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30 May 1890   page 2

Wellington - 29 May 1890,       sailed - R.M.S.S. Arawa, for London, via Rio de Janeiro,

Passengers -  Saloon
Misses Woolbridge, Low (2) Price (4), Dicken and Wilson
Mesdames Price, Low, Knight and Hassall, Earl of Ranfurley, Dr. Wilson,
Messers W. Bolton,   George Clarke and son (for Rio)    F. & C. Alliston,   M. Low,  J. Oakley,  E. Kelly, W. Glanville,
J. & C. Price, W. Wright, C. Fawns,    C.W.Jackson and valet,

Second Saloon -
Misses Phillips (2) Burnes, Turner, Jenkins, Struthers, W. Bull, and  M.S.Mille
Messrs J. Knox, G. Saunders, Rostron, G. Pride,

Steerage -
Misses Acroyd (3), McAdam (2) and O,Meara, and infant, and M,Orkmidale,
Messrs J. Stokes, H. Pike, A. McMillan, G. Cummings, T. McRorie, J. McFadyean, J. Grant (2), J. Martin, P. Montague,
J. O,Donnell,   Cook,   P.Wall,  James McAdam, A. Lindsay, T.Plumby, W. Hart, A. Leach,  J. Reynolds, W. Clouter,
Masters McAdam (3), Acroyd (2) and G. Harper.
Mesdames - Cook,

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