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AGAR - TAIT -  001
Phillipa, daughter of Mr and Mrs C.P.Agar, Merivale, Christchurch  to  James Graeme Humphreys, son of late Mr G.I.  and Mrs Tait, of Auckland
bridesmaids were  Janice Norbert-Munns  and Jillian Slyfield.    Barrie Tait was best man  and the groomsman was Michael Harris.

Glyndwyr,  daughter of Mr & Mrs T.O.S. Davies,  of New Plymouth  to  John,  son of Mr and Mrs J.M.Robinson,  of Palmeston North,  was married in New Plymouth.  Attendants  are Susan Sounders  and Susan Willis,    Robert King  and Ru Perritt,  who are medical students.

Mr Ivan Howard,   son of Mr and Mrs H. Eriksen,  Horowhenua    and Pamela Frances,  daughter of Mr and Mrs R.A.Martin, of Dargaville.

GRICE - STAFF -  006
at Hinchley Wood,  London,  Jim,  son of Mr and Mrs M.Grice, of Maingaiti, Te Aroha  to  Ann, daughter of Mr and Mrs E.S.Staff,  of Esher, Surrey, England.

Mary Louise,  daughter of Mr & Mrs I.A. Harvey, of Auckland  and Dr Peter Barrie Herdson,  son of Mr and Mrs C.H.Herdson, of Epsom,  attendants were Sandra Harvey,  Judith Wilson,  Dr Barry Cant,  and Dr Michael Simcock.

Georgette Muriel, daughter of Mrs and late Mr G.J.W.Cooper of Wellington  to  Simon Grant,  son of Mr and Mrs R.G.Lockhart,  of Napier.

Patricia Mary, only daughter of Mr and Mrs J.D.McDonald,  of Johnsonville, Wellington   to  Robin,  son of Mr and Mrs C.W.Richardson,  of Napier, 

McELWEE -  BLUNT -  010
Frances Ann,  twin daughter of Mr G.P.McElwee, of Hamilton  and Mrs E.McElwee of Christchurch,  ---  to Roger, son of Mr and Mrs L.P.Blunt, of Kaikoura.
attendants are   Mrs Elspeth Tothill,    Susan Wheeler and Venetia ChristieBill Taply,   Richard Latter  and Tim Blunt.

McLEAN - WILLS  - 011
Kathleen Ada,  daughter of Mr and Mrs I.D.H.McLean,  of Caroline,  Southland  to  Donald Ian Gladstone,  only son of Mr and Mrs J.A.Wills,  of Dunedin, 
attendants are Joan McLean,   Mrs Bernard Haselmore (sister of the groom)  Jack Thomson  and  Kelvin Marks.

RYBURN - REID  - 014
at Hamilton,  Jeanette Ann,  elder daughter of Mr and Mrs E.A.Ryburn  to  Murray Stewart,  son of Mr and Mrs W.J.Reid.  the attendants were  the bride's sister Heather,  a cousin Shirley Ryburn,  Elaine PolglaseIan BrakebushMichael O'Boyle.

Josephine Mary Annesley,  daughter of Mrs Shekleton, Fendalton, Christchurch, and late Mr J.A. Shekleton,  to  Douglas David,  son of Mr and Mrs C.D.Cunningham,  of Amberley.  the attendants were  Susan HartyJudith CunninghamHelen PeateGeorge Wallis,  Terry Westenra,  and Robin Cunningham.

Photograph -  New Plymouth Girls' High School  Debutante Ball - 012
Diane Oliver,  Robin Burt,  Josephine Mackintosh,  Glenyss Ballinger,  HilarySlater,  Roslyn Freebairn,  Betty isbister,  Virginia Mills,  DianneO'Neill,  Fay Bellringer,  Robin Matthews,  Joyce Hall,  Isobel Schwieters,  Carolyn Stacey,  Lynette Julian,  Beryl Hoskin, Gillian Mason,  Esme Wilson,  Susan Mason,  Anne Gourdie.

Photograph  -   New Plymouth  Girls' High School  75th Jubilee  -  002
ALLUM  -  Miss A.R. present headmistress   with   Miss D.N.Allan,  headmistress from 1925  to 1943.

Photograph  -  Engagements - 004
SPITTLE - CHITTOCK -  Margaret Elaine, dau. of Mr & Mrs W.J.Spittle, Kelso to Maurice, son of Mrs D.Chittock,  Dunedin and Mr F.H.Chittock, -----
WARDS - BELL - Janice Edith, dau. of Mr & Mrs A.R.Wards, --- Hamilton  to  Wallace, son of Mr E.J. and late Mrs Bell.
CHAPMAN - CATLEY - Enid, dau of Mr & Mrs P.Chapman, Wanganui  to  Derek, son of Mr & Mrs D.Catley,  Waipawa.
CAMERON - STROUD - Adele,  dau. of Mr & Mrs R.S.Cameron, ---Southland  to  Ronald geoffrey, son of Mr and Mrs T.R.Stroud,  of Invercargill.

Photograph  -  Article about  Sister Mary Leo  -  013 
ROBINSON - Marie, a pupil of Sister Mary Leo,  who was awarded a fellowship of Trinity College, London last year.

Photograph  -  Choir night at St Mary's music room  - 015
pupils are Sylvia HopkinsMargaret ShawMary O' Brien,   (conPatricia Priceductor)  Beverley Johnson (usual pianist)  and centre Sister Leo.

Photograph  -  SHAW -  016
Star of the New Zealand Opera Company's latest production is Angela Shaw,  another young singer from St Mary's College music school,  the photograph was taken when the company was at Taumarunui.

Beverley Evans
Christchurch NZ
25  November 2010
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