Papers Past  -    1894  -  24 March  -  KAIKOURA   -  to London

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Saturday  24 March  1894
The following are passengers for England  by the RMSS  Kaikoura

Mr, Mrs and Miss Alexander;       Mr,  Mrs  and Misses  (2)  Charlewood;      Mr and Mrs Clifford and maid;       Misses Clifford (2);       Mr and Mrs Banner;  
Miss Von Adelaide;  
Messrs Clayton;  Kettlewell;   Laery;   Mahler;   Menteath;   Robinson;   Whitson;   Dr Shepherd;   Mr and Mrs McKay;  
Mesdames Blackley;    Brockman;   Brown;   Kingham;   Perkett;   and Thoms;      
Messrs  Aitken;   Brownlee (2);   Kingham;   Thomson;   Caldwell;   Chitty;   Garland;   Hirst;   Wood;   Low;   McEwan;   McLeod;   Palairet;  Terry;   Thomson;   Triggs;   Younghusband;   Cunningham;  
Masters Anthony;   Jellicoe;  
Misses Oakey;   Oulaghan;   Page (2)  Sass (4)  and Thorstenson;  
Mesdames Sass;   Smythe and infant:   Stewart;   Taylor;   Thorstenson;  Wilkins;   Atkinson;   Bailey;   Barbary;   Bland;   Blagley;  Brown;   Daffay;   Hall;   Holm;   Inkpen:   Lloyd;   Milne;   Smith;   Stedall;  Smythe;   Turner   and Wakeford;   Rev. Sass;   Masters;   Page;  Sass (2)  Stewart;

Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ