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Thursday   5 April  1894

The following list of passengers by the Doric,  which will sail from Lyttelton  for London today  -

Mr Billbrough,                 Mr John Patton,                 Mrs Patton,               Mr L. Hindson,                  Mr George Brooke,                Mr J. C. Peyton,             
Mr J.C.H. Peyton,          Mr John Cameron,              Mr E.J.Mead,             Mrs Mead,                          Miss Dorothy Mead,           Master Roger Mead,        
Miss Bertha Hayman,       Mrs Kenway,                  Miss L. Heath,           Captain H.E.Bridges,                Dr F. Frikart,                      Mrs Dr E. Frikart,         
Miss Jollie,                      Mrs McHardy,            Miss E.M.McHardy,            Mr Jasper G. Nicolls,            Mrs J.G.Nicolls,                   Mr John Borton,    
Miss A.M.McIlraith        Mrs G.J.G. Tancred,          Mrs A.G. Fenwick,        Mr J.H.Challis,                    Mr E.P.Carey,                        Mr J.F. Paton,            
Mrs Paton,                     Mr Lewis Deane,            Mrs S.J.Allison and infant,     Mr E. Grether,               Miss Ashwell,                           Mr George Ward,         MissWard,                    Mr G. Endean,                    Mrs Robilliard  and child,         Mr Samuel Cohen,            Miss A. Dodwell,              Mr W.R.Smith,     
Mr A.L. Bellerby,            Mrs Bellerby and infant,       Master J.L.Bellerby,        Miss Mary Bellerby,              Miss  F. Robarts,              
Mr Harold Godfrey,             Mr H. Dalgleish,              Mr W.W.Browning,              Mrs M.Browning,            Master B. Browning,          Master L. Browning,         Miss M. Browning,            Mrs M.A. Josling,               Mrs E. Boulton,            Miss Ada Boulton,               Mrs Beatrice Stockburn and infant,                       Major Robert Story,             Miss Rosa Adams,            Mr Wm.Lindsay,                    Mrs Lindsay,             Mr Ebden Collett,                   Mr John Renton,            
Mr Henry West,             Mr James Kennedy,          Mr George Tremain,             Mr Stephen Tuck,            Mr Ernest Yewdall,              Mr George Bagg,           
 Mr Wm. McKinnis,         Mr T.W.Maccready,         Mr J.C.Brown,                  Mr George Eynon,                Mr Lindsay,                       Mrs Lindsay,                  
Mr Alfred Jakins,            Mrs Jakins,                    Miss Jakins,                         Mr H.R. Breckels,          Mrs Breckels and 3 children,       Mr Wm Sinclair,           
Mr Andrew Davidson,    Mrs Davidson,            Mr George Harrison,            Mr John McKay,                 Mr J.B.Cameron,                    Mr G.J.Beamish,            Mr M.Simiott,             Mr W. H. Ashford,            Mr H.J.Balsden,              Mrs M.A.Newton,            Mr Wm. Forbes,                        Mr Frank Park,              Mr Robert Meikle,        Mr James Neale

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