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Wednesday  22 July  1896      page 3       -     Passengers  by the  Maori  -  

The following is a list of passengers booked for New Zealand by the s.s. Maori  which sailed from London on June 11  -
For Auckland  -      Messrs R. Carlett,      D. Doniger,      C. Kennedy,       J. Nye,   
For Lyttelton  -     Messrs W. Adamson,   E. Sykes,       F. Whyte,   
For Oamaru  -     Mrs M. Angus,
For Picton  -      Mr W. Smart,
For Port Chalmers  -     Messrs R. Carruthers,       P. Cunningham,      C. Gilmour,      W. Gilmour,     Mrs Gilmour,    Miss M. Gilmour,   
                                    Master J. Gilmour,    Miss M. Gilmour.
For Wellington   -  Messrs W. Liddell,     F. Mume,     W. Lequesne,      J. Pavey,  
For New Plymouth  -   Mrs S. Vinten,    Mr H. Vinten,  
She also has 6 passengers for Australia, and 175 for Capetown.

Passengers By the    "RUAPEHU"

The following is a list of the passengers booked per the New Zealand Shipping Co R.M.S.S.  Ruapehu up to June 13. 
The steamer sailed from Plymouth on June 27  and from Capetown on July 19  -

For Lyttelton    -  Mrs A. Carter,   Mr F.Powell,    
For Wellington  -  Mr C.E.Deakin,  Mr, Mrs, Miss and Master Sharp,     Messrs F.A.Tanner,     L. McTavish,     Mr M.Walpole,  
                                Mrs Gray and 2 children,    Misses Moorman (2)
For Timaru     -     Mr C.S.Broughton,  
For Auckland    -  Rev G. Macmurray,      Messrs C.H.Bamber,      J. Shuttleworth,      Johnston (2)
For Napier     -  Mr A.G. Collings,   
For Wanganui    -  Mrs Cully and child,      Mr F.J. Jones,   
For New Plymouth     -  Mrs Gough,     Mr A. L. Whitty,
For Westport     -  Miss M. Grace.

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