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I have photographed these

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Photo - 001
Cover page of book

Photo -  002
Publishing Office of Herald, Queen St, Auckland, Weekly News founded in 1863 - 1971

Photo - 003
Tom HEENEY, Nz's Boxing heavyweight hopeful.

Photo - 004
Officers & crew of the 'Eleanor Boling" part of an Antartic expedition. Commander Capt. Byrd

Photo - 005
photo of Toll Gate at Mountain Rd at Waipuku near Stratford

Photo - 006
Lieutenant John MONCRIEFF with Capt. Hood  --- attempting 1st crossing of Tasman
sadly both perished.

Photo - 007
Dobson Coal Mine, rescue workers    following double explosion in Dec. 1926

Photo - 008
American writer Zane GREY visited NZ in  Jan.1926   holding a brace of trout.

Photo - 009
J. G. COATES  became Prime Minister in 1925

Photo - 010
Tahupotiki Wiremu Ratana ---- d. 1939

Photo - 011
Rudall HAYWOOD,   NZ  Pioneer  filmmaker.

Photo - 012
Polio outbreak 1924 - 25 photo of nurses & patients


Photo 013 & 014
photo of  different sports  people play  in NZ

Photo - 015
Prince of Wales visit to NZ  photos of welcomes on sea and at shore at Auckland

Photo  - 016
The Prince of Wales at Rotorua greeted by the Maori girls, April 28th 1920

Photo -  017
Some winners at NZ Championships in Auckland.
C.E. Claridge (Wellington)
Miss K. Bristed (Canterbury)
Miss G. Shand (Canterbury)
Miss Violet Walrond (Auckland)
Edna Walrond (Auckland)
L. Kronfield (Auckland)

Photo - 018
1st plane top cross Cook Strait flown from Christchurch flown by Cpt. Ewan DICKSON.

Photo - 019
1st Seaplane flight from Auckland to Wellington flown by Mr Leo WALSH, Mr R. JOHNSONand Mr G. BOLT (pilot)  400 miles in 5 hrs. 6min.

Photo - 020
Removing Acacia Cottage (1st Auckland home of Sir John Logan CAMPBELL) to Cornwall Park.

Photo  -021
"Tripping"  a dam  moving kauri timber

Photo - 022
Darcy HADFIELD, the new sculling champion of Auckland

Photo 023
disastrous floods in the South Island towns inundated

Photo -  024
continuation of 023  terrible flooding  1923

Photo - 025
Rugby Union Team of NZ  Hawke's Bay holders of the Ranfurly Shield
Back row - L. Hingston, W. Irvine, L. Paewai, J. Kirwan, G. Nepia, W. Batchelor.
3rd row - L. Harris, W. McGregor, J. McNab, C. Brownlee, J. Ormond, D. Grenside, N. McKenzie.
Middle row - R. Irvine,  A. Falwesser,  G. Yates,  A. Kirkpatrick, M. Brownlee, S. Gemmell, J. Walker, J. Brown.
In Front -  N. Kivell, J. Mill, T. Daly.

Photo - 026
Rugby Footballers for Great Britain due to leave Wellington on 26 July
J. Richardson, R.R.Masters, C. Brownlie, M. Brownlee, Porter, K. S. Svenson, A.E.Cooke F.W.Lucas
A C C Robilliard,  McCleary, I Harvey.

Photo - 027  
Rugby Footballers for Great Britain other half  of page
Donald,  M. Nicholls, A. Hart, H.W.Brown,  W.R.Irvine, J. Mill, H.G.Munro,  A. White, L. Paewai, G. Nepia, G. Badeley,  R .L.Stewart,N.P.McGregor,  W.C.Dalley.

Photo - 028
Photo of whole team together.

Photo - 029
Oamaru,  10 photos on one page of places in Oamaru.

Photo 030
Bon Voyage  to Governor General Viscount JELLICOE on 25 Nov.

Photo - 031
Miss L. DARBY clothes caught fire during a performance at Wanganui, she died next day.

Photo - 032
Blenheim  --Market Square

Photo - 033
Three towers of Auckland City, the Town Hall, Public Library,  and new Arts Building.

Photo - 034
The 1st NZ Cricket team to tour England.
C.C.Dacre,  C.f.w.Allcott,  J.E.Mills, T.C.Lowry, H.M.McGirr, F.T.Badcock, M. Henderson,  W. Cunningham,  M. l. Page,  C.Oliver, D. Hay (Manager)  R. Blunt,  K.C.James, C.S.Dempster, W.E.Merritt.

Photo  - 035
Richmond Aerodrome, Sydney, Lieut. J.R.MONCRIEFF & Capt. G. HOOD with plane to cross the Tasman.

Photo - 036
Lieut. J.R.MONCRIEFF & Capt. G. HOOD photographed beside their monoplane ---

Photo - 037
Lieut. J.R.MONCRIEFF in the inflated boat  in case of emergency.

Photo - 038
NZ All Black Team 1928

Photo  039
NZ All Black Team 1928

Photo - 040
The 4 heroes of the Tasman flight at Wigram Aerodrome after crossing the Tasman
Mr T.H. McWilliam, Flight Lieut. C.T.P.Ulm,   Squadron Leader C.E.Kingsford Smith.

Photo - 041
Page photos of the incidents of the rousing welcome to the crew of the giant monoplane
Southern Cross at Wigram Aerodrome, Christchurch.

Photo - 042
Commander Byrd & Capt. Melville sail for Antartic.

Photo - 043
Commander Byrd at the Scott Memorial

Photo - 044
Stan Lay of Hawera, a member of the NZ Olympic team

Photo - 045
pictures  from the Te Kauwhata vineyards showing pickers at work.

Photo 046
Bursting of a reservoir and mishap on Mt. Eden
Mr J. Fletcher,  Mr W.E.Bush, Mr G. Tyler,  Mr J.A.C.Allum,

Photo - 047
Dunedin floods,  damage done by last weeks severe flood in Dunedin

Photo - 048
Debutantes at the Vice-Regal Ball in Auckland 
Miss ALice Bailey,  Miss Pauline Watson,  Miss Clarice Lawry, Miss Phyllis Biss,  Miss Margaret Robertson.

Photo - 049    (not a good photo)
Miss Dorothy Johnstone, Miss Bessie MacCormick,  Miss Alice Parker, Miss Mary Gordon, Miss Rona fenton.

Photo - 050
Miss C. McConnell,  Miss Betty Buddle, Miss Jacqueline Nathan, Miss Alison Huie, Miss C. Thronsen.

Photo - 051
Murchison  Earthquake  -

Photo - 052
Views of earthquake damage at Westport
Westports Post Office almost entirely destroyed.

Photo - 053
The Prime Minister at the unveiling of the Waverley War Memorial on 28 Oct. 1925

Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ
23 November 2020

I have photographed these

to find  a name on this page  use Ctrl+F

for a  photo  send the name of the paper , surname and   number  to  Beverley

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