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Thursday 5 April  1894

Aorangi's  passengers  -   5th April  1894  -   London  to Lyttelton

The following passengers booked up to February 24th  1894   for the R.M.S. Aorangi  to leave London on March 8th  and Plymouth  on March 10th  -

Miss Spencer,      Mr New,    Mrs Herrick,       Misses Herrick (2),        Mr,  Mrs,  Master and Miss Gray,        Mr Anderson,         
Mrs and Master Walker,   Miss Torlesse,          
Mesdames Pollock (2)  and O'Neill,  
Messrs   West and Humphrey,            Mr and Mrs Holmes and 6 children,        Colonel and Mrs Goring,          Mrs and Misses (2) Dryman,  
Messrs Nicholson,  Coe,  Scott,  Grogan,  Wilson.       Mrs Wilson,       Mr and Mrs Holland,      Miss Gardener,  
Messrs  Marylees,     McKay,      Henderson,    Barr,         Mrs Barr,         Mr Roberts,      Mrs and Master Martin,        Mrs Kendall,     
Miss Hutchinson,  Mrs Reid.

Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ
7 April  2007