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Friday  26 April  1894

Shipping Telegrams
Wellington  -  April  25
The Aorangi arrived from London  via the Cape and Hobart at 6 o'clock tonight,  but will not be berthed until tomorrow morning as the health officer
did not go off tonight.    She will probably leave here on Sunday for Lyttelton.

The following are  her  passengers  --

For Wellington  -
Misses Herrick,  (8)      Spencer,     Wilson,     Helmes (2),     Marienberg,      Pollock?      Torlesse,         Dignan (2),   Butles,       Gardiner,    
Hutchison,   Mickle (2),     and Tetridge.

Mesdames  Herrick,      Gale,      Dobie,      Goring,      Holmes (2),      O'Neill,      Barr,      Pollock,        Walker,       Dignan,       Earl,       Harvey,      
Holland,   Martin,      Mickle,      Reid     and Wilson.

Lieutenant - Colonel Goring, 
Messrs  Gale,      Egerton,        Seager,       Haybittle,        Bennie (2),        Cole,        Holmes,        Humphrey,       Kelson,      Micham,       Lippart,       Nicholson,   Railt,       Scott,        Roberts,        Barr,       Bolger,        Clarke,       Duff,          Dunlop,          Fisher,        McKay,        Mickle,        
Milward,   Roberts,        Page,       Roser,      Serase,       Self,      Terry,       Thomson,      Warwick,       White,       Wilson,      Wolley,     and Young.

Masters  Holmes (3),   Walker,   Earl  and Martin.

For Auckland  -
Messrs  O'Meara,       and Harvey (2), 

For Dunedin  -
Miss Matthews,      Messrs  Wood     and Matthews,

For New Plymouth  -
Mr Christie.

Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ
16  April  2007