,  age 24  left with the 26th Reinforcements  wounded 28 March  -----
FLAHERTY - Sergeant Martin,  son of Mr M.Flaherty, of Cheviot  wounded --- musketry instructor in Sling Camp -- brothers Private P. and Trooper J. ------

Photos - 2 Brothers Wounded  -  073 & 074
Mrs B. Sullivan, of 220 Harewood rd,  her son Private T.F.Sullivan admitted to hosp. in England from gunshot wound --  age 23,
                        left with 26th Reinforcements,  farming with his people in South Canterbury ---   his brother Corporal E.J.Sullivan,  left with 11th Reinforcements,
                    has been twice wounded, on 6 January  and again now, is in hosp. in England, will be 25  next July, he was in Pleasant Point before he enlisted.

Friday 19 April  1918
Wounded in Action  -  076
COOKE - Rifleman Garnet,  son of Mrs G.Cooke,  50 Perth st, Richmond. admitted to hosp. 4 April,  gunshot wounds -- returned to France after 6 weeks England

Killed in Action  -  076a
SMART - Lance-Corporal C. died of wounds in France, 2nd son of Mrs Elijah Smart of Fairlie,  grandson of late William Smart, a pioneer of Canterbury,
                 who arrived in the Randolph with 14 sons and 2 daughters,  the late Mrs Charles Bourne, of Timaru,  and the late Mrs George Ellis,  of Templeton. 
                There are more than 20 grandsons of the late William Smart  serving with the colours.

Saturday 20 April  1918
Killed in Action  -    077
KEIG - Private J.  son of Mrs Keig,  Redcliffs, has been killed in action.

Photo - Wounded in Action  -  078
Mrs G.Cooke of 50 Perth st Richmond,  her husband Rifleman Garnet Cooke was admitted to hosp. on 4 April with gunshot wounds
                    had just returned to France after 6 weeks in England, 2 weeks being in Hornchurch hosp.  left NZ with 18th Reinforcements,
                    was employed by D.I.C.  for 14 years before enlisting.

Wounded in Action  079
- Lance-Corporal Albert,  hus. of Mrs A. Fehsenfeld, admitted to Walton-on-Thames hosp. on 8 April -- gunshot wound, left with 26th Reinforcements ---

Monday 22 April 1918

On Leave - 081
Mr J.Andrew,  15 Selwyn st,  Spreydon.  his son Brigadier-General Andrew was leaving Basna, Egypt on leave. 
                        Brigadier-general Andrew will visit Christchurch where he is well-known.

Killed in action  -  082
News of death on 24 March  of Captain Dennis Clifford O'Rorke,  M.C.  -- was age 22 and 2nd son of Mr E.D.O'Rorke,  late of Auckland,
                          was born in NZ  joined the 60th Rifles almost straight from school.

Death in Camp at Trentham  -   -  083
WINSTONE  -  Major Ernest C.Winstone,  principal dental officer at the camp.  married, age 33  took his dental degree at Pennsylvania University ----     

Tuesday 23 April 1918
Killed in Action  -  -  085  & 085a
LYONS  -  Mrs Lyons,  of Geraldine,  --- her hus. Lance-Corporal John Michael Lyons was killed in action in France on 28 March,  he was the 3rd
                  son of Mrs and late Mr M.Lyons,  of Akaroa, ----   farming at Orari Gorge prior to enlisting. also served in the South African was with the
                10th Contingent, he left NZ with the 30th Reinforcements, aged 36. Rifleman George Matthew Lyons, reported killed in action in France on 29 March
                was 2nd son of Mrs and late Mr M. Lyons of Akaroa --- left with the 25th Reinforcements, prior  was farming at West Melton,  aged 40.

Killed in Action  -  086
Mrs A. Butler,  136 North Avon Road, Richmond,  her youngest son, Dispatch-Rider Herbert Edward Butler was killed in action on 28 March,
                        he left with the 10th Reinforcements as a signaller in NZ Engineers. -------  he was a motor mechanic at Adams Ltd prior to enlisting
                         educated at Richmond School --  age 22  -------

In Hospital  -  087
Private D.J.son of Mrs D .J. Cornelius, of Rakaia, admitted to hosp in England with appendicitis  on 14 April,
                            left with the 19th Reinforcements in Nov. 1916

Casualties    -  088
WILSON - Private Albert,  killed in action, for 7 years was ass.sexton at Linwood Cemetery, The City Council placed on record its deep sympathy with the relatives.
MOULDEY - Lieutenant W.E.  of an Imperial Regiment is is No 4 London General Hospital,  suffering gunshot wounds  and gas.

Wounded in Action  -  090
Mr F. Sisson,  of Papanui,  his son Private B.A. Sisson (Bertie)  wounded in the knee, hand and face.  He was born in Papanui, -----
                 left with 23rd Reinforcements,  was managing his father's business as orchardist at Papanui  when he enlisted.  aged 22 years.

Wednesday 24 April  1918
Killed in Action  -   081
Mrs M. Carr, of Wordsworth st, Sydenham,  her hus. Corporal E.M.Carr was killed in action in France.  On 27 March he was wounded 
                in the Messine battle,  recovered  ---  enlisted with the 21st Reinforcements  with several other railway men.  born  and educated in Temuka,
                served an apprenticeship as blacksmith with his father. Corporal Carr's mother,  who resides in Temuka  has lost 3 of her sons in a week.
                 Farrier Sergeant J.J.Carr  (killed in action on 30 March)  and Trooper O.P. Carr, both with the 18th Reinforcement  serving in Palestine

Killed in Action  -  082
HARVEY - Private Daniel, of NZ Signalling Corps -- son of Mr and Mrs Robert Harvey, of Southbridge with the 16th Reinforcements, brother Robert was killed last year ----
McINTOSH -  Private William, son of Mrs McIntosh of Southbrook,  killed on 4 April  was aged 42  6th son of late Mr Kenneth McIntosh,  single,
                            farmed at Springston.
PLASKETT -  Private Walter,  on 29 March, youngest son of late Mr W. Plaskett of Fernside.  age 30  farming,  --- enlisted  with 13th reinforcements

Killed in Action  -  083
Rifleman T.Kiely,  killed in action on 29 March was 2nd son of Mr T.Kiely, Brighton st,  Roslyn,  was born at Kaikorai ----
                     left with the Canterbury section of the 25th reinforcements, ------ was farming in the Fairlie district  before enlisting.

Killed in Action  -  084
Rifleman William Walker ---- on 8 April, 2nd eldest son of Mr and Mrs Walker, late of Cumberland st,  Dunedin ---   was apprenticed
                     to carpentering trade --- went farming in Southland---  enlisted in March 1917  -- left with the 23rd Reinforcements, 
                    transferred to Rifle Brigade on reaching France.

Killed in Action  - 085
Private George Griebel -- youngest son of Mrs and late Mr Peter Griebel,  of Ohoka.  aged 21,  ------  working on his
                        brother-in-law's farm Mr R.Clark,  of Russley at time of enlisting.  --  his brother Jacob  went with the Main Body
                         and was on Gallipoli,  ----  so far he has not been wounded.

Wounded in Action  -  086
CREAMER -  Private L.E. eld. son of Mr and Mrs J.Creamer, East Eyreton,  age 23,  worked on farms on leaving school,  enlisted in Southland  -- gunshot wounds ---
SAUNDERS - Private G.H.  son of Mr and Mrs Thomas Saunders,  East Eyreton,  age 22 ,worked on the farm of Mr Dixon, East Eyerton, left with 18th Reinforcements
HARWOOD -  Rifleman F.W. son of Mr W.Harwood, Ayelsbury, admitted to hosp. in England, 15 April,  gunshot wound in the head.

Photo - Killed in Action  -  087
Mrs A.Butler,  136 North Avon Road, Richmond,  her youngest son, Dispatch-Rider Herbert Edward Butler was killed in action
                     on 28 March,  he left with the 10th Reinforcements as a signaller in NZ Engineers. -------  he was a motor mechanic at Adams Ltd
                        prior to enlisting. educated at Richmond School --  age 22  -------  among the 1st to NZer's  to reach France ---  

Returning  to  New Zealand  -  089
DOUGLAS -  Mrs Sholto (nee Miss A.Macfarlane)  will return here with her infant son, her hus. is on active service ----will stay with her mother ----  at Culverden

Thursday 25 April  1918
Photo  -  Killed in Action  -   090
Private Arthur Edward previously reported missing,  now reported killed on 12 October 1917  was the 3rd son of Mrs E. Harding,
                         of Waltham,  he left NZ with the 8th Reinforcements,  wounded 7 June but within 3 weeks was back in the trenches,
                          he was employed at the Addington workshops prior to enlisting -------

Killed in Action  -  091
Mr Robert Harney, well-known Southbridge farmer  his son private Daniel Harney was killed in France.   2nd member of the family,
                        an elder brother  killed last June. ----- age 23  born at Southbridge ---- --enlisted with the 16th Reinforcements  -------

Killed in Action  -  092
Private Edward McFadden,  killed in action  was born at Hashwells,  Wairarapa,  aged 25  educated at Templeton and Papanui schools, 
                            enlisted with the 26th Reinforcements, and farming on his father's farm,  at Mairehau -----   member of Marshlands Cycling Club
                             ---  competed in Timaru-Christchurch road race ---  his brother Clarence is on active service in the Aviation Corps,
                             being one of the 1st pupils to leave the Aviation School in Sockburn.

Wounded in Action  -  093
ALDRIDGE - Rifleman F.  son of Mrs M.Aldridge, of Tinwald  was transferred to hosp in England on 10 April.
JOHNSTON -  Rifleman Charles Johnston,  of Arundel, left with the 15th reinforcements  has been wounded in the head.
ROSS -  Rifleman J. 3rd son of Mr W.Ross, Lyndhurst, admitted to 26th General Hosp. Etaples, gunshot wounds ---- left with the 25th reinforcements.

Wounded in Action  -  094
SHEAT - Lance-Sergeant C.M.   3rd  son of Mr G.Sheat, Dunsandel,  wounded a 2nd time,  at the front over 2 years -- awarded a military medal some time ago.
WALL - Gunner Douglas, 3rd son of Mr and Mrs R. Wall of Springston -- enlisted at age 20 left with the 36th reinforcements , also another son returned wounded.

Killed in Action  -  096
Private George Griebel, killed in action  on 5 April  youngest son of Mr Peter Griebel of Ohoka. --------   nearly 21 years of age when killed,
                      enlisted twice before getting away. His brother Mr J.A.Griebel is still in active service in France.

Died of Wounds  -  098
Sergeant Leonard Wesley Perryman,  died of wounds, was 2nd son of Mr and Mrs H.E.Perryman,  Tai-Tapu, aged 32, was born in Tai-Tapu
                      --- left with the 18th Reinforcements,  on arrival at Sling Camp, he was sent to Tidworth to study as a musketry instructor  ----  in May he went
                        to Hayling to study Lewis gun work  ----  left for France in November  -- received wounds from which he died on 6 April.

Died of Wounds  -  099
Mrs V.K.Schumacher, of St John st,  Papanui,  her husband Private F.W. Schumacher  had died  from wounds received on 14 April
                                      was the only son of Mrs Blair,  Papanui rd,    was a baker by trade  ----  leaves a widow  and son.  left with the
                                        28th Reinforcements  was aged 29.

Killed in Action  -  100
Lance-Corporal R.F.Shepherd, recently killed in action  whose mother lives in Invercargill  left with the Ashburton quota
                        of the 25th reinforcements ----  expert shearer ---  

Died from Wounds  -  101
Gunner Alfred Whelan  (died from wounds 10 April)  youngest son of Mr and Mrs T. Whelan  of Mornington, Dunedin,  was aged 21
                      was dux of Mornington School, had 4 years at Otago Boys'   ---  visited Melbourne in January 1914  with --  scouts    ---
                      enlisted in the Artillery  ---- a brother Leonard is in France  -------

Friday 26 April  1918
Died from Wounds -  102
Private Percy Clive,  who left with the 19th reinforcements  has died from wounds received in action in France on 14 April,  aged 29,
                 born at Lincoln  and educated at Prebbleton School,  youngest son of late  Mr and Mrs J.Clive  --- 
                sister is  Mrs E. Jones of 35 Dunn st,  Spreydon.

Killed in Action  -  103
Private Samuel Kennedy,  son of Mrs M.H.Travers  126 Clarence road,  killed in action in France on 6 April.  he was 
                        working in bush country prior to enlisting -----he held the world's championship for 1913  and 1914  for single-hane sawing.
                         enlisted with the 21st Reinforcements -- twice wounded.  His younger brother Sergeant R.Kennedy  is still in France
                         a younger brother J.Kennedy is a cadet in the Justice dept.    -------  

Casualties   - 104
BELL -  Lieutenant ---  hus of Mrs C.E.Bell,  Rangiora,  severe injuries in face and eyes -------
ROBINSON -  Private J.H., 3rd son of Mr and Mrs Joseph Robinson ----  killed in action on 5 april in France, ed. at Tinwald School -- 29th reinforcements
WILSON - Lance-Corporal William James --  killed on 5 April , son of Mr R.Wilson, builder, Rangiora,  aged 29  left with Otago Infantry ---  
ROBINSON - Lieutenant E.A.  2nd son of Mr William Robinson of Riccarton, has returned  to NZ  went to England in 1915   --- recently invalided  ---

Photo  - Wounded in Action  -  105
Mr F.Sisson of Papanui,  4th son Private B.A. Sisson (Berti)  -- wounded --- he was born at Papanui, received his education at the
                    private school  by Sisters of Mercy --  left with 23rd reinforcements  ----  aged 22

Photo - Killed in Action  -  106
Sergeant-Major Robert W.Thompson,  killed in action  on 26 March.  left with the 19th reinforcements  ---- served in the Boer War,
                         one of the top 10 New Zealanders to be picked to be bodyguard at King Edward's cornation.  he leaves a widow and 2 children.

Casualty   -  107
Private J.  son of Mr G.Ellis of Islington  who left with the 32nd Reinforcements  --  died from the effects of wounds on 29 April  while a prisoner of war.

Saturday  27 April  1918
Wounded in Action  -  110
BOWMAN - Private,  hus of Mrs J.J. Bowman  of 95 Trafalgar st,  St Albans,  wounded 8 April  removed to England,  left with 23rd reinforcements.
HARRY - Private Benjamin,  5th son of  Mrs H. Harry of 39 Durham st, Sydenham  ill in 83rd General Hosp. France, another brother killed in action on 16 Dec.
ALLEN - Private A.J. son of Mrs B.L. Allen 127 Colombo road,  again wounded  both legs and foot left arm amputated, ---  elder son also wounded ----

Wounded  -  111
MILES -  Major R.  son of Mr Miles,  Beresford st, New Brighton,  has been severley wounded and is in hospital.

Wounded in Action  -  112
HARRIS -  Roy,  son of Mr and Mrs F.G.Harris has been wounded in France, ----  was at Gallipoli,  
ALLEY  -  Rewi, 2nd  son of Mr F.J.Alley, master at Wharenui School -- wounded in France ---  lost their eldest son just over 12 mths ago.

Monday 29 April 1918
Photo - Roll of Honour  - 113
Mrs H.Harry,  39 Durham st, Sydenham  her 5th son Private Benjamin is dangerously ill in the 83rd General Hosp. France.
                     another brother was killed in action on 16 December 1917  both left with the 23rd Reinforcements.

Wounded  or Killed  in Action  -  114
ALLEN -  Private A.J. son of Mrs B.L. Allen, 127 Colombo road,  wounded again with gunshot wounds  ---  elder son also wounded ------
CLIVE -  Private Percy David, brother of Mrs E. Jones, 35 Dunn st, died of wounds -- left with19th Reinforcements died 14 April age 29 -----  more  ----
ANDERSON - Private William, son of Mr & Mrs Robert and Barbara Anderson, of Staveley, killed in action, aged 32 with 27th reinforcements,  a carpenter --
HERBERT  -  Sergeant Leicester, son of Mr and Mrs H.F.Herbert -- died of wounds -- admitted to hosp.31 March-- educated at Richmond School --
NELSON - Private Harry, brother of Mr Bert Nelson, of West Oxford, killed in action on 5 April --with 10th Reinforcements --  George died on 7 Feb.
PERRY -  Private James, son of Mrs William Perry, of Sawyer's Bay--  was killed in action on 6 April,--- Oamaru -- left with 33rd Reinforcements,  single,
Wounded  or Killed  in Action  -  115
JOHNSON -  Sergeant H.R. son of Mr A.Johnson, --  Addington,   admitted to English hosp.  ------  lots more  ----
LEWIN -  Corporal E.H. killed   in France on 9 January  was with 9th battery NZ Field Artillery,  ------ lots more ----
FARRA - Private Edward St Clair, died in hosp in France on 2 April left with 19th Reinforcements  --at Passchendaele last October   age 32 ----  lots more ---

Casualties  -  116
ALLEN -  Private A.J. son of Mrs B.L.Allen, 127 Colombo rd,  again wounded ------
ANDERSON -  Private William,  ----  see 114
BOWMAN -  Private, hus of Mrs J.J. of 95 Trafalgar st,   was wounded 8 April,  removed to England,  left with 23rd Reinforcements.
CLARK -  Private A.son of Mrs A.Clark 248 Blenheim rd, wounded ---  with 15th reinforcements --  30 May last year he was wounded in several places.
MUIR -  A.C. son of Mrs A.Muir,  of Middleton has again been admitted to hospital
PIKE -  Private Halwyn Beckett, son of Mr T.B.Pike, 99 Chester st,  admitted to hosp. in England -------
PINCKNEY -  Lieutenant Jack,  son of Mr Geo. Pinckney of Glenaray Station, Southland --  reported missing ---  been at war since August 1914
WATTS -  Private V.A. son of Mrs F.L.Watts of 43 Disraeli st  admitted to hosp in England on 22 April -- gunshot wounds-- left with 9th reinforcements

Tuesday 30 April  1918
Casualties  -  117
ABLETT -  Private E. brother of Mrs Trenberth, 210 Westminster st, admitted to hosp. in England  20 April --  gunshot wound
ALLEN -  Private A.J. son of Mrs B.L. Allen, 127 Colombo rd,  again wounded ------
ARTHUR -  Sergeant E.W. son of Mr T.M.Arthur, Amberley, died of wounds  8 April, age 24  ---with 19th reinforcements --
                    brother  Private W.Arthur also away BAILEY - Private S.E.C.  2nd son of Mr and Mrs G.Bailey, killed in action, age 26
                     reported missing ---in France on 12 October 1917 from Irwell and Templeton
BOWMAN -  Private, hus of Mrs J.J. of 95 Trafalgar st,   was wounded 8 April,  removed to England,  left with 23rd Reinforcements.
BRASSINGTON -  Private E. son of Mrs A.Brassington, Hornby,  admitted to hosp. in France born at Belfast age 22   --- more ----
CLARK -  Private A. son of Mrs A.Clark 248 Blenheim rd, wounded ---  with 15th reinforcements --  30 May last year he was wounded in several places.
HERBERT -  Sergeant Leicester    -  died of wounds
JOHNSON -  Sergeant H.R. son of Mr A. Johnson, --  Addington,   admitted to English hosp.  ------  lots more  ----
LEE - Rifleman Robert, son of Mrs E. Lee, 4 Kingsley st,  ill in hosp. in England --  left with brother Ernest in 19th --   3 sons on active service ---
MUIR -  A.C. son of Mrs A.Muir,  of Middleton has again been admitted to hospital
PIKE -  Private Halwyn Beckett, son of Mr T.B.Pike, 99 Chester st,  admitted to hosp. in England -------
PINCKNEY -  Lieutenant Jack,  son of Mr Geo. Pinckney of Glenaray Station, Southland --  reported missing ---  been at war since August 1914
WATTS -  Private V.A. son of Mrs F.L.Watts of 43 Disraeli st  admitted to hosp in England on 22 April -- gunshot wounds -- left with 9th reinforcements

Photo - Roll of Honour - 117
Mr Vague, of North rd, Papanui,  death of son Private William Edward Vague,  died of wounds on 29 March,  was born at Cust 36 years ago,
                     educated at Moeraki, Stoke and Rangiora Schools. --- worked on his father's farm at Papaka Land Settlement, --
                    enlisted in 16th reinforcements and at the time was working on Mr Coward's farm at Hackthorn,  at Westerfield.

Casualties  -  118
CLARK - Gunner Frederick Arthur , killed in action in France on 10 April, 3rd son of Mr Charles G.Clark ------    more ----
HOPKINS -  Private Henry, died  21 April at Military Hosp. Wellington, returned invalided last September -----  leaves a widow and a little son.
JOHNSON  -  Private W.M. of the Welsh Regiment ---  son of Mr H.M.Johnson,    been missing since 24 March -- left NZ 7 years ago  -----

Beverley Evans
Christchurch NZ
24 January 2010

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