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4 April 1893 

Bluff  -  arrived  -  Rotomahana  from Sydney,  5am. 
She left Sydney wharf at 1.12pm on March 25,       cleared Sydney Heads 1.45pm,      entered Port Phillip Heads 10.50pm,  
arrived Williamstown 1am,  March 27,       left Melbourne Wharf 1.15pm,  March 30,  cleared Heads 4.25pm,   arrived Milford Sounds 2.30am
on April 3rd,  waited until sunrise and entered the Sound,  thence visiting King George Sound,  making Bluff as above.

Passengers  -
For the Bluff  -
Misses  Newson,   Christie  and McLean,       Mrs Adamson and child,      Messrs Turner,    Coupples,     Mullay,    Bright,    Ward,    Williams,   
James,   Robinson,   Dodd,    Mclean,   Sharland,    Munro,   Twohey,   Stewart,   Pierson,   Harvey,   Edlington   and Stock.

For Dunedin  -
Misses  Barclay (2),    Harlow,    Aherne,    Davies,   Wilson,    Conway,    Cooper,     Davidson    and     Stone.
Mesdames  McDonal,     Turner,    Ahearn,     Selby and 2 children,       Holland Troupe,
Messrs  Coulter,    Page,    Dench,    Robertson,    Swan,    Ashton,    Thomas,    Boenicke,    Webb,    Wilkinson,    Jones,    Cooper,   Ward,  
Hamilton,    Mills,     Page,     Hunter,    Warnlnough,     Ashton,     Nixon,    Simmons-Cornin Troupe,     Muir,     Keast,     Dr McDonald, 

For Lyttelton  -
Misses  Mulcahy and  Watson,     Mesdames  Button and infant,     Shelley,     Wirth and 2 children,      Mason,  
Messrs  Diggles,     Brabner,     Shelley,     Wilkie,     Coughlan,     Mason,     Lucas,      Dr Murdock.

For Wellington  -
Misses  McGavin,     Pennyfather,     Fulton,   Parker,   Ellis, 
Mesdames  Fulton  (2),   Lahin,   McGain,   Messrs Stone,  Ward,  Fulton  (2),   Leathley,   Lavs---?     Langton,    Sherman,   Hutchinson,   Bull,  

For Napier  -
Misses  White,   Catherall,    Messrs  Bennett (2),   Rankin (2),   Chetwynd,  

For Auckland  -
Mrs Dixon,  nurse and infant,     Messrs  Williams,  Stuart,   Dixon,   Thorne,   Thomson,   Watkins,   Bone,   Donelly,   Masey.

For Melbourne 
Misses  Anderson,   Webb,   Mrs Dickenson,   Messrs  Brown,   Watkins,     Packer,     Anderson,     Smith,     McLean,     Butchart,     Hector,    
Lilly,   O'Brien,     Dickens     and  148  steerage.

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Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ
8 July  2006