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Wednesday 10 February 1954
Weddings   - photograph  -   001
Jocelyn, 2nd dau. of Dr & Mrs J.C.D. Macky, Auckland   to  Thomas Anthony, son of Mr & Mrs J.W.Bennett, of Spalding, England -----bridesmaids Leonie Hume  and Leslie Impey ----      Mr W. Bell  was best man  and Mr D. Sinton was groomsman.  The couple will live in England. ----- lots more ----

Beverley Raynor, dau. of Mr and Mrs J.T.Smith, of Gisborne  to  Ian Arthur,  son of Mrs F. and late Mr A.Anderson, of Kauakania  ---   attendants were the bride's sister Adrienne  and Phillipa Chrisp,  Margaret Issac and Gretchen McColl, of Fielding,  cousins of the bride.  Wendy Foster and Prudence Smith were flower girls ----     best man  was John Harris  and groomsmen were Roger Smith, brother,  Graham Ford  and Malcolm Manuel.  ----  lots more ----

Bernice, dau. of Mr and Mrs A.L.Stanton, of Roslyn  to  Alan,  son of Mr and Mrs R.C.Graves,  of St Kilda.  -----  bridesmaids were Elizabeth Stanton   and Mary Purvis  --- best man was Bruce McDonald, of Hawera  and groomsman Ronald Taylor -------

at St Mary's Church. Sanderstead, Surrey, England,  Julie Errol, dau of Squadron Leader and Mrs C.D.Kingsford, of Wellington   to  Dr David Andrews,  elder son of Mr and Mrs L.Andrews,  of Forest Hill,  Kent.  ------  bridesmaid was Ann Bullock,    Christine Bray,   flower girl ----   best man was Dr Sam Bayliss,   --
Dr and Mrs Andrews will spend the next 3 years in Nairobi,  Kenya,  after which they hope to settle in New Zealand.

SALISBURY - MORRIS -  photograph  -  001
Ethne Ann, elder dau. of Mr and Mrs G.N.G.Morris, of Remuera   to  Douglas, elder son of Mr and Mrs J.C.Salisbury,  Wellington.  --------  Jane Wiseman  and Patricia Morris,  sister,  were bridesmaids,  -----  Mr Duncan McIntyre and Mr Morris Williams,  both of Gisborne   were best man and groomsman

WHITE -  BEWS  -  013
Betty Patricia, dau. of  Mrs Bews  and late Mr W.L.Bews,  Invercargill   to  Allan James, son of mr and Mrs J.White,  St Kilda,  -------  Beverley,  bride's sister was attendant  and Mr Gerald White,  brother was best man. -------

TIPPET - PRICE -    photograph  -  001
Captain of the Green Island hockey team,     Gwendoline,  dau. of Mr and Mrs A.J.Price,  to  Ronald Alexander Tippet -----  sister Violet   and Shirley Tippet  were bridesmaids,    flower girls were Lesley Melbourne  and Christine Jack ------   best man was Murray Tippet,  and Albert Price,  groomsman.

Jocelyn, dau of Mr and Mrs R.L.Horn,  Auckland  to  Edward,  son of Mrs M  and late Mr R.T.Fullerton-Smith  of Ongarue,  King Country.  ------  bridesmaids  were Margaret-Mary Brett (Auckland)   and Jennifer Worseldine (Christchurch)   flower girl  Judith Briant (Marton)  ----   Mr Philip Briant  was best man  and Mr Tom Acton  of England was groomsman.

at New Plymouth,  Shirley Elizabeth,  dau of Mr G.M.and late  Mrs Galloway   to  Christopher Edward Bottrill,  son of Mr and Mrs C.G.Bottrill,   -------   attendants were  Mrs Dorothy Okey,  of Uriti,  Janice Galloway,  and Jean Galloway,   mr E.D. Okey,  Mr M. K. Siddels  and Mr B.Fey,  --------

at Wanganui Collegiate School,  Angela Marion,  dau of Mr and Mrs H.G.Carver  to  Francis Michael,  son of late Mr L.L.Knight  and Mrs Knight. -----   attendants  were  Belinda (sister of bride)  Louise Faulkner (Hastings)  Julie Wilding,  (North Canterbury)    cousin of groom,    Mr W.A.X.Coupe, (Havelock North)  Mr L.C. Hunter (Dannevirke)  Mr Cashmore (Hastings)  --- more ----

DUFFY - CODY -  023
at Khandallah,  Elizabeth,  dau. of Mr and Mrs J.F.Cody,  to  Donald Robert,  son of Mr and Mrs E.P.Duffy -----   attendants  were  Collen McCarthy and Pauline Duffy (sister)  and Gillian McCarthy,  Monica Fry  was flower girl,  niece of the bride,   Mr Terry Fitzpatrick  of Blenheim  and Messrs Brendan Cody  and Maurice Kearney (Christchurch)

 Aynsley, at Auckland,  dau. of Mr and Mrs Arthur McClure  to  Dr John Sullivan,  son of Mrs T.Tripp Andrews   -----  Robyn, Jill,  Glenys, and Mary Pat McLure were bridesmaids  and Patrick McLure page boy,   Dr Keith Eyre  was best man,  Dr James Ryan  was groomsman -------

Double Wedding  -  024   and photograph  025
ELMES  -  HICKS  -  at Hawera
Peggy Jean, twin dau. of  Mrs E.A.  and late Mr L.Hicks,  to John Ronald, son of Mrs  and late Mr J.H.Elmes --------  attendants  were Miss Leonie Hicks  and Miss Audrey Mills,  sister  and cousin of the brides,  Mr John Instone and Sergeant Bob McGavock   ------

MILLICHIP  -  HICKS  -  024  and photograph  025
Maureen Isobel,  youngest dau. to  Gerald Albert, son of Mr and Mrs W.H.Millichip,  Gisborne,  --- Mrs Millichip is to leave next month for Suva  where her husband is ststioned in the Army for 2 years.

HARE -  McWATTERS  -  002
Margaret,  at Paeroa,  only dau. of Mr and Mrs D.McWatters,  to  Oliver Howard,  only son of Mr and Mrs Howard J.Hare -----   attendants were Noeline Jordan  and Rosemary Hare ------    flower girl was Janne McWatters,  niece of the bride,    Mr William Hare was best man  and Mr Donald Strodepenny  was groomsman.

Margaret, only dau. of Mr and Mrs C.J.Colville,  Wellington,   to  Bill, son of Mr and Mrs F.A.Wollerman,  Palmeston North.  bridesmaids were Tiu Conibear and Margaret Makin,    ------   Mr Brian Colville  and Mr Bernard Carroll  were best man and groomsman -----

Ethna, dau. of Mr and Mrs D.Wilson,  Auckland   to  Charles William,  only son of late Mr  and Mrs Parker. --------   Barbara Bogey and June Matheson  were bridesmaids  and James Martin and Gordon Hanlon were attendants  -----

Betrothal Announced  -   photograph  - 028
June,  dau. of Captain and Mrs A.Rowlands,  of Guildford, Surrey,  recently announced her engagement to  a New Zealand physician  Dr Hugh Eaton,  now of Lower Hutt,   son of Mr and Mrs G.H.Eaton,  Whakarara Station,  Hawke's Bay.  -------  June will come to New Zealand to be married, she is at present on the staff of St Luke's Hospital,  Guildford.   Her fiance,  who holds the rank of Squadron leader,  was aide-de-camp  to Sir Cyril Newall   -------  later he studied medicine at Otago University.

Photograph  -  029
LINES  -  Maureen,  aged 2 and half  of the Presbyteriam Orphanage,  Gore,  presents a bouquet to the Queen.

Photograph  -  030
SOUTH  -  Helen, Alison,  Judith,  wave as the Royal procession passes past their home at Winchester.

Photograph  -  031
NZ  surf life-saving reps  now touring Australia.  -
Back row  -  A.Y.Priest,        B.F. McLean,        C.W.Billing,        P.R.Garratt.
2nd row  -  P.McNally,      M.C.Fearon,      W.S.Pasley,      J.R.Jarvis,       A.J.D. Laing.
sitting -  A. Gardner  (manager)       J.A.Ryan  (captain) 

Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ
21 December 2010

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