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Thursday 22 August 1895     page 3
Passenger list "Tainui" R.M.S.S. 5031 tons,    Evans,    for London via Rio de Janeiro.

Messers H.Parker,  &   E.R.Bartholomew,      Miss Amy Thompson,     Mr W. Cowern,      Miss K.l.Grey, 
Messers G.W.Grey,     A.C.Parker,   J.Allan,      J.Logan,     & T. Charlton. 
Mrs McKinlay,     Rev. E.Templar Candler,     Messers W.Chapman,      J.Marshall,      J.Hickey,

J.Webster,     D.Page,     J.Sproat,     & W. Hathaway.

Mesdames Hathaway,     & E. Smith,     Miss Duff & infant,     Messers W. McVittie,     G.Rudge,     & J. Kushel,    Mrs Kushel,   Misses E.& B.Kushel,
Messers W.Manson,     & H.J.Bartlett,     Mrs Bartlett,     Miss M.F.Bartlett,     Mr F.H.Bartlett,     Miss M.E.Bartlett,     Mrs C.Hannah.

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