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Napier Deaths  -  006 
FRAZER - James Douglas,  age about 35,  married, employed by McGruer's.
FREW -  Mrs,  aged 80, a patient of the racecourse field hospital

Hastings  Deaths -  006
Henry Brooker,  Doreen Myra Harris, Eskdale,  George Smey,  William White.

Missing  -  006
Ellen Ashworth,  Tikokino,   Nan Hong Yung,   Miss Ivy Patricia Alloway.

Deaths  -  006
SHIRLEY - John Stanley.  aged 21,  clerk at Napier Hospital,  found in hospital.  & photo 026
TAGGART - William Thomas Andrew,  aged 27,  clerk,  at the hospital ''  ''
MENZIES - Myra Evelyn, single,  aged 26,  a patient at the hospital 
OTTER -  Mrs,  aged 66 a patient at the Napier Hospital,  died Wellington Hosp.  on Thursday

Admitted to Palmerston North Hospital  -  006
CAMPBELL - Agnes,  from the refugee's camp at the showgrounds
McGRAW - James,  from Napier Hosp.

Drowned  -  008
CORBETT - Mr Ned,  aged 22 of Maketu,  on Friday. ----   was a cripple with a wooden leg and unable to swim -----

Drowned  -  009
HICKEY - Mr Gordon,  an orphan,  aged 21,  was drowned at Port waikato on Sunday -- lived with Uncle Mr John Cathcart, 

Napier -  Death  -  010
TRESTON - Mr Malcolm, died in hospital,  Mrs Treston and dau. pinned in earthquake, Mrs treston staying with her brother Mr P.S.Gleeson in Auckland,
                        dau. of late Mr P. Gleeson --- more  ----

Fatality -  012
POPHAM - Harry, aged 31, of Hamilton,  died working in a tunnel ----  more ---

Drowning  -  013
ARTHUR - Mr William Lawrence,  married,  age 60,  was found in the harbour at Northcote on Saturday --- left his home on 8 Feb.  --------

Inquest - Fatality 014
KNEWSTUBB -  Mrs, died as a result of injuries received at Maheno on Thursday, she later died in Oamaru Hospital. -- he husband died soon after the collision                     --- more --

Drowning - 015
STEPHENS - Chris,  aged 15 of Panmure, Auckland ---  drowned in the Tamaki River,  was with his friends Cliff Green and Jack Beer,    -------

Obituary - 016
CASSIDY - Mrs Catherine, in her 89th year died on Thursday, -- dau. of John Nolan, born 1842 --- 4 brothers, Patrick, Martin, Edward and John -- survived                         by 2 sons, and 4 daughters, 9 grandchildren, and 2 great grandchildren.  ----   (sons and daughters named)

Obituary - 017
KELLER - Mrs Helen, at Kahekatea, near Greymouth,  wife of John Keller, aged 69  survived by her husband, 1 son and 4 daughters.

Obituary - 018
HALL - Rev. R.J. Hall,  died on 29 December at Swansea, age 49, a former minister of Unitarion Church, Ponsonby rd, --- remembered in Auckland

Gift Party -  019
CLARKSON -  Miss Phyllis shortly to be married in Christchurch -----  more -----

Fatal Explosion - 020
LECKIE - Mr Richard,  single, aged 20 was cleaning a rifle at his home in Dunedin ------- 

Fatality  -  021
BEGG - Mr R.A. single, aged 21, slipped when climbing Cascade Peak near Milford Sound --- died on Tuesday -----  lots more  ------

Photo  -  022
CANHAM -  Master John,  aged 3,  killed at Napier

Photo - 023
KYLE - Mr Leo Kyle,  killed at Napier

Photos  - 024 & 024a
LEANING - Mr John E.    killed at Hastings
LEANING -  Mrs J.E. seriously injured at Hastings
SHIRLEY -  Mr Jack Shirley,  killed at Napier - 026

Napier Earthquake  -  names of dead  - 025
DENNETT -  Frederick, aged 37, married, barman at Provincial Hotel,
McLEAN - Miss Dorothy,  sister of Dr McLean,  officer of the Health Department, Wellington.
LAMBERT - Mrs Beatrice Elizabeth,  wife of Walter, Hastings, 
WELLS -  Miss Molly,  aged about 18,  Hastings 

Names of Injured  -  admitted to Palmeston North Hospital  - 025
Richard Bee,  Hastings:    Mrs Elizabeth Black;    Mrs Ivy Hastie, Napier;   Mrs Minnie  Hurndell,  Napier;    William James Grundy;   
Mrs Minnie Hurndell, Napier;    Phyllis Johnston;   Miss Dorothy Ada Johnston, Napier;    Ernest Nuivanah, Greenmeadows;  Michael  Walsh;  
Mavis Joyce Watts, Napier;

Names of Discharged  - 025
Miss Rona Carwell Cooke,   Mrs Mary J Dumble, .   Mrs Roma Goodwin,      Edward N.Whitten,
Sent to Wellington  -   Mrs Steele,  Mrs Ruttle.
Sent to Rotorua - Mrs Johnstone
Sent to Hawera -   Mrs Hopkins,  Mrs Berry,  Miss Vanace,  Miss Roche,  Mrs Page, 
               Messrs BocockStevenson,  McLensman,  Ryan,  Drinnan,  King,  Murphy,  Palemore,  Dunn,  Hocket,  Abbott,  Downey, Watkins, Le Barr
Sent to Auckland  -  Mr Jurasovich.

Obituaries  -  026
MORTON - Mrs W.E. at Auckland last Wednesday,  in her 72nd year.  born at Rolvenden, Kent in 1859 -- age 4 came to Auckland with her parents Mr and                             Mrs John Bishop, in the ship Avon ---   married Mr William Edmund Morton in 1879 -------

Nelson  -  Wedding  -  photo  -  027
KINGZETT -  FELL - Mr F.Horton (best man)  Mr F. Kingzett, Mr A.Elliott,  Miss Teresa Airey,  Joyce C.Fell (bride)  Lois Levein and Miss Aleyne Fell

Christchurch -  Wedding Reception  -  028
STEWART - CLARKSON - Mr Donald Macbean Stewart  to  Phyllis Clarkson,  ----Miss Katherine Clarkson, Miss Patricia Stewart, (sister) -------

Weddings  -  029
EADIE - BLANCHFIELD - on 3 Feb. at Greymouth, Mary Josephine, dau of Mr and Mrs P.Blanchfield  to John, son of Mr P. and late Mrs Eadie -------
KINGZETT - FELL - at Nelson, Joyce Coventry, dau. of Mr and Mrs F.C.Fell  to  Paul, son of Major and Mrs E.P.Kingzett, of Kinley, Surrey, England ----
LUKE - JACKSON -  Francis William, son of Sir John and Lady Luke  to  Miss Kathleen Dora. dau of Mr and Mrs James H.Jackson, of Sheerness, England.
STEWART - CLARKSON - at Christchurch, Phyllis Ngaire, dau. of late Mr W.B. and Mrs Clarkson to Donald, son of late Lieutenant-Colonel Douglas                                     Macbean Stewart and Mrs Stewart.

Engagements  -  029a
COLEGROVE - INNES -  Nell. dau. of Mrs E. ans Mr J.P.Innes, Palmeston North  to  John Selwyn Chettle, son of Mr and mrs J.F.Colegrove, Takapuna.
SANSON - MILLS - Norah, dau of Mr and Mrs F.Mills, Hawera  to  Arthur John, son of Mrs and late Mr John Sanson, Manawatu.
SIEVERS - AVERY - Anne Neron, dau of Mrs E.Avery, Palmeston North  to  Lawrence Albert, son of Mrs E.Sievers, Manganaire.
WILSON - HILLBY - Marguerite Rose, dau of Mrs W.R.Hillby, Greymouth  to  William Leonard, son of Mr and Mrs A.H.Wilson, South Hokitika.

Wedding write-up  - 030
LEVIN - HERBERT -Margaret Agnes, dau. of Dr and Mrs W.E.Herbert of Wellington  to  Charles Earle William, son of late Major and Mrs W.F.G.Levin ---  lots more ----

Inquest  - London  -  032
CROSSLEY -  Francis James Crossley, age 73,  died December 17,    brother Clarence William Crossley ---  sister Elizabeth Amelia Crossley ----- more ---

Beverley Evans
Christchurch NZ
5 June 2011
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