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            The Weekly Press -  10 July 1901
Photo  -  074
Mr Llewellyn Owen,  a young New Zealand composer,  whose waltz was played at the Mayoral reception at Christchurch.

Photo  -  Reminiscence of the Royal Visit  -  075
On Tuesday 25 June  while the Royal party were on board the special train for Dunedin,  thousands of the public of Canterbury paid a visit to the Ophir, 
                lying at Lyttelton  --- more  -----

Photo   -  076
GOODWIN  -    
Queen Makea  and Mr F.Goodwin,  late Secretary  to the British resident at Rarotonga.  Mr Goodwin was killed on 11th June by the bursting of a rocket
                        during the celebrations in connection with the Royal visit to New Zealand.

Photo  -  077
Miss Zoe Thorne George,  a debutante at the State reception in Auckland.

Photo  -  078
The late Mr William Chrystall,  of Christchurch.

Photo  -  079
The late Mr J.D.Allan  of East Gore.

Photo  -  080
Mr M.Lagan  of Tinwald  at whose hotel  Mclean was arrested.

Photo  -  081
EADE  - 
Constable Eade who arrested McLean.

Photo  -  082
Trooper R.Bennetts (Canterbury)   Trooper G.Parker  (Wellington)
Photo  -  083
Members of the 7th New Zealand   Contingent   - 

Trooper M.Vernon (Nelson)   and Trooper J.T.Anderson  (Nelson)

Photos  -  7th NZ Contingent  -  086
Trooper R .Bennetts (Canterbury)         Trooper G.Parker (Wellington)          Trooper M.Vernon (Nelson)           Trooper J.T.Anderson (Nelson) 
Trooper W.Pye  (Auckland)        Trooper W.Whyte (Otago)      Trooper E.Partridge (Wellington)      Trooper W.H.Edkins (Auckland)

Marriages  -  150
McDOUGALL - BRISTED   -    Miss Jean McDougall, who is to be married in a few weeks to Mr Grif Bristed  ---- afternoon party by Mrs E.W.B.Bayley                                               
                        whose mother Mrs C.E.Jones  lent her house in Papanui rd for the occasion.  list of names  -----
GIBSON - REID -   Miss Fay Gibson, marriage to Mr J.Reid takes place next week -- afternoon party given by Mrs Percy Barnes ---  future home at Culverden

                    The Weekly Press  -  29 November 1905

Photo  -  New Brighton Motor-cycle race -  087
Principal event a 16 mile ride along the beach was contested by 28 starters. -----  more ----  photo   of crowd standing on the old pier at New Brighton.

Photos  -  088
Mr E.R.Price awarded a Vellum Certificate of Merit by the Royal Humane Society of NZ.  -- gallant conduct in rescuing George Coleman from                                
            drowning at Picton  9 January 1905
CHAPMAN - Mr F.W.Chapman of Wellington was awarded a Vellum cert. of Merit by the Royal Humane Society of NZ -- rescuing
                         Mrs Riach and her 2 children from drowning at Sumner on 9 February.
HABIB  - Mr Solomon Habib  was awarded the Bronze medal   --- rescuing Florence ----  from drowning at Wellington  10 November 1904.

Photo -  Bowling in Hawke's Bay  -  110

A photo of a large crowd at the opening of the Greenmeadows Bowling Green on 1st November,  photo of bowlers and visitors.

Photo  -  Bicycle Road Race  -  Dromore  to Chertsey  -  111
The starters in the bicycle race from Dromore  to Chertsey  a distance of 16 miles  and A.Downie (Chertsey)  put up the fastest time, winning a handsome silver cup.

Photo  -   Presentation - 113
Mr Wm Nelson  of Tomoana  a set of massive solid silver in Van Dyk design  by past and present employees of Nelson Bros.
                     Ltd on the -5th anniversary of the Tomoana works 22 September 1905. --------

            The Weekly Press  -  8 July 1908
Photo  -   Training Camp of the 2nd Auckland Mounted Regiment  -  114
The annual training camp of the 2nd Auckland mounted regiment at Major Allen Bell's farm,  Te Rapa,  Hamilton.  the most successful ever
                 held by the regiment  contained squadrons from Hamilton,  Te Aroha,  Te Awamutu,  Cambridge,  and Te Ata.  210 men under canvas.
                 --  Major Allen Bell  and staff instructor Sergeant-Major Coleman.

Photo  -  Taumarunui  School  Protest  -  115
a pictorial protest against the Minister of Education's decision for a European School for Taumarunui.  Mr R.Gardiner writes  ---  26 June,  I enclose a photograph
of a number of children as a pictorial protest against the refusal of a European school at Taumarunui,  there are 100  children  of school age  and 65 under age
 -------  lots more  -----

Photo  -  Waikuku -    Golden  Wedding  -   117
Mr and Mrs Wm. Morriss  with their descendants  ---  Mr Morriss arrived in NZ  from Eaton,  Leicestershire,  England  in October 1852  and Mrs Morriss,
                     then Miss Elizabeth Stokes  was one of the Canterbury pilgrims  and arrived in the "Randolph"   in December 1850.

            The Weekly Press  9 October 1912
Photo  -   099
Councillor John Smith,  who has been a member of the Wellington City Council since 1885  and was acting-mayor  during Mr T.M.Wilford's
                    absence  through illness.  was recently presented by Wellington citizens with a purse of sovereigns  -----   

Collage of 22 photos  -  Christchurch Boys' High School annual Athletic Sports - 100
2.  A.Hunt winning the 100yrds handicap (Prepatory)  from scratch.
3. A.T.Mulligan, winner of the 120 yds hurdles (open)  
5.  H.H.  Smith,   finish of the 100 yds under 16   equalling the record.
7. J.Young, winner of 200yds Senior Handicap
9.  T.Milliken  (Senior Champion)  winner of the 880 yds open,  one mile  and the high jump.
10.  H.H.Smith  winning 220yds open handicap.
12. C.R.Williamson,   winner of the 220yds under 15
14  Committe of the High School Old Boys' assoc.  
16. W.L.Paterson,  winning the 100yds handicap  open to members of the High School Old Boys' Football Club.
17.  H. Biss  winner of the 800 yds open handicap.
18.  V.W.Russell  (Junior Champion)  
21.  Hon Dr Pomare  watching the sports

Photo -  Committe of the High School Old Boys' Assoc.  - 100
Back row  -     C.Buchanan,      Geo. Scott, jun    .  R.Speight,       Dr A.J.Orchard,      T.Bain,      A.T.Donnelly,      J.R.Cunningham, (hon sec)   
Sitting  -     T.W.Reese,       Hon. Dr Maui Pomare  (President)        Mr C.E. Bevan-Brown, (patron)      Jas. Tait,  
Front Row -     S.L.Paterson,      A.E.Byrne,

Photo  -  102
Mr W.S.Wharton, who has been appointed secretary and treasurer  to the North Canterbury Hospital and Charitable Aid Board
                 in succession to Mr T.C.Norris.

Photo  -  Timaru in the late 1860's  -  103

photo by Dr Barker ---  The large shop on the corner was built by the late David Clarkson and is now occupied by the Turnbull family.  The BNZ  is on the Main st 
                opposite the shop. The old Post Office  used to adjoin the corner shop.

Collage  18 Photos  -   Palmerston North Technical School Elecutionary Competitions  - 104
Palmerston North technical School Elocutionary Competitions  held in the P.N.Opera House  on 25th, 26th and 27th September  -  Prize winners  and Judges.
1.  Miss Louie Wood, winner of 1st prize for recitation  for competitors between 12 and 15 years of age.
2.  John Sanderson,  winner of 1st prize  recitation  for  boys under 12 years of age.
3. Miss I.Alsop, winner 1st prize  for ladies Shakespearean Recital.
4. Miss Cecil Haines  (Wellington)  aged 6 and half years.  winner of prize for  recitation   for girls under 12
5.  Miss Elsie Robertson (Palmeston North)  winner of 1st prizes for girls under 12 years
6.  Miss I.Brown (Palmeston North)  accompanist
7.  Mr F. D. Opie,  (Palmeston North)  secretary,
8.  Mr L.Hanlon,   (Palmeston North)   winner of  1st prizes  for reading at sight,  impromptu debate,  and prepared speech and 5,   2nd prizes
9.   Mr J.F.Montague (Auckland )  judge
10.  Mr R.K.Hornblow (Foxton)  winner of 1st prize .or Mens' humerous recitation.
11.  Mr Byron Brown  (Otaki)  winner 1st prize  for dramatic recital,  musical monologue,  shakespearean recital,  and dialogue.  and champion Gold Medal.
12.  Mr J.S.Webb (Tokomaru)  winner 1st prize  for Scotch character sketch
13.  Mr H.M.Haycock,  (Palmeston North)  winner 1st prize for impromptu debate
14.  Miss Pauline Brown (Otaki)  winner 1st prize  for dramatic recital. musical monologue,  shakespearean recital,  and dialogue  and champion Gold Medal
15  Mrs  Kneedwell and Mr Aitken  (Otaki)  winners 1st prize for character dialogue.
16.  Miss B. Wadsworth, winner of 1st prize for Dickens recital.
17.  Miss D.Munford (Rangiotu)  winner 1st prize  for humourous recital.
18  Miss E.Mailman  and Mr S.W. Oliver,  winners 1st prize  for story without words "The Girl and the Burglar."

            The Weekly Press  12 February  1913
Photo  -  019
Shearing at Mr J.McHardy's "Glenone" --  Pat Robertson, a Wanganui shearer,  shore with the blades 1217 sheep in 5 and half days ---------

            The Weekly Press  13 August 1913
Collage of photos  -  Ladies Hockey  -  026
The Peninsula Team - 
Mrs J.Chatfield,  Messrs E.Pettigrew,   L.Rodrigues,  R.Newton,  M.Fergus,  M.Hawkins,  L.Newton,  A.Pettigrew,  K.Latter,  M.Roxburgh,  L.Currie,
Christchurch Team - Messrs S.Kruse.  L.Horner,  M.Sandman,  E.Cade,  E.Nightingale,  D. Pearce,  P.Leslie,  J.______

Photo of Poverty Bay Team  -  Football -  Hawke's Bay  v  Poverty Bay  - 027
Interprovincial Football, Hawke's Bay v Poverty Bay    at Gisborne   2 August  -  won by Poverty Bay 12 points to 3
Back row  -  J.Prickett,      W.Tait,      C.Ryland,      H.Carruthers
Middle row  -  Moana (supporter)      J.Murphy,      J.O'Neill,      D.Miller,      D.Sexton,      J.Duggan,      J.Nicolas,      H.McGill (supporter)
Front row -  G.Fremm,  P.Stubbs,  A.Staipora (Captain)  C.Pollock,  H.Tocker,  Master Howard (mascotte)

Photo  of Hawke's Bay Team    -  028
Back row -  J.Scheele (supporter)      G.S.Leeder,      B.Petersen,      W.Grant,      D.Wilson,      A.Morrison
Middle row -  W.Hislop (manager)   Fraser,      W.O'Neill (Captain)     W.Summersall,      A.Mullaney,      F.Holder,      A.Williams (selector)
Front row -  B.Waugh,      W.Holder,      R.McIntyre,      E.W.Smyrk,      E.Porohiwi.

            The Weekly Press  26 September 1917
Photo  -  Paterson 066  -  Private E.J.Paterson  (Wanganui)  wounded
Photo  -  Paterson 067   - Private W.H.Paterson  (Wanganui)  killed in action.
Photo  -  Preston  068  -  Private J.Preston (Hora Hora)  killed in action.
Photo  -  Simpson069  -  Rifleman A.Simpson  (Sydenham)  died of wounds.
Photo  -  Whitcombe - 070  -  Rifleman A.L.Whitcombe  (Wanganui)  killed in action.

Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ
29 May 2010

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