Papers Past  -  Star  -  Christchurch  -  April 19th 1893  -   shipping  -  

this is all from one  item  in the newspaper.

KAIKOURA  -  from London

Arrived  -  Kaikoura,  at 7-30am  from London,  after an uneventful voyage.  
Her dates are -  London,   March 2nd,   -  Plymouth,  March 4th,   - Teneriffe,  March 9,  -  Capetown, March 15th,  - Hobart,  April 13th.
 she brought 60 passengers,  20 of whom are for Wellington.

For Lyttelton 
Miss  S.L. Cunningham,   Mrs K.Pullan,   Messrs M.Harrison,  F.S.Pullan, 

For Port Chalmers  -
Miss L.Barrett,   Messrs T. Fegan,  F.Garvey,  Smyth,  Kyle,  J.Mills,  E. Winchester,  J.Wills,

For Timaru  -
Mr and Mrs R.Baxter, 

 TALUNE   -    from Sydney   at 3am   -  she brings 41 saloon and 97 steerage passengers,  for all ports.

For Wellington  -  14 saloon,  70 steerage,

For Lyttelton  -
Miss Brasher,  Mesdames Ellis,  Ingram,  Stroud and child,  Cooper,  Strange,  Messrs J.Herman,  W.H.Mitchell,  Hedsman,  Stroud,  W.Gent, 
Ramsay,  Bishop,  Strange,  Master Cooper,  and 16 steerage.

For Dunedin  - 
Misses  Buxton,  Hooper,  Mesdames Buxton,  Churchward,  Metcalfe,  Hooper,  Booth,  Donaldson and child,  Messrs Buxton,  Booth, 
and 11 steerage.

For the Bluff  -
Mr J.Granville.

Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ
6  July  2006