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4   March  
1897  -

Passengers by the Tongariro -  booked for New Zealand  up to 23 January
The steamer sailed from Plymouth  on 6 February  and is due at Wellington  on 24 March  -

Mrs Page,          Mr J.Laidlaw,           Dr Blayney,           Mr F. Ireland,          Miss Green,          Mr L.Lloyd,           Miss Webster,         
Mr and Mrs G. Naylor,  Misses Naylor (2)        Mr A. Shinton,          Rev J.Finlay,           Mr and Mrs N.Sheppard,           Mr and Mrs J.McKinnon,         
Mr J.Roberts,          Misses Roberts (2)          Miss Wheeler,          Miss Clampett,          Mr C,H. Verity,           Mr W.H.Gray,          Miss Wolstenholme,          Mrs Blackburn,        Misses Blackburn (2)          Mr J. Copland,          Mr W. Adams,          Miss Broomfield,          Mr F.Day,         
Mrs, Miss and Master Horton,            Mrs Pearson

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