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July 27th  1893 

Coptic    -  R.M.S.S.  4448 tons,  Kempson,   for Rio de Janeiro and London.  Dalgety & Co Agents.

Passengers  -  
Messrs  H.W.Morgan,     John Edgeworth,     Gilfillan,    F.T.B.Hall,  
Mr and Mrs Blackwood and Miss and Miss N. Blackwood,
Messrs Zueleta,    C.R.Campbell,      W.R.Campbell,      Dr C. Morton Anderson,  
Miss Hunter,     and Mr Dixon,
Messrs  J.N.Craig,     Willis,      Miss S. Morey,    Mr Bramwell,  
Miss Lodge,      Mr Patton,     Miss Charlotte Steele,      Mr J.N.Edwards,      Miss Pritchard,  
Messrs H.England,      A.J.Hawdon,     Gordon Fraser,      tanley Edwards,      oodward,     .Thompson,  Mrs J.Thompson,
Messrs Croft,      Carson,     and Mrs Moglan,  
Messrs R.Jones,      F.G.Barlow,       Mrs McDonald      Mr J.Foster,  
Misses L.Moore,     and A.M.Deslands,  
Messrs J.O'Toole,      N.Hobbs,      E.Butler,  
Miss Louie Smith,  
Messrs J.T.Elliot,      Mr and Mrs Daniels,     Mr, Mrs Masters,  
W., A.H., H. and Miss P.E.Page,      and Messrs Alfred Scott and T.W.Jenkins.

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