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Auckland Weekly News   -  9 March 1922
Death  -  WALKLATE -   photo  - 001
Mr J.J.Walklate,  late Town Clerk of Auckland and General Manager of the city's Electric Tramways Dept,  who died at Auckland last week.

Flying Machine -  Tologa Bay  -   photo - 002
The first flying machine to land at Tologa Bay, East Coast of the North island, New Zealand.

Opening of New Post Office  -  Te Kopuru,  Auckland  -  photo - 003
The opening of the new Post office at te Kopuru, North auckland by Hon J.G.Coates,  Minister for Public Works.

New Zealand Rifle Championship Meeting  at Greytown  - 6 photos  in one -  004
D.Roots (Hawera)  H.C.Loveday (Hawera)  with thie scoreboard in the Kings' 50 which was won by  the former.
Ladies being coached  in rifle shooting during meeting.
The Opaki Rifle Club team  which won the champion match.

Boxing Contest Georges Carpenter  and George Cook    -  2 photos -  005
Cook  parries a left lead,   and Cook knocked out in the 4th round.

Princess Mary Hospital Auckland  - photo  -   006
The wedding of Princess Mary commemorated in Auckland.  Children from the Princess Mary Hospital being entertained on the marriage day.

International Rugby  South Africa  v. New Zealand -  photo  of  team -  007
H.E.Nicholls,    W.A.Ford,     A.E.Hughes,   W.Fea,    B.Algar,  C.Fletcher,  R.Siddells,   Turnbull,  K.Ifwerson

Inter -Island Football  -  North Island Team photo  -    008
Match  North Island v South Island  played at Cooks Garden,  Wanganui,  on Saturday 17 September  which ended in a draw
Back row  -  D. O'Neill,   A.Hyder,  J.R.Braithwaite,   
Middle row - W.G.Herd (referee)  C.Webster (selector)   N.McArthur,  P.Roots  (Capt)   W.Mitchell,   J.W.Bagrie (selector)  V.A.Stapleton  (President W.F.A.)  
Front row  -  B.L.Salmon (hon sec NZFA)   C.Cusack,   W. Thomas,  G.Campbell,  Hearsey,   C.Ballard,   T.G.Wilkes (hon sec Wanganui F.A.)

Inter - Isalnd Football  -  South Island Team photo  -  009
Bach row -  C.Hogg,  G.Swift,  J.P.Flood
Middle row -  W.G.Herd (referee)   J.Simpson,  J.Dryden,  G.H,. Lindley,  S.G.Miller (Patron W.F.A.)
Front row  -  B.L.Salmon  (hon sec NZFA)    W.Brundell,  A.Bissett,  H.Balk,  E.J.Norman (capt)  C.E.Shaw,  T.G.Wilkes  (hon sec Wanganui F.A.)

Selwyn Coursing Club -  The officials and winner of the Scott Memorial Cup  -   photo  -   010
Mr B.McKenna (judge)  Mr J.Scott (donor of cup)  Mr J.Sowden (owner and breeder)   Mr J. Carl (slipper)  Mr W.Fox (trainer)    Coon Can (23mths old)  this years winner of the cup,   Rakaia Lass 10mths old at time of her win last year.

Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ
28 May 2010

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