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The Moeraki  arrived at Wellington  at 4pm yesterday from Sydney - 

Her Passenger  List  - 
Rev.    J.Groggan:    Captains P. Hay,  G. Lambert  & R. Begg:  

Messsrs   -  A.Gregory;   T & M. Quinn;    A.Street;  R. Philp;   E.Harrison;   M.Carpenter;   H.Hobbs;   F.King;   A.Gilbert;   J.Drepdale;   W. Curphy;   F.Crittenden;   W.Pilkington;   C.Bayertey;   W.Howatt;  P. Sheather;   F.Corry;  F.Lannigan;   H.Harris & 2 children;   A.Wheeler;   E.Cliffen;   L.Johnston;   P.R.Johnston;   W.Gray;   S. Baugh;   J.Lindsay;   C.Boxshall;  J. Rood;   F.Willy;   L.Murray;   G.Murdock;   E. Morgan;   E.Smith;   L.Masterman;   and G.Littler;  

Mesdames  -   E.L.Asher;  M. Gilbert;  A. Quinn;  M.Philp;   M. Cuttenden;  H.Corry;  L.Matthews and 2 children;   F.Flanagan;   M.Harris;   G.Lambert;   E.Cliffen;  P. Johnson;  S. Baugh;   J.Hifkins;   C.Tissier;  H.Hulme;   H.Packson;   J.Lindsay;   L.Rood  and infant;   J.Dabarne and 2 children;   M.Oathorne  and boy;   M. Masterman  and G. Haskins;

Misses  -  A.Lynam;   M.Wallace;   L.Price;   C.King;   O.King;   S.Daysdale;   L.Browne;   I. Delmigi;   M.Tucker;   J.Harris;   C.Tissier;   L.Adams;   M.Hulme;   S.Harley;   A.Kiver;   J.Stewart;   A. Lillie;    M.Joyce;   W. Joyce;   and M. Saindy.

There were  62 steerage passengers.

Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ
22 November  2009

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