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Friday  22 December  1905

The Star of Ireland,  from New York,  via Australian and Northern Ports  ------
The steamer left New York on 5 October  ---  arrived Auckland, via Melbourne and Sydney on 12 December,  l arrived  Wellington 17 December,  left for Lyttelton ---  
Captain F.J.Kearney  in command. and has the following officers.
Chief -  Mr J.J.Boyce;         2nd -  Mr W.McQueen;      4th Mr D.E.Hotchkin (late of Star of New Zealand)
Chief engineer - Mr H.Stevenson;         2nd Mr D.Carnegie;         3rd Mr A.Weir;         4th Mr E.Bray;         5th Mr Mr C.Dunn;        
Chief refrigerating engineer -  Mr J.Stevens;         2nd Mr H.Crawford;        
Chief Steward - Mr F.W.Errington;    3rd Officer Mr O.W.V.Bartram (left steamer at Wellingtonon account of illness)
The Star of Ireland brings about 500 tons of general cargo for Lyttelton -------

Thursday  28 December  1905

New Zealand Shipping Co's   Whakatane   from West of England ports  via Australia,  Auckland, Napier, and Wellington.
She left Liverpool on 11 October,  reached Auckland on 11 December   has about 1000 tons of cargo for Lyttelton.  leave Auckland again about 20 January 1906

Captain L.G.Silba  in command of the Whakatane

Chief officer -  Mr S. Porter;         2nd Mr T.Perkins; (late of the ssWakanui)          Auxiliary 2nd Mr N.Smith;         3rd Mr R.K.Rodwell;        
Mr P.Barbour (late of ss Paparoa)  is in charge of the vessels engines.
2nd engineer -  Mr G.Weehansen;         auxiliary 2nd  Mr W.T.Williams;         3rd Mr J.H.Aldersley;         4th Mr W.Graham (late of the ss Kaikoura)
chief refrigerating engineer -  Mr T.Hayes (late of the ss Wakanui)                2nd Mr W. Legall;             steward in charge Mr W.Scanes.

Saturday  30  December 1905 

The New Zealand shippin Co's steamer   Kaikoura  arrived in Auckland from London,  via Cape Town

In charge  Captain Clifford  and the following officers  -
Chief  -  Mr J.T.Le Brocq;         2nd Mr I.N.Makepeace;         3rd Mr H.Wynyard;         4th Mr W.B.Holdstock;         
Chief engineer   -   Mr J.Scott,  has with him
2nd  Mr C.Bush;         3rd  Mr D.Nicholson;         4th  Mr R.Fleming;         5th Mr J. Paton;         6th Mr F. M.Finlayson
Chief refrigerator  Mr W.R.Sneddon;         2nd Mr B.Aitken;        
Chief Steward  -  Mr R.W.Hayter
Dr B.Hudson  is the surgeon.

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