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 1950's  decade
Photo 002
Edmund Hilary
on Everest, the day before his successful event.
Photo 003
Queen Elizabeth 11  in Hastings  1954

Photo 004
Rear-Admiral George Dufek, American task force commander in the Antarctic
greets Sir Vivian Fuchs & Edmund Hillary.

Photo 005
Mrs B. Crowther, a high jumper with the English team at the 1950 Empire Games during a visit to Rotorua.

Photo 006
Don Clarke, kicking the All Blacks to victory through the 1950's.
Photo 007   
Mr & Mrs Cecil Tucker strike gymnastic poses & with Mr Russell Middlebrook at Piha.

Photo 008
Mr B. King tending a crop of potatoes in front of his modern home.

Photo 009
Mr G. Pomana, a dairy farmer with his horse

Photo 010
Mrs King serves afternoon tea when Mrs H H Dewes, a neighbour calls.

Photo 011
Children with their teacher at the Waipaoa Station School. the fathers all work at Waipaoa Station

Photo 012
Australian brothers K. & M. Rowley finish 1st & 2nd in the NZ Derby at the Easter Carnival.

Photo - 013
Finish of the 120yds handicap won by R G Dalziel

Photo 014  
Collie Club parade
Ellen & Brian Lawrence, of Rotowaro, South Auckland with their collie.
1951 Decade

Photo 015
1st cricket test at Christchurch,  Hadlee & Wallace at Lancaster Park.

Photo 016
Television has a studio test in Wellington Mr Bernard Beeby directs Aunt Daisy &
 Mr J. Telfer explains the camera to Mr W. Yates, Director of Broadcasting.

Photo 017
Walter Anglesey age 5yrs with a 16lb snapper caught in Taranaki.

Photo 018
Bombadier John McCauley of Hamilton has a meal in comparative comfort in this field at the Korean battlefront.

Photo 019
NZ'ers at the Korean battlefront  from left
Sgt. G. Gallagher, Wellington:  Gunners D. Feehan, Wellington:  B. Boyden, Dannevirke: 
D. Liddington, Hamilton:  W. Monkhouse, Whangarei:  R. Farrow, Dannevirke:

Photo 020
Mr C. Doyle, freezing works leader at a march.

Photo 021
Inspector D R Sugrue, Messers T Hill, T.G.Wells & E.A.Napier.

Photo 022
David, Helen, Colin & Bruce DICK of Lilybank Station collecting mail in snow.

1952 Decade

Photo 023
NZ Olympic Team to compete at Helsinki
Miss Yvette Williams (women's broad jump)

Photo 024
Bob Scott & George Nepia  at a  Rugby match at Gisborne oval.

Photo 025
Migration Officer at Carlton House London Mr C. Stevenson & High Commissioner Mr F.W.Dodge
Photo 026
New canning factory for Gisborne
Mr G.J.Wattie inspecting corn grown by  Mr B.J.Taylor, of Bushmere.

Photo 027
Stewart Taylor age 3 eating corn grown by his father.

Photo 028
Inspection of firemaen's axes by Station Officer A.J.Edmonds.

Photo 029
Martha gold mine ends 65 yr life.
Mr A F. Lowrie, mine manager &  Mr A.E.Waite on the steps of the old mine office

Photo 030
3 miners  Mr W. Radford (shaft boss) C.Brooks & L.Warn.

1953 Decade

Photo 031
Knucklebone champs  - Yvonne Midson, age 11 & Alan Rear.

Photo 032
Miss Harris  driving the school bus.

Photo 033
The Hon. & Mrs T.C.Webb  bade goodbye to Queen Salote of Tonga.

Photo 034
A.H.Reed author  of Dunedin,  standing on a 15 ft log at Helensville

Photo 035
Prime Minister Mr Holland surveys the disaster with Mr H.C. Lusty, General Manager of Railways.
30 December 1953 train disaster

1954 Decade

Photo 036
Ina Low, Auckland capt.  gets possession of the ball and falls.

Photo 037
NZ Basketball championships Hastings.
Vera Sunde, Auckland,  shoots a goal against Hawke's Bay

Photo 037a
Peter Donaldson  age 5 with mother had the best turned-out trolley
Gerard Wilkinson competing in the senior race

Photo 037b
R.J. Charles of Masterton  & J.D. Durry of Otago at Golf championships.

Photo 037c
Rowena Jackson & Bryan Ashbridge  of Sadlers Wells ballet to
dance at the Auckland festival.

Photo 038
Miss Margaret Beere riding in the Blossom festival in Hawke's Bay

Photo 039
Margaret Velvin & Shona Marr in the Blossom week finery.

Photo 040
Miss P. Coombe and the wheel of flowers at the blossom festival.

Photo 041
Miss K. Jackson winner of the dressmaking competition models the frock she made.

Photo 041a
Inspector D R Sugrue calls on Wellington demonstrators to halt.

Photo 042
Mr L. Irvine demonstrates fat lamb judging to
 Miss Gladys Bird (Te Puke) & Miss Mary Malloy (Tauriko)

Photo 043
Making judges notes at Counrty Girl's Club.
Misses Sonia Holmes, Judith Mark, Mary Hopping, Shirley Holmes & Mary Parnwell.

Photo 044
3 girls  from Patetonga, Misses Peggy Caldwell, Molly Duffy & Pat Caldwell

1955 Decade

Photo 045
National Lawn Tennis championships.
Miss J. Burke (Auckland)  & J. A. Barry (Wellington)

Photo 046
Ski plane lands on Southern Alps ski field.
Mr H.R.Wigley with Sir Edmund Hilary & Mt Cook guide Harry Ayres.

Photo 047
Major A.V. McKenzie  showing men how to dig a trench at Ngaruawahia camp.

Photo 047a
Auckland Anniversary. Regatta
22ft mullett boat "Eranie" (V. lingard)

Photo 048
John Crowther age 16mths held by his father Mr H. Crowther (Christchurch) at the camp in Queenstown..

Photo 049
Hugh age 2yrs gets a bath by his mother Mrs D C Paterson (Invercargill)  at camp in Queenstown

Photo 050
K.R.Binney (Auckland) prepares a meal at  camp at Queenstown

Photo 051
David Fraser (Invercargill) in his tent at Queenstown.

Photo  051a
K.R. Binney of Auckland pprepares a meal.

Photo 052
4 boys with their 1918 car at Queenstown motor camp.
R. Jenkins,  N. Kennedy,  P.Bell & J. Mann.

Photo 053
Cabinet grants reprieve to South Otago mining centre at Kaitangata
Mr J. Uren enjoying a pipe and chat with Mr W. Hughes.

Photo 054
Senior Commissioned shipwright R.S.Hurden explains
 a feature of a transparent model of a frigate

Photo 055
Mr G. W. Heald, a Winter Show judge for 31 yrs at Waikato winter show.

Photo 056
Mrs T. Trotman judging at the Waikato Winter Show.

Photo 056a
9 Nov. 1955 Opening of Rimituka railway tunnel.
Mr McAlpine presenting a pair of scissors to the Prime Minister for cutting the ribbon

Photo 057
Messers C. Jacobsen & F. Cassin holding pieces of uranium ore at Buller Gorge.

Photo 058
Mr Jacobsen showing pieces of ore to visitors at Berlins.

Photo 059
Messers A. Mackintosh & J. Petersen (Christchurch) testing boulders on the banks of the Buller River.

Photo 060
Mr F. Bowen (Greymouth) a senior geologist exposing a face of rock.

Photo 061
Mr & Mrs T.J. McKee (Nelson) checking a public posting  for mining rights.

Photo 062
Group Capt John Cunningham & Capt. Peter Bugge at the controls of the Comet.

1956 Decade

Photo 063
Southland Centennial
Mr Holyoake displaying a bottle of home brew

Photo 064
Mr Godfrey Bowen  shearing  record  at Ohinewairua Station near Taihape.

Photo 065
Stirling Moss  holding the winners trophy at Grand Prix Ardmore.

Photo 066
Racing Drivers big day
M A Hunt's 1914 Minerva leading in the Veteran Grand Prix for vintage cars.

Photo 067
Stirling Moss driving the winning Porsche Spyder in the Ardmore Handicap.

Photo 068
Mrs Goodson holding  Opononi Jack the dolphin

Photo 069
Mr Geoff Smith, auctioning sheep.

Photo 070
E D Weekes (West Indies) congratulates S. N. McGregor at NZ 1st cricket test at Eden Park.

Photo 071
G. Sobers  signing young autograph hunters  at the cricket match.

Photo 072
NZ Cricket Team
Mr G. C. Burgess (Manager) J.C.Alabaster, H.B.Cave,  A.R.MacGibbon,  D.D.Beard, S.C.GuillenL.S.Miller, 
Mr W.M.Wallace (coach) I.Mc.Sinclair,  M.E.Chapple, D.D.Taylor, J.R.Reid (Captain) J.E.Beck,  S.N.McGregor.

Photo 073
The NZ Captain J.R.Reid  reading congratulatory telegrams.

Photo 074
4 South Africans B.F.Howe,  J.J.Nel,  C.J.van Wyke,  H.P.J.Becker, watching the procession.

Photo 075
Northland railcar service inaugurated
The guard Mr C.J.Owen, hands a tablet to the driver Mr W.Hammond.

1957 Decade

Photo 076
Karkariki School  at the 66th Waikato A&P show,  Karen Jonson, Peter Jonson,  Philip Heath.

Photo 077
Viscount & Lady Cobham & children twins, Lucy & Sarah (age 3)  Nicholas (age 6) Richard (age 8)
Christopher (age 9) Catherine (age 11)  Juliet (age 13)  & John (age 14)  sailing to NZ.

Photo 078
Messrs T.Groot & M. McFabish  loweing sticks of dynamite down a 200ft shot hole.

Photo 079
Dr John Irving & Mr McAlpine, Minister of Mines in Taranaki

Photo 080
Mr L.W.Pomphery recording a shot in the instrument truck.

Photo 081
Drilling on Mr W.Edwards property at Whareora.

Photo 082
Mrs McGregor & dau. Virginia at Mt Linton Station, Southland.

Photo 082a
At the station homestead Mr & Mrs McGregor watch Virginia & Alastair on horseback.

Photo 083
Troopers N. Pepene (Northland) G.Otene (Mangamuka) A.J.Allen (Taranaki)  P.N.Hunt (Taumarunui)
S.C.Watene (Northland)  & T.A.Stevens (Northland)

Photo 084
Miss Karen Roberts, Queen of Blossom at Alexandra.

Photo 085
Misses June Anderson (Country Girls') and Nola  McGettigan (Rowing Club) runners up in blossom festival.

Photo 086
Mr & Mrs Nash (new Prime Minister) in their garden

1958 Decade

Photo 087
Mr W. Howjohns age 85  & Mr G. Rivers age 91 at opening of new bridge.

Photo 088
Mr J. Jones with 2 snapper he caught  22lb & 20lb.

Photo 089
Mr Inia te Wiata  with carvings he had done 11yrs ago at Ngaruawahia.

Photo 090
Peas being cut on Mr L.A.Palmer's property at Waimea West.

Photo 091
P.Cates (Canterbury) winning 220yrs hurdle A.G.Lawless on the ground.

Photo 092
P.Wells (Canterbury) winner of the high jump.

Photo 093
3 Auckland champions  B.Magee (6 miles)  M.G.Halberg (3 miles)  and W. Baillie (1 mile)

Photo 094
Mr Skogland & dau. Miss Meg Skoglund with granddaughter Jennifer Dale & friend Lynette Martin.

Photo 095
M. Hahn (Auckland) retained his title with a javelin throw.  &
D. Earwaker (Otago) winning 88yds & F. Penlington (Auckland) 2nd.

Photo 096
M.L.Rae (Auckland) winning the 100yds.

Photo 097
R.Williams (Auckland) won the long jump .
D.Norris (Auckland) winner of hop, step and jump.
Halberg leading the field in the 3miles.

Photo 098
Lord Cobham leaving after visiting Taita Junior Youth Club.

Photo 099
Technical College, Petone apprentices.
J.Cunningham,  E. Taylor, H. Fitzgerald.

Photo 100
Mr H. White & Mr P. Carroll  discussing days tasks.

Photo 101
Mr Skoglund, Hons. F. Hackett (Minister of Labour)
H.G.R.Mason (Attorney-General) H.Watt (Minister of Works)

Photo 102
Mr A.J.Faulkner M.P. for Roskill & Mr Skoglund.

Photo 103
Lord Cobham & Danny  Cater (age 8) at Trafalgar Park & Mr C.J.Cox
chairman of the Children's Day Committee.

Photo 104
Sir Edmund Hilary, M.Ellis, J.G. Bates, P.D.Mulgrew, D.Wright.
Sir Edmund Hilary with Rear-Admiral George Dufek before leaving for Scott Base.

1959 Decade

Photo 105
Mr A.H.Reed, of Dunedin age 84 enjoys walking.

Photo 106
Karen Callender, age 8yrs won Miss Auckland Junior contest.
Christine Hitchcock age 6 was a prize winner.

Photo 107
Mrs A.G. Passmore, of Nelson with dau. Elizabeth age 21mths.

Photo 108
Miss Suzanne Kay of Nelson with her water skis.

Photo 109
Traction engine rally at Gore
Mr Ossie Crooks(
Invercargill)  competing in the seesaw contest.

Photo 110
Messrs N. Ryan & R. Cunningam operating Mr Geo. McLeod's 9 hp Burrell.
prossessions of traction engines rumbling along the main st. of Gore. 11 March 1959

Photo 111
Whole page thousands watched 24 traction engines through Gore bound for a rally at Charlton.

Photo 112
Miss Carol Stewart of Whangarei at Bayly's Beach digging for tohera's

Photo 113
Miss Iona Stanton, Mr W.Russ, Miss Adrien Anderson and Mr R. King digging for toheroa's
3 12 yr olds  Margaret Fife, Barbara Hay & Diane Conway at Bayly's Beach. from Whangarei
Mr & Mrs McKeown of Kaitaia, on 90 mile Beach.

Photo 114
Mr Jeff Morris, harpoonist on the "Colville"

Photo 115
Mr G. E. Glink, cook at the whaling base.
Mr D. George putting a keen edge on his knife.

Photo 116
Mr T. Gullery at the helm, the chaser Oria rounds Cape Barrier.

Photo 117
Messers J. Bannister & W. Rayner, on a floating bedstead paddled across the harbour.

Photo 118
Richard Salter, a 5yr old pedal car competitor

Photo 119
Captain F.P. Ladd took an early lead in the speed section of the race.
Mr D. Smith set out in an outrigger  bath powered by an outboard motor.

Photo 120
Paul Johnston, age 8 travelled on both land & water in apropellor driven model amphibian.

Photo 121
Nika Ti Tare Anihana, a chief of Ngapuhis age 90  married Mrs Mahurehure Kaihi age 68

Photo 122
The couple driving on to the marae in an old time wagonette drawn by 2 white horses.

Photo 123
The bridegroom placing the ring on the bride's finger.
The 3 tier wedding cake.

Beverley Evans
Christchurch NZ
28 February 2020

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