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11  July  1895  -    Ruapehu    -   Lyttelton  to  London
4202 tons,  Findlay,  for London,  via Monte Video.  NZ Shipping Co agents,
Miss Kate Piper;     Miss L. Habryde:       Mr J.S.Morris;      Mr John Galloway;      Mr A.E.Cotes, Mrs Cotes;          Mr Carl Frantzen;      Mrs and Miss Frantzen;      Miss M.A.Allen;      Mrs E. Scott;      Mrs M.Good;      Miss A.L.Stewart;      Mr A.S.Penny;      Mr R.F.Elder;      Mr and Mrs A.Snowden; 
Misses Ida  and   Kate Snowden;  Master H.Snowden;      Mrs E. Light;      Master Pennington;      Mr C.D.Hyatt;      Miss H.Moakley;      Mr W.Wilson;  
Mr J.McLaghlan;        Mr W.S.Skillcorn;        Mr Jacob Carlson;        Mr S. Hyndman;        Mrs M.J.Groves;        Mrs Elizabeth Dawe;        Mrs Jane Hilldrop;    Miss F.Yeskie;        Mr F.Sawyer;        Mr Charles Jones;        Mr C.J.Wiltshire;        Mrs E.Wiltshire;        Mr J.Davidson;        Mr G.Cobby;        Mrs Cobby; 
Miss K.Beaumont;        Mr D.J.Falla;        Mrs Falla;        Misses Jane,  Sarah,  Eliza,  Julia,  Edith and Florence Falla,  Master D. J.Falla:        Mrs McInerney;       Mr G.C.Miles;        Mr R.Dunbar;        Mrs Alice Averill;        Mr G.H.Watt;        Mr G.H.Hooper;        Mr F.R.Hooper;        Mr B.R.Ackroyd  and
Mr John Fowler.

23 July  1895  -   RUAHINE  -   left London  on 27 June  1895

The following is a list of  passengers  booked up to 15 June
Mr H.Lawrence;        Mr H.H.Young;        Miss M.K.O'Brien;        Mrs Ballance;        Miss Vita Bailey ;        Mr E.H.Connell;       
Captain and Mrs Ponsonby;     Mr Garstin;        Mr H.S.Doming;        Mr W.J.Fox;        Mr H.J.L.Cary;        Mr J.H. and Miss Hall;        Rev.A.J.Coyle;       
Mr W.T.Payne;        Mr R. Harris;        Mr G.A.Halcombe;        Mr F.Field;        Mrs Walker;        Miss M.McBride;        Mr J. and Miss Nicoll;        
Miss J.Abercrombie;        Miss A.Ragg;        Mrs Eilers;        Miss E.M.Preston;         Mr and Mrs G.Pott,   Masters Pott (3);         Rev H.E. and Mrs Taylor,       Masters Taylor (4);        Mrs and Master Salter;         Mrs D.Ross;        Mr C.Davis;        Mr L.M.Wright;        Mr R.McAdam;        Mrs J.Tyler;       
Miss M.Skinner;        Miss Hackett;        Mr C.Billson;        Mesrs A.H. and C.P.Berridge;        Mr W.Henderson;          Mr and Mrs J.Pettit;        Miss Pettit;        Mr A.McMillan;        Mr J.Miles;        Mr H.H.Vince;        Mr S.L.Fulton;        Mr J.Morrison;        Mr L.Freestone;        Miss E.Petherick;        Mr S.Clancy;        Mrs, Miss and Master Wills;        Mrs Bell,  Misses Bell (3),  Master Bell; 

23 July  1895  -  TAINUI   -    sailed from London  on 13 June
The following are a list of passengers  booked per Tainui  which sailed from London  on 13 June
Mr and Mrs L. Alexander,  Miss Alexander;      Mr J.Babbert;      Mr F.Beddard;      Mr P.F.Du Croz;      Mr J.F.Fenwick;       Mrs Beddard;      Mrs Fenwick; 
Mr J.B.Kyd;      Mr H.L.Puckle;      Captain Todd;      Mr, Mrs and Miss Coghlan White;      Rev Robert and Mrs Betts,  Misses Betts (2);         Mr A.Brown;     
Mr J.S.Burgess;      Mr and Mrs S.Carter;      Mr J.H.Freer;      Mr S.A.Gamell;      Mr C.W.Grace;      Mrs E.Gregory;      Mr A.Hamilton;      Mr J.W.Hin;     
Mr Ibbotson;      Miss H.Mcrae;      Miss J.Mitchell;      Mrs Grace,   Masters Grace (2);  Mr W.Jackson, jnr;      Mr G,J,Parrell;      Mrs Parrell;     
Mr G.P.Parell;      MissesParrell (3);      Mr R.Paterson;      Mrs M.J.Richards;      Mr W.Roberts, jnr;           Mrs Wheneray;        Mr and Mrs P.Beaver;       
Miss Beaver;        Masters Beaver (4);        Mr R. Bettger;        Mr S.Bryant;        Mr W.Chapman;        Mr W.Cleave;        Mr A.Dukat;        Mr H.Eklund;        Mr T.Ferguson;            Mr W.B.Griffiths;        Mr W.P. Hays;        Mr J.Holinger;        Mr P.Hogan;        Mr A. Hobbien;        Mrs L.K.Hill;        Miss L.Hind;      Mr G.Herbert;        Mr A.Inglis;        Mr J.C.King;        Mr L.Kench;        Mr J.McPherson;        Mr and Mrs A.More,  Messrs R. and W. More ,
Misses More (2),  Master K.More;        Mr J.Peters;        Mrs Radford;        Mrs L.Rapson,   Misses L.M.  and J.E.Rapson;        Mr John Robertson;     
Mr P.Todd,  Mrs Todd,  Miss S.Todd,  Messrs J. and W. Todd;

29 July  1895   -  TAINUI  -
The Tanui  from London   via way ports arrived in the harbour at 9-30am ----
for Lyttelton   -    Messrs Bettger;      Hamilton;      Ibbotson;   Mrs Richards.
for Port Chalmers  -  Misses More (2)    and Todd;     Mesdames Todd;  More;      Messrs Brown; Gammell;  Paterson;  McPherson;  Chapman;                                                                 More (4)  and Todd (3)      
Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ
13 August 2009

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