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11 July  1896  -  

Passengers by the   TONGARIRO  -
The following  is a list of passengers  by the R.M.S. Tongariro,  which will sail from Lyttelton  for London today  -

Count Tarsis,      Count Greppi,      Miss J. Knox,       Mr and Mrs S.J.Nathan,        Miss Dorothy Nathan,         Mr and Mrs Andrews,      
Masters Andrews (2),   Mr F.H.Chapman,       Mr James Taylor,         Mr John T. Wade,        Mrs Wilson,       Miss J.L. Morrison,      
Mr and Mrs E.H.Hayward,          Mr C.H.Verity,   Mr James Adair,       Mr and Mrs  Gandar,      Miss Gandar,         Mr A.E.Macpherson,        
Mrs and Miss Needham,        Mr Charles T.Hogg,       Miss G.L.Davies,        Mr R. Biermacki,         Mrs Fawlknor  and 2 children,         
Miss B.Smith,        Mr E.T.Petty,         Mr T.Martin,         Mr J.Small,    Mr J.D.Watson,       MrsJohnston,         Mr E.A.Howe,        Mr J.Atcherley,       
Miss S.E.Black,       Mr A. Parker,        Mr A. Cameron,          Mr G. Verlite,    and Mr J.Sands.

Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ
23 January  2007