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Saturday  22 April 1893  - 

   -  RMSS,  5031 tons,    EVANS,    Lyttelton  to   Rio de Janeiro and London

Passengers  -   Saloon  - 
Mrs and Miss S.P. King,     Miss Mitchell,       Mesdames Higginbottom  and Milnes,        Mr J.P.Robinson,   
Misses D.Barr Brown,     E.White,  Ward,  and Mitchell,       Mr and Mrs Tayloe,      Mr P. and Mrs  Gow,    Mr and Mrs L.M.Taunton,   
Mr J.Powell,      General Hogge,       Mr A.H. Miles and Mrs Miles,      Mr T. McLean  and Miss McLean,       Mr and Mrs P. Cunningham and the
Misses Cunningham,      Mr and Mrs W.D.Wood,      Mr and Mrs W.B.Common,     Mr and Mrs J.S.White  and Master B. and Miss E. White,   
Mr R. Toshach,       Mr C. Johnston,         Mr and Mrs C.J.Anderson,         Mr F.H.Wells, 

Second Saloon  -
Mr J.McNicol Taylor,     Mr and Mrs E. Shelley,     Mr G.T.Giles,      Mr J.Baird,     Mrs Seally and infant,      Misses Baxter and Wood, 
Mrs and Miss Carruthers,     Miss Maud Boys,      Mr and Mrs Thompson,       Mr and Mrs Thomson,     Mr, Mrs and Miss Coleman  and infant, 
Mr J. Herman,     Mr T. Scrivrner,      Mr J.White,      Mr and Mrs S. Newman,     Mr J.Struse,     Mr J.C.Fiddes,     Mr A.G. and Miss Watson,
Messrs Wormell,     M.Sandstein,     F.Webster,     J.E.Young,     Mr, Mrs and Master Woolston  and infant,     Mr Whaley.

Steerage  -
Mrs, Miss and Master Brennan,      Messrs J.T.Lane,       Harold Cheetham,        Mr,  Mrs, Miss and Masters (4) Baxendale,     Messrs Louis Jacobs, 
F,H.Vieberg,     Conrad Rudel,     W.Harrison,     J.Daly,     John Grimmer,     Mr, Mrs and Master Harris,      Mr and Mrs Hawkins,  Mr and Mrs Bardsley, 
Mrs Neill,      Messrs W.Fleming,     D.Tudor,     T.Martin,      W.Hunter,     R.Jeffreys,     R.H.Raine,     Miss King,     Messrs J.J..Boyle,
Peter Aiken,      A.Darragh,      Miss H.Johnston,      Mr, Mrs and Miss King,      Mr McDermott.

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Beverley Evans
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6  July  2006