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Monday  1 February  1897
Arrival of Kaikoura  -  02
Mrs Backhouse,  went overboard,  when recovered  it was found she was dead.  brings 99 passengers

For Christchurch
Mrs Jameson,      Misses Jameson (3)       and Parrott,       Rev J.Simpson,      Messrs Andrews,      Jameson (2)      Laws,      John Lowry,      and Parrott,  Masters Jameson (4)       and 10 steerage.

Friday  5 February  1897
Sailed for London  -   IONIC ----
Passengers  -  
Mr R.E.Mellersh;      Mrs M.A.Ball;      Dr Schwarzbach;      Mrs Gerrish,      Mr W.Wiggins,      Miss Hastwell;      Mr Gordon Smith;      Mrs Scott;     
Mrs Porritt;      Mr L. Hindson;      Mr G.A.Ward;      Rev F.B.Paul;      Miss Sunderland,      Miss Lochy;      Mrs Strang and infant;       Miss Ritchie;  
Mr Robert Gamman;      Dr John Guthrie;       Mrs John Guthrie;      Miss Lorna Guthrie;      Mr John Guthrie;      Mr R.N.Guthrie;      Mr Robert Grace;  
Mr Rose;       Mrs H.L.Johnston;      Mr H.H.Tetley;      Mr David N.Stafford;      Mr John Martin;      Mr A. Mannan;      Mrs J. Donaldson and infant; 
Master R. Donaldson;      Mr H.J.Marshall;      Master H. G.Marshall;      Mr James Rae;       Mr Clarence Stevens;       Miss H.Strachan;      Mr James Mann; 
Mr F.Barlow;       Miss Bragg;       Mr C.Anderson;       Mr A. Bale,      Mrs Bale;      Miss Bale;      Master Bale;      Mr Henry Kent;      Mr Robert Moorhead;   Mrs Moorhead;       Master R. Moorhead;       Master D. Moorhead;       Master F.Moorhead;      Master C. Moorhead;       Master G. Moorhead; 
Miss Anna Moorhead;      Miss Maud Moorhead;      Miss Lily Moorhead;      Mr G.B.Fletcher;      Mr John Moore;       Miss Agnes Brown;  
Mr George Mulligan;      Mr Thomas Streen    ;  and Mr W. Devereux.

Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ
21 July  2009