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The following first-class passengers arrived by the Moana  from San Francisco  -  

Mr E.J.Righton;    Mrs Righton;   Mr A. Sutherland;    Mrs J.M.Saunders;   Miss M.Cooper;   Lieutenant Edie;   Sergeant R. Ledlie-Gibson;
Messrs James Innes;   T.R.Wincheel;  W.T.Buckley;   L.C.Thaw;  W.H.Dwyer;  
Mrs S.Robinson;   Miss J.Cook;  Lieutenant A.McPherson;   Mrs A. McPherson;   Captain Bell;   Gunner R. McCaughey;   Rev J.Marshall;  
Messrs H.M.Bailey;   S.Nicholls;   L.M.McPherson; 

From Papeete  -   Mr Marcel Barrier;
From Rarotonga  -  Mr .T.Cross  and Mrs Berridges.

Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ
15 December 2009

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