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7 March 1892  -   

Bluff  -  March 6th  -    arrived  - 
TE - ANAU,  from Melbourne at 6-30pm.   she left Williamstown at 5pm on March 1,     passed Swan Island at 1pm on March 2, 
arrived Hobart at 7-40am on March 3,      left again at 12-30 pm     had Puysegur light abeam at 11-30am on March 6    and arrived as above.

Passengers  -
For Bluff 
Mesdames  Charlton,       Holland  and      Conrad,
Misses Wade      and  Collins,
Messrs  Wedge,      Amos,      Enbank,       Johnston,       Findley,      Anderson,   G.Gurley,   Nees,   Conrad,   Lieutenant-Colonel Churchill, 

For Dunedin  -
Mesdames Hill,      Keast  and infant,      and Conrad, 
Miss  Strachan, 
Messrs  Keast (2),    Behridge,   Biggam,  Glasson,   Tavenor,   Hall,   Galloway,   McKie,   Amos,   Bendall,   Smith,   Conrad,   Maxwell,  
Brownell,   St Clair and Stobart.

For Lyttelton  -
Mesdames  Millard,  Cocks  and Moore.
Messrs  Jackson,  Horan,   Millard,  Bidelock,  Robison,   Morgan,   Brown,   Newman,   Neave,   Buckenham  and  Rev Grubb.

For Wellington  -     Messrs  Wilson,    Blacklock  and  Trelgar, 
For Napier  -   Mr McGennan

For Auckland  -  
Mrs Irwin  and child,  
Misses Metheven      and  Farrell,
Messrs  Baff,       Metheven,      Irwin,       Farrell   and   Howden.

For Sydney  -  
Mr,  Mrs,  and Miss Howes,       
Messrs  Silzer,      Weston   and Edwards,

51 steerage  for all ports.

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