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Photo 001

4 Westland policemen & 2 home guardsmen who lost their lives in the tragedy 1941
COOPER - Sergeant W
TULLOCH - Constable P C
JORDAN - Constable F W
BEST - Constable E M

Photo 002
Electric Cycles in Palmerston Nth  built by their owners photo of 2 men on them no names

Photo 003
New Zealanders repatriated  POW's  arrive in England after internment in Italy  1943
Bishop of Waipu Rt. Rev G.V.Gerald,  Mr W J Jordan,

Back row
J.H.Barr (Whakatane) C.J.Cousins (Ohai)   W P Cain, (Lyttleton)  R.M.Farndale (Waharoa)
P F Griffin (Invercargill) L W Jones (Palmerston)  J M Malcolm (Auckland)
F.Milne (masterton) Padre L Groves (Dunedin)

Front row
J McDermott (Wellington) M Muir (Dannevirke) Bishop Gerard (Napier)
Mr W J Jordan (High Commissioner) Col. W Foot  Brigadier R S Park
P W POrrcell (Christchurch) A T Ryburn (Eltham) E J White (Otautau)

Photo 004
New Zealand Fleet Air Arm Fighter Pilots
Sub-Lieutenants J R White (Christchurch)
W Perry (Dunedin)
J D Chittenden (Wellington)
E J Baxter (Auckland)
O K Armitage (Auckland)

Photo 005
Pilots on New Zealand Warhawk fighters decorated for gallantry in the Pacific 1944
Flight-Lieut. E H Brown DFC   (Hamilton)
Flight-Sgt R A Martin US Air medal (Fielding)
Flight-Lieut. D A Greig  US Air Medal (Auckland)

Photo 006
Flying Officer G B Fisken  DFC  ace fighter pilot of Martinborough

Photo 007
Sergt.-pilot R C C Nairn DFM  of Upper Hutt  1944

Photo 008
Flying Officer G E Gudsell US Air Medal of Ashburton  1944

Photo 009
Pilots of NZ Warhawk Fighters decorated for gallantry 1944
Flight-Lieut. S R Duncan US Air Medal  of Nelson 
Flight-Sgt. J E Miller DFC of Waihi
Flying-Officer M T Vanderpump DFC  of Wellington.

Photo 010
Warrant-Officer R T Doak DFM   air-gunner of Christchurch  1944

Photo 011
Flying Oficer D F Dyson DFC of New Plymouth 1944
Flight-Sgt. G E Hannah DFM  of Invercargill
Warrant Officer W N Williams DFC.  DFM of Auckland

Photo - 012
Lt/Cdr M Geddes of New Plymouth died on active service 1944
Sub/Lieut   (A) R T Bisman of Christchurch  killed in aircraft accident
Flt/Sgt J J Mc Lean of Auckland missing  believed killed in action.
Flt/Sgt. A R Weston  of Tauranga killed on active service
Flt/Sgt D W Vaughan of Wanganui missing believed killed
Flt/Sgt E W E Marshall of Hastings missing believed killed in action.

Photo 013
W/O  I W Butler of Auckland  died of wounds 1945
W/O/  B D Jenkins of Waharoa  missing on operations
Sgt.  D C A Gillespie of Auckland  killed on active service
Pte E Hearfield of Wellington  killed in action
Pte A B Stewart of Moneymore killed in action
Gnr  H T Brook  of Dunedin  died while prisioner
O/S R M Puflett of Hastings  died of illness
Sgmn  T W Tomlinson  of Wellington died of wounds

Photo 014The Weekly News 40's
Eleven  V C winners at State Luncheon. 1945
Back row -
Col. L W Andrew, Major R S Judson,   Mr J D Crichton,  Lieut H J Laurent, Lieut.-Col. C R G Bassett

Front row -
Sgt. J D Hinton,  Lieut, K. Elliott  Capt. C B Upham,  Sgt. A C Hulme, Capt. S Frickleton, & Lieut J G Grant

Photo 015
Flt/Lieut. E W Cox  (Auckland)  with  & baby  (Mrs Cox is from Lewes, Sussex. 1946

Photo 016
arriving here with their wives 1946
Flying officer F N Selwood (Invercargill)
Warrant Officer I G Elder (Gore)

Photo 017
Miss P Hindle (Christchurch)   British YMCA  1946
Major E H I Maxwell M C

Photo 018
1st flight  Stewardesses  fromTasman Airways 1947
Betty Morton,  Val Beckett,  Launa Magnus, Judy Everard, Joy Patterson, Pat Wooley.

Photo 019
each flown over 1,000,000  miles.
Capt. C G Griffiths Capt. A V Jury Capt. K A Brownjohn

Photo 020
Debutantes at Marsden School Old Girls' ball at Wellington. dated 21 May 1947
Back row -
Suzanne Lewer,  Gilliam Foden, Valerie Eggers, Dorothy Wood, Dorothy Drewitt,
Beverley Taylor, Patricia mason, Jill Hunter,  Andy Cooper

Front row -
Marjorie Pike, Peggy Pearce, Helen Marshall-Wood,  Verna Hendra, 
Judith Buchanan, Ona Marsh, Rachael Miller.

Photo 021
Collier Family reunited  1948
Heather (Mrs S Blanchard, Shirley (Mrs C Kingstone) Mrs Collier, Capt. Collier, Daphne & Joan.

Photo 022
Tornado victims who lost their lives 1948
John K. Smith & mrs Beatrice Kitchen.

Photo 023
Discovery of rare bird Notornis seen 1st time for 50yrs.1948
Dr Orbell & Miss Joan Telfer.

Photo 024
NZ cricketers  leaving for their English tour 1949
Back row
G.F. Cresswell (Marlborough)   J Reid (Wellington)   F B Smith (Canterbury)

Middle row
T B Burt (Canterbury)   G O Rabone (Wellington)  V J Scott (Auckland)  C C Burke ( Auckland sitting)
H B Cave (Wellington)  J A Hayes (Auckland)  F H L Mooney (Wellington)

Front row
J Cowie (Auckland)  W M Wallace (Auckland (vice-captain)  W A Hadlee (Canterbury captain) Mr J H Phillips
(manager)  B Sutcliffe (Auckland)

Photo 025
On the "Tamaroa"  rugby tourists for South Africa 1949
C C Willocks,  L T Savage, H F Frazer, P A Johnstone,
K L Skinner,  J C Kearney,  J R McNab, L R Harvey. 

Photo - 026
on the "Tamaroa"  1949
I J Botting,  J C Kearney,  K L Skinner.

Photo 027
On the "Tamaroa"  1949
E H Catley  & Mrs Catley and  sons Stuart & Gary

Beverley Evans
Christchurch NZ
5 August 2019

I have photographed these

to find  a name on this page  use Ctrl+F

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