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Thursday  19 March 1896
Rimutaka   -     The Rimutaka,  which sails for London via Monte Video this afternoon  takes 183 passengers.
Among these are -  Mrs W.P.Reeves and 3 children;      Hon. W.C.Smith; M.L.C.       Professor & Mrs McMillan Brown;   Capt & Mrs Fairchild; 

The following is the passenger List  -
Misses  Ballantine;  McKenzie,  Reeves (2);    Boyle (2);    Moore;  Sheldon;  Gibson;  Macmillan Brown;   Bourne;  Fairchild (2);  Crawford;  Estler;  and Temple;

Mesdames  - McKenzie;  W.P.Reeves & infant;   Boyle;  Van Asche;  Markheim;  Clark;  Watts;  Macmillan Brown;  Gardiner;  Fairchild;  Page;  Wells;  Jeanne;
Hon. W.C.Smith;    Professor Macmillan Brown;   Dr J.A.Wait;     Captain Fairchild; 

Messrs  Ballantine;   Mckenzie;  Boyle;  Hamilton;  Brewis;  Moore;  Van Asche;  Markheim;  Clark;  Bouser;  Wenz;  McCullough;  Smith;  Akroyd;  Crosse;  Evans;  Scott;  Furness;  Robinson;  Gardiner;  Lucas;  Wright;  Scrop;   Wells;

Masters  Mackenzie (2);  Boyle;  Moore;  Gardiner;

Misses  Fitton;  Struthers;  Irwin (3);   Beard (3);  Saunders;   Hayward (2);  Begg;

Mesdames -  Kingsford;  Johnston;  Walker;  Irwin;  Croathwaite;  Beard;  Bennett;  Borne;  Hayward;  Sandeman;  Eatwell;    and Brost;

Messrs  Venables;  Dawson;  Earle;  Young;  Ferguson;  Daulby;  Cousins;  Sutherland;  Hunter;  Edward;  Hayward;  Kingsford;  Woon;  Wal;ker;  Armitage;  Taylor;  Dyke;  Bennett;  Jinks;  Hamlyn;  McCrea;  Bailey;  Hendry;    Dr G.E.Gabites;  Master Beard

and 67  in the steerage.

Saturday  21 March  1896
Passengers by the IONIC 
the following list of passengers booked for New Zealand by the RMS Ionic,  sailing from London on 20 February.

Mr T.Blackwood;  Mr C.A.Lawrence;  Mr T.Renwick;  Mr A.Johnson;  Miss Massey;  Miss Neville;  Mr D.N.Stafford;  Mr G.H.Dalby;  Mr F.Friar; 
Mr A. Liddon;  Mr T. Moyle;  Mr W.Murray;  Mr E.Waddington;    Mrs K.Waddington;  Miss N.Waddington;

Beverley Evans
Christchurch NZ
19 April 2010

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