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The following is the list of passengers by the
New Zealand Shipping Company's new steamer  TURAKINA,  which left London on her first trip to New Zealand  on 11 September  1902

Mr A.G.Symones, Lyttleton;      Mr and Mrs  Duncan, Port Chalmers;      Miss Duncan, Port Chalmers;         Mr H.T.Duncan, Port Chalmers;     
Mr F.Courage, Lyttleton;      Mr A.E.Courage,  Lyttelton;      Miss H.A.Courage,  Lyttelton;      Mrs Todhunter,  Lyttelton;      Miss Todhunter,  Lyttelton;     
Miss A.H.Chambers,  Cape Town;      Mr and Mrs J.Studholme,  Lyttelton;         Miss L.Davidson,  Wellington;      Mr C.E.Sisiney and sons,  Hobart;     
Mr W.Sydenham jnr, Lyttelton;      Mr and Mrs Callender,  Lyttelton;      Dr and Mrs Nairn, Picton;      Colonel and Mrs Somerville, Wellington;     
Mr and Mrs Taylor, and family, Lyttelton;      Mr and Mrs Howard Jones,  Wellington;      Mr and Mrs Underwood,  Wellington;    Mrs McKenzie, Wellington;      Mrs O.Pringle  and family,  Lyttelton;      Miss U.Underwood,  Wellington;      Mrs F.E.Meynell, Auckland;      Miss L.Murgatroyd,  Lyttelton;     
Miss G.C.Jennings,  Lyttelton;      Mrs F.A.Barratt,  Wellington;      Miss A.Joyce,  Auckland;      Mrs E.Pfeiffer,  New Plymouth;      Miss M.Alley,  Auckland;      Mrs J.Greene,  Hobart;      Mrs A.Evans and children,  Gisborne;      Mr W.Monkhouse,  New Plymouth;      Mr W.Gilmour,  Lyttelton;     
Mr R.M.Douglas,  Auckland;      Mr W.Gibbs,  Lyttelton;      Mr A.T.Field, Auckland;      Mr R.J.Corbett,  Auckland;      Mr H.S.Perkins,  Wellington;     
Miss M.Aslin,  Port Chalmers;      Miss M.Stewart, Auckland;      Miss ?.E.Sewell,  Auckland;      Miss M.M.Yeare,  Wellington;   Mr W.H.Clarke, Melbourne;    Mr S.Underwood, Wellington;      Mr H.W.Jennings,  Lyttelton;      Mr A.P.Deebbe, Wellington;      Mr J.Farrell,  Lyttelton;      Mr Gollie, New Zealand;     
Mr W.Overend, Lyttelton;          Mr S.Huggart,  Lyttelton;        Mr H.Feaver,  Lyttelton;      Lieutenant-Colonel Collins, Wellington;     
Mr and Mrs North  and child, Auckland;      Mr H.Cuffe,  Auckland;         Mr E.Smith,  Wellington;        Mr S.A.Smith,  Wellington;       
Mr C.J.Smith,  Wellington;        Mrs J.Clark,  Wellington;        Mr J.Stobo?,  Bluff Harbour;        Miss A.Perry,  Wellington;        Mr F.Gill,  Oamaru;       
Mr F.W.Taylor, Lyttelton;         Mr and Mrs Russell and child,  Auckland;        Mr P.Boyhan,  New Plymouth;        Mr C.Bickerton, Lyttelton;        
Mr T.Aitchison,  Wanganui;        MrD.Aitchison,  Wanganui;        Mr S.A.Goodwin and family, Wellington;        Mrs S.Moses,  Auckland;       
Mrs F.Neves and child, Wellington;        Miss G.A.Burgh,  Wellington;        Miss M.Holmes,  Auckland;        Mr M.J.Glavin,  Napier;      
Mr J.Peter, Lyttelton;      Mr F.A.Clifford, Lyttelton;         Mr T.Thomson,  Wellington;        Mr E.Bird,  Wellington;        Miss M.Cushley,  Napier;       
Mr and Mrs J.Keart,  Cape Town;    Mr A.Boag,  Cape Town;        Mr W.Miller,  Port Chalmers;        Miss E.Doyle,  Wellington; 
Mrs C. Sefton, and child,  Auckland;        Mr J.O'Neill,  Napier;        Mr and Mrs C.Bond,  New Plymouth;        Miss J.O'Dowd,  Wellington;          
Mr W.F.C.Batham, Auckland;        Mr W.Miller,  Port Chalmers;        MrH.Y.Hughes, Gisborne;        Mr R.Aitchison, Wanganui;       
Mr and Mrs E.G.Holloway and child,  Wellington;        Miss C.Hutton, Port Chalmers;      Mr N.McLeod,  Bluff Harbour;    
Mr and Mrs J.A.Shepperd,  Lyttelton;       Mr A.Lindsay,  Wellington;      Mr R.Ritchie,  Wellington;      Mr P.Harper,  Westport;     
Mr and Mrs H.K.Atkinson,  Timaru;      Mr and Mrs J.Brodie and child, Lyttelton;       Miss A. Phillips,  New Plymouth;      Mr S.Phillips,  New Plymouth;        
Mr J.Phillips,  New Plymouth;        Mr T.Hooper,  Cape Town;            Mr S.Moses, Wellington;        Mr J.Moses,  Wellington;      Mr J.Small,  Wellington;       
Mr A. Green,  greymouth;        Mr G.Limb, Greymouth;       Mr A.H.Baker, Auckland;        Mr J.Doveton,  Melbourne;        Miss K.Conroy, Lyttelton;        
Mr J.Bourke, Lyttelton;         Miss C.Bourke,  Lyttelton;        Mr J.Cullety? ,  Lyttelton;       
Mr G.R.Burrough,  New Plymouth;        Mr R.Davies, Melbourne;        Mr W.R.Pow, Wellington;        Mr G.H.Duncan,  Wellington;       
Mr and Mrs E.V.Keys,  Wellington;        Mr and Mrs W.Austin,  Wellington;        Mr and Mrs Jolley, Auckland;        Miss V.Irving,  Auckland;       
Mr and Mrs Tester and child,  Wellington;        Mr and Mrs A.W.Wood,  Wellington;        Mr and Mrs A.B.Dingdey and family,  Auckland;       
Miss R.E.H.Dingdey,  Auckland;          Mr and Mrs W.A.Elner and family,  Port Chalmers;        Mr H.Heath,  Cape Town;       
Mr J.Joliffe,  Cape Town;

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