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26 May  1897  

Passengers  by  Kaikoura  -  

The following list of passengers booked for New Zealand  ports  per  the New Zealand Shipping Company's  R.M.S. Kaikoura  up to 15 April. 
The steamer sailed from Plymouth  on 1 May  and is due in Wellington    on 14 June.

Miss M. Bradbury;        Lieutenant F.von Bentevezin;       Mr E. Petter;       Mr A. Stewart;       Mrs C.H. Kempson;      Mr Oscar Blank;       Mr H.W.needham; 
Mrs M. Satchwell;       Miss A. Hill;       Mr M. Gillispie;       Miss M. Trelease;      Mr C.A. Waterman;       Mr and Miss D. Bayley;      Miss M.Healey;    
Mr and Mrs D.Kelly;       Mr J. Murphy;       Mrs S. Grigg;       Mr H. Nicholls;       Mr J.J.Keast;       Mr and Mrs J.T.Hanabey;      Mr G.K.Douglas;     
Mr A. Lilley;       Miss M. Irving;       Mr H. Thornington;       Miss S.A.Green;       Mr H.V.Green;       Mr A. Reid;       Mr H.Wells;       Mrs A. and Miss Hunter;   and Mr R. Milliken.

Christchurch  Star  -   
28  May   1897 

Passengers  by  IONIC  -  

The following is an additional list of passengers  by the  Ionic,  which sailed from London  on  15 April  and from Plymouth  on  17 April

Rev. and Mrs H. Anson;        Miss C. Anson  and nurse;       Miss E. Collison;       Mr and Mrs H. Gray;       Misses Gray (3);      Mr A. Jason;  
Mrs H.L.Johnson;      Mr L.King;       Mr E.W.Page;       Miss A. Reynolds;       Mr E.B.Savory;      Miss A. Thomson;       Mr W. Baker;       Mr H. Brittain;   Mrs Brown;       Miss Brown;       Miss J. Carthew;       Mr and Mrs H.J.Colbourn;       Miss M. Colbourn;       Masters Colbourn (3);       Mr J.W.Collins;  
Mr J.Evans;       Mr W. Fraser;       Mr J. Hunt;       Mr P.Hunt;       Mr R. Hutchison;       Mr B. Imeson;       Mr J.Jones;       Mr A.Lyall;      
Mr and Mrs J. Rothwell;       Master A. Rothwell;      Mr M.Routly;       Master S. Routly;       Miss Sinclair;       Mr G. Smith;       Mr W. Smith;      
Mrs Sturman;      and Mr R.Wilson; 

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9 April  2009